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Digital Drawing Board

Monday, April 9th, 2007

This is what I call innovation. Back in my day we used a blackboard and chalk but it seems that future generations won’t have to get their hands dirty. This digital drawing board it’s not only clean and easy to use, as you can se it acts as a environment with predefined rules. Besides being cool this is a huge help when teaching physics classes or when you need simple animations to show your point.

Though it might take a while until we see this kind of hardware in the schools near you, it’s sure that technologies like this or derived from it are going to make our life better. What do you say about it?

Nokia 888 concept phone

Friday, March 9th, 2007

The new concept Nokia 888 is design by Tamer Nakisci, the Nokia Design Award, winner. And I say the award is well earned as you as you can see in the movie below. The phone is fully flexible and can take any shape, it’s even designed to ‘remember’ certain shapes ( some sort of presets), for example you can send a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend and make his/her phone take the shape of a heart.

Besides you can use the phone as a bracelet, make it turn into a clip-shape to carry it easily or make it ‘wave’ when somebody calls you. To do all this the battery is liquid-based an the display is flexible and servers as a touchscreen. With these features the phone will serve as a GPS device, PDS, alarm clock, electronic wallet and many more.

It all looks nice and high-tech but this is just a short preview of what technology has in store for us, phones like this won’t be on the market for at least a couple of years if not more.

The PC vs Mac ads return – now from the PC’s perspective!

Monday, February 5th, 2007

We’ve all seen the PC vs Mac ads by Apple, there are plenty of them. But now it’s time for the PC to counterattack, with the help of director Laurie McGuinness, who created four small hilarious clips, with the same character personalities (the PC being older, “boring”, and the Mac being younger and cooler), but this time the Mac doesn’t get the spotlight. What I liked about the clips is that they’re not made in order to harm the Mac, and they don’t deny the qualities portraied in the Mac ads, but they observe the PC’s own qualities, without denying the Mac’s. So, without more description, here are the clips:

At work


How to make the Robot dance

Saturday, January 6th, 2007


What do you need to remote-control one of those cool robots that you see nowadays in the shops?! Well you can use the remote that usually comes with them, or you can use your voice and a Wii remote!

All you need is a Robosapiens robot and the Robodance software. Here you can see a video of what the basic principle is, what you have to do is talk & use the Wii remote to control the movement of the robot. You can use drag and drop scripts and other interesting stuff given the fact that the Robodance software is open source and actually a SourceForge project. More insight you can get watching the video but I find it cool as a idea that you can control the little robot using your voice and the Wii controller that I happen to love!

Regarding that, there will be some interesting stuff regarding remote-controlled robots later on when you will see how you can keep an eye on your dog back home when you’re still at the office.