Keyboard that glows in the dark

January 21st, 2007

Now you can light up your Quake sessions between friends. I’m going to review the Zippy EL-610 USB keyboard. In its essence, it’s a notebook style keyboard, with a low keystroke and with a special feature. The buttons will glow in the dark, lightening up your keyboard when it’s dark in the room. As you can see in the picture, the light has a blue nuance.

Behind the 88-translucent keys is a flat sheet of electro-luminescent material – the same stuff that puts the glow in “Indiglo” which lights up watch faces around the world.

Like I mentioned, the keyboard should be connected to your USB plug, to receive power, and its main purpose is usage in environments where there is insufficient light. Being only 18mm thick and weighting less than 500g, it would be a great asset to any travel bag. No software is required for this keyboard to work on Windows 2000 or WindowsXP platforms which have at least one USB port free.

The electro-luminescent light generates no heat, but it creates a little imperceptible buzz sound that you hear when you’re a first time users. By using it everyday on a regular basis you finally get to automatically ignore the sound.

Despite my thinking, they’re not expensive. The cheapest I’ve found goes up to ~$45 and the most expensive retails around $60.

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The toughest keyboards ever – Perfect for smashing against the floor

January 16th, 2007
World's toughest keyboard

I don’t know about you, but I have friends that call themselves “gamers”. Yes, passionate gamers that take the gameplay seriously, and literally hit their keyboards and mice with anger when they’re losing, a match, a race or a fight. Personally, I have a friend that switches at least one keyboard a month because of his FIFA addiction.

After a quick look, I present you the toughest keyboards around. They’re protected against atmosphere dust, and have a quite compact (360.0 x 117.6 x 38.5mm) design. Not only that it filters dust, but it’s also waterproof with the help of a special seal that keeps unwanted liquids out of them.

There are several models, including trackballs if you like. If you’re going to browse a bit, I’m sure you’ll find something at your liking. The company that distributes them is called Storm Interface.

I really liked the idea. You can calm down while taking out on your keyboard, and you get to use it afterwards too.

However, the important aspect (actually the first question that hit me at the end) is the price of this gadget. Should you want to find that out, you will have to e-mail the producers and ask.

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