The PC vs Mac ads return – now from the PC’s perspective!

We’ve all seen the PC vs Mac ads by Apple, there are plenty of them. But now it’s time for the PC to counterattack, with the help of director Laurie McGuinness, who created four small hilarious clips, with the same character personalities (the PC being older, “boring”, and the Mac being younger and cooler), but this time the Mac doesn’t get the spotlight. What I liked about the clips is that they’re not made in order to harm the Mac, and they don’t deny the qualities portraied in the Mac ads, but they observe the PC’s own qualities, without denying the Mac’s. So, without more description, here are the clips:

At work


The girl


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389 Responses to “The PC vs Mac ads return – now from the PC’s perspective!”

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  2. Shaun1018 says:

    Pretty God Damn Funny. Although I didn’t like all the jabs at video editors.

  3. dotNETguy says:

    Embarrassing. :-/

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  5. Ha, funny, but nothing legit. PC didn’t make any point why it was better, Spreadsheets? Please, my mac does that fine.

  6. Samuel says:

    Well, its funny, have to give that. Still, Macs are better. And yea, there is no real point about why take PC… Because rich booring people use them? HA!

  7. Guy says:

    @Samuel: What do you mean ‘no real point to take a pc’? PC’s do all the profitable stuff for businesses, while Macs makes movies about their Ketchup collection

  8. McMatt says:

    Ha ha ha ! !
    It’s about time there was some near truth to counter all of those funny commercials.
    I use both Mac & XP, so I see the humor in both (but seriously, I’ve learned that whatever you want to get done, you just do in XP→ less hassle in the long run).
    The best was the last one about the music, for the Europeans; keep up the good fight (against oppressive DRM).

  9. nathancipher says:

    the point that everyone seems to overlook in the whole mac v pc debate is that they are essentially one and the same aside from the operating system now. mac was better in the 80s/early 90s for sure but the edge they had was lost. i will admit that their machines are quite aesthetically pleasing and they impress idiots like nobodies business but it’s really not worth the premium price for what it is. this is coming from a guy at work with a pc in front of him and a G5 to the right of him. i use both and in the end, they’re both about par for the course. they both SUCK ASS really. why cause both apple and microsuck have similar business strategies to lock you into their products. i will say that the CS2 suite crashes like a bitch in OSX. oh and the mac fanboys scare me. it’s like a creepy cult worshipping steve jobs.

  10. Giuseppe says:

    Hold on, these videos don’t make any sense, you pretty much wasted your time making them.
    Where is the connection with the original commercials?
    Oh yeah, PC users are plain and boring!

  11. Meg says:

    Oh man, hillarious.

  12. mark P says:

    I like Mac but cannot stand Mac users (you know the type), and the original Mac vs PC ads played to that audience’s attitude. Being a “PC Guy” these parodies failed to make me feel proud to use my machines the way my Mac friends feel proud about their machines. I know why i use a PC, and i’m sure everyone else who uses one knows as well. These do a better job of making me want to use a Mac.

  13. Gnat127 says:

    Good luck finding cracked software for mac. That’s all I have to say about that.

  14. bigDooky says:

    “Joe Philipson:

    Ha, funny, but nothing legit. PC didn’t make any point why it was better, Spreadsheets? Please, my mac does that fine.

    Well said. :)

    This is a really funny series!

    I love my Mac so much because it always works. It’s a quality product. It also runs Windows!

  15. LAWL says:

    LOL thats all i have to say. LOL

  16. HovaYova says:

    Hmmm, serial box anyone? Or hmmm maybe demonoid?

  17. hot exes says:


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  19. unsub says:

    Switched to a Mac because I was tired of crash delays.
    After two solid years of using Excel, Word, and Adobe CS on a Mac, with no virus issues or fatal error screens – I’ll stay with Mac – and keep my pc for a boat anchor.

  20. sweetcandy says:

    haha, this is sooooo true!!!
    i have both macs and pcs at my house
    (2 mac and 3 pcs to be exact)
    and yeah, if you want to get some stuff done, do it on the PC!! mac is just too much eye candy for work, hehe.

  21. bananapeas says:

    lol hmm what macs cant do—>gaming!

    plus to upgrade a mac you are stuck paying high premiums…i can build a faster pc then all macs on the market for $500…oh…how much was that mac….$2000 wow talk about getting burned…do you also buy the new ipod every year when it comes out because you want to be cool, have fun paying the extra $200 instead of just getting a regular mp3 player…but its ok, you have an ipod you are cool…………………………………………………………NOT

  22. ObviousJohn says:

    I feel much better about my PC now.

  23. errorplane says:

    “I love my Mac so much because it always works. It’s a quality product. It also runs Windows!”

    I’m glad you enjoy having to use two operating systems to do what you need to do. My pc works all the time and I only spent $600 dollars to build an amazing machine that never has a prob.

    “Switched to a Mac because I was tired of crash delays.
    After two solid years of using Excel, Word, and Adobe CS on a Mac, with no virus issues or fatal error screens – I’ll stay with Mac – and keep my pc for a boat anchor.”

    So I’m assuming your an idiot. My mom gets viruses on her PC. If you think you know a little about how to use the internet or protect your pc you will never get viruses. Mac just equals idiot proff.

  24. Anthony Roark says:

    Eat a di*k. PCs f*cking blow.

    Moderator’s note: Please make sure you’re not using offensive words within your comments.

  25. Akis says:

    This Mac v PC is just silly, yes the videos are funny but what’s the point in arguing what’s better? My PC does what I want it to do, it doesn’t crash, and it cost much less than I would spend on a Mac, which is why I bought it, it might not look pretty but that doesn’t matter to me.

  26. innatech says:

    Funny, but not accurate. Except the iTMS part.

    -Macs can run accounting software. Duh. The popular small business apps are available (Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.) and heavy duty stuff runs fine, as long as it’s not dependent on a MS server environment. OS X is a *NIX, after all. And the dominance of Windows in the corporate world has more to do with market share based on choices and events in the past than any objective evaluation of the current state of the art and each company’s products.

    I’m not a zealot here. I think we’re all moving to a more platform agnostic world, which is a good thing–and something both Jobs and Gates don’t seem to get.

    -The girl thing–I don’t get it. Macs are relatively *more* prevalent among young women than young men, in my experience. And, if the idea is that she’s going for maturity/money–well, then she won’t be dating Mr. PC, either. She’ll be dating that other guy, Mr. Convertible, whose computer knowledge is limited to “reading email on yahoo’s internet” and “clicking onto ESPN.”

  27. MrDr Zack says:

    Mac blows. I run PC for gaming, and that’s about it. Linux and FreeBSD are where it’s at.

  28. heypc says:

    check out some more spoofs

  29. Brady says:

    This is a play on stereotypes JUST LIKE THE MAC COMMERICALS. What is better, PC or Mac? Well that depends on personal preference more than anything. For example, maybe Macs dont crash as often as PCs, but Macs get fucking laggy. I was recentlely using a MAC with 2 Gigs of ram that froze after opening 3 windows. Thats BS, and it would never happen with my PC…aw screw it, PCs are better!

  30. DreaMasteR says:

    Ok, there is no reasn to buy a mac anymore just go download the osx install for an x86 partition and use osx on your pc if you want to feel cool.I even installed it on an old crap machine and it runs great. Macs do run good untill a pice of hardware breaks then good luck repairing it your self, you have to send it in, and by this i mean you cant buy a mac motherboard or other internal parts even if you wanted to..oops i mean “logic board”.

  31. Diable says:

    These were good. The original Apple ads were stupid. “What? PC’s can only print pie charts in black and white?” Where did they come up with that? The commercials are stupid, like so many Mac users, so desperate to appear cool.

    One of my hobbies used to be lurking on on Mac forums and reading all the complaints about Mac problems that were identical to the things they claim only PCs have.

  32. random guy says:

    The point is Mac’s cost way up the ass for it and the only reason they don’t have viruses is that very few people in the world use them compared to PCs, so virus programmers haven’t cared about making one for the Mac, but I’m sure that is coming soon. So you guys can laugh now at PC users and their viruses (even though with todays technology those viruses are easy to stop) and the fact that were not a ‘sexy looking machine’, but the point is that PC users greatly outnumber Mac users, PC costs a lot less than Mac and are a lot more effective, all the movie shit you do on Mac one can do on PC, and well people can play games on PC and upgrade it easier than Mac.

  33. TheKingofCatan says:

    “….. are you high???”

    LOL, classic.

  34. GirlsLikeMacs says:

    These are stupid, most don’t make any sense. And by the way, girls like Macs better than PCs.

  35. Harrison says:

    errorplane wrote (while calling a MAC user an “idiot”):
    “Mac just equals idiot proff.”

    Should have proff read that one, genius.

  36. NevaTron says:

    Most people who switch to macs switch to it due to an ignorance in their usage of computers in general. It’s fairly annoying.

  37. jeff says:

    Mac OS makes Windows look like a joke. I don’t care that macs look cool, etc. It’s whats on the inside that counts.

    And Vista…read the reviews…its not looking so hot.

  38. bob smith says:

    I agree with DreaMasteR, If you want to run OSX just install it on your PC or run it on a vmware image. if you buy a mac your just wasting money and if you have that kind of money give me some LOL.

  39. Nutso Elmore says:

    Nutso! Nutso! Stick your finger up your Buttso! Buttso!

  40. chexit says:

    it’s funny girls prefer macs because i think a lot of guys who use macs don’t even know that females exist.

  41. essgee says:

    That really wasn’t funny. The only one I slightly smirked at was the last one. The original ones, while pointing fun at PC’s were still funnier.

  42. Donald says:

    I think Bill Gates bailed out apple when they were about to go bankrupt because he would have had no more ideas to rip off.

    I guess it may have back fired with Vista though, seeing as it runs better on a mac.

    Dunno, im middle of the road on this one

  43. Jack says:

    My boss is at the Apple store trying to get his new Mac laptop to work. They can’t figure out what’s wrong. Quality product.

    I use a Mac at work and a PC at home. The machines are virtually identical in their reliability. I’ve had plenty of OSX lock-ups and crashes, despite what the Mac cult would like you to believe. And yeah, no viruses, but if Mac ever gets more than 5% of the market share, that will change. Bragging about having no viruses on your Mac is a little like a person on a desert island bragging about the lack of door-to-door salesmen. They are just computers. Get over yourselves.

    The biggest difference is that I can buy pretty much whatever software I want for my PC.

  44. ron says:

    Did not think they were all that funny. I think what they really show is PC’s ability to copy apple once again.

  45. | friskyGeek says:

    […] Mac vs. PC ads – from a PC’s perspective this time… I kinda like this one better! Dont get me wrong, I *love* my new MacBookPro – but this Mac-Users-are-Cooler-than-PC-Users is bullshit. […]

  46. kaniks says:

    macs are still better.

  47. HTnder says:

    You people are completely missing the point.

    The point of these videos is NOT to argue that PC is better.

    It’s just pointing out how ridiculously stupid apple’s strategy is to use this trendy doofus as a means of raking in impressionable idiots like yourselves.

  48. kaniks says:

    i still win. cuz i have a mac. and they’re awesome.
    hamham. my comp beats yours.

    kay peace!

  49. Brian says:

    Ironic, I can do all the video/audio related things on my pc……for half the price…oh yeah, and I can upgrade any and all hardware whenever I’d like. Did I mention the mounds and mounds of software??

  50. mike says:

    These fake ads are about as stupid as the Mac ads(maybe thats the point). The thing i hate about the Mac ads is that they insinuate that to anything creative in the digital world, you need a Mac. they’re trying to create this mentality that PC’s are boring machines with boring owners who push numbers all day long.

    I’ve been making money as graphic artist and 3d animator for the last 12 years, and about 75% of the other artists I know use PC’s also. The same creative arts and music software that is available for Mac is also available for PC, except maybe “garageBand” — big deal. BTW, if you wanted to do 3d animation a few years back, PC was the only way to go…MACs totally sucked in that area.

    Don’t believe the lies of Apple when they spread their misinformation about PC’s who’s main OS is dominated by Microsoft, who by BTW bailed Apple out back in 1997 when they were about to go tits up. If it weren’t for the ipod, Apple wouldn’t be as powerful as it is today, which is still nowhere near as dominant as PC’s are. Suck it.

  51. Catsimboy says:

    The games, why does nobody mention the games?

    Mac: Hey PC what are you doing?
    PC: Aw well I’m just playing Battlefield 2142, and later I’m going to play some Civ IV to relax from the battle high.
    Mac: Wow, I wish I could play those when they come out instead of having to wait a year and that’s if they’re even made for me at all.
    PC: Hmmm, sucks to be you I guess.
    Mac: Yeah…

    And I always thought of Macs as the boring ones which you get specifically just for word processing.

  52. MacMillan says:


  53. non-OS_fag says:

    Just as stupid and boring as the Apple ads. If your so hard up for an OS you’ve got major issues.

  54. dan says:

    I think the people saying that girls prefer Macs are missing the point of that ad, which actually doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    The old guy who uses PCs is still able to bag young hot blond skigirls because he is a rich businessman. The Mac guy is too busy in his mother’s basement making laser cat movies to have a girlfriend. All 5% of them.

  55. Offsprung says:

    Copied who? Anyone who knows anything knows bill and the 2daves copied the old fools from xerox.
    And its not saying girls like pc or mac better, its saying they would rather date someone with a life, not a mac cultist geek who would rather hangout with a fellow geek.
    As for better?
    Lets see (if I remember correctly the timeline of the cultists opines)…
    Macs are better (but lets use pcs ide)
    Macs are better (but lets use pcs memory)
    Macs are better (but lets use pcs cpu)
    Macs are better (but lets use freebsd os)
    So now you have some glitzy pc running freebsd with some pretty mac pics (gui) and the same “over”price tag?
    Sounds a lot like “new” coke, if it is/was better why evolve into what a pc always was?

  56. steve says:

    ha ha! F*CK YOU MAC.

  57. joe says:


    does it really matter?

  58. Unknown Benevolence says:

    Good spoofs, though a little insubstantial. And (sorry to say), I agree with many other of the posters… I work with both PCs and Macs, and the PCs have it. Macs definitely have their up points, but they simply can’t out measure PCs right now. Maybe next go around…

  59. Chris says:

    Those were really more about the people who use macs and pcs respectively. The only clever one was the music one.

  60. random guy says:

    waiting for the day when Macs start getting hit by virus, we’ll see who’s being a fanboy then.

  61. headbox says:

    I have a mac right now, a white macbook. I have paid 1100 euros for this. I hate OS X, it seems to be designed for kids! Mac NOT always works; ok it’s cool, but what’s the matter? Sometimes my OS X crashes and I don’t know what to do, there are no ctrl+alt+canc! I have to reebot every time it happens. If you are computers addicted (like me) don’t buy a mac. I have installed Linux Debian on my macbook and it runs very well but next time I’ll buy a REAL notebook, less cool, less tiny but more efficient. To use macs and OS X for me is like trying to dance with both legs banded together. Sorry for my english but I hope you get it.

  62. random guy 2 says:

    macs are pretty but theyre for people who dont know how to use a computer.

  63. headbox says:

    And, by the way, i’m gonna say something TRUE: if you want to have fun, discover, learn how computers work, coding in any language, developing, “hacking” in the true meaning then Linux > Windows > Mac .
    If you want play videogames buy an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3.
    If you buy a Wii you’re more than 40 years old.

  64. Steve says:

    The gap between mac and pc has closed drastically. Creative projects can be done on PC or Mac and Office is available on both. Macs have less security threats. This is becuase no one finds the need to attack the 3% of the population that uses macs. There are security flaws in macs but theres no one to exploit them like with PCs. Who is going to get on the news for attacking 3% of the computing population? Also, I have Vista on my machine (P4, 1 GB of ram) and I have no issues running Vista Ultimate, even on a slightly older computer.

  65. Josh. says:

    Hahaha! You can clearly tell these were made from a PC guy’s perspective, cause they’re not FUNNY. I didn’t even smirk when watching these. They didn’t bring up any points at all about the benefits of a PC! All I’ve taken from this is that, Macs somehow show up late for meetings and are high. Oh, and for some reason the fat, balding guy (obviously PC?) gets the hot chicks. Because that has to do with ANYTHING. If you want to see a REAL ad, check out the new security ad from, oh, and for those using Vista, make sure to click ALLOW.

  66. sondy says:

    macs are designed for arbiters of taste and style – and for those who don’t want to spend all day setting up a wireless network. macs are truly plug-and-play and you gotta love ’em for that. they also have lots of cool built-in toys (like iphoto, imovie and Windows).

    but for pc’s, i have just two words: “right click”.

  67. Doom Saber says:

    I use both a pc and a mac, but prefer the pc more since you can easily upgrade it and like ppl said, they have a huge selection of games when compared to the mac.

    Good luck trying to play games like Sam and Max, Battlefield earth, Halo, and such on a Mac.

    If you think about it, why was the mac commericals made in the first place? I am sure as hell it isn’t created just to boost about how awsome Mac is even though the pc can do the same thing if someone takes the time to install the program.

    It is made because they want MORE CONSUMERS! THINK ABOUT IT!! As someone said, that black and white piechart thing is stupid since the PC can do the same stuff as the Mac, but can also play games, something that is limited on a mac.

    I don’t see pc companies like Dell making ads to bash macs around just to get ppl’s money. The reason is because more ppl use Pcs than Macs. Why waste money on licensing fees if the major of ppl are buying pcs?

    I go to Uc Davis where a lot of 20 something year olds go to, and you know what, they have more pcs than macs at the labs and the for the few macs, ppl hardly use them.

    Go outside and venture in the cybercafes and ask ppl there what they prefer to use.

    I too, can’t wait till somebody makes a mac virus and screw all you purist over!

  68. Regeuser says:


    Here’s a new concept for one of these awesome pro PC ads.

    PC: “Hey Mac – have you seen my fancy new Vista operating system? It only took 5 years to make and for a few thousand dollers of hardware upgrades and several hours of frustration some PC users can get it to work – and they LOVE IT!”

    Mac: “Lick my balls”

    There, now that’s funny. At least as funny as the crap I just watched.

  69. WTF? says:

    that doesn’t make any sense. pc’s and mac’s do the same things. but mac is just that simple, you can do all you want to. and about the games… sry guys, thats old. install windows on your mac, easy working.
    and about programming and stuff like that, you can do it as well on a mac. you can change your osx that it seems you’ve got windows. BUT WHO SHOULD DO THAT? why change a system so that it looks like another while it works simplier and better…
    i don’t get it. you just can’t justify about people because of their system on their machine! both work, both work very nice, it just depends on the person who sits behind!
    (sry for my bad english)

  70. sean donn says:

    those are some really really really retarded videos .. none of them conveyed a good point :/

  71. Gamer says:

    For all you programmers out there:

    if (person likes to play games alot) then{
    Must buy PC since Macs suck for gaming

    really pretty simple.

  72. Joey Bananas says:

    Well first off, the spreadsheet comment is just stupid, considering Excel, PC’s supposed wondertool, is sold for both PC and Mac. I also find it hard to sell me on the “PCs are but business and Macs are for eye candy” gig when Microsoft just spent billions on making their OS look like, hmmm, I won’t outright say like a Mac, I’ll just say “all shiny and jewel-like.” All the potheads I’ve known were all PC heads. And what’s with the “Logan’s Run” wardrobe? And why isn’t there a 60 year old guy with a sombrero walking behind them muttering obscenities about how the Amiga did colors, multimedia and multitasking first?

    And another thing, it’s 2007, WHERE’S MY @(*^$&**ing HOVERCAR?!?

  73. CB says:

    What’s a Mac?

  74. macbored says:

    he he he, these are funny ads although the stain remains even when laughed at: apple users are cool and trendy while pc users are boring and old fashioned. This axiom has been repeated so much by apple users that no one even bothers to question why and if it is true anymore. PCs have been doing the same stuff since well over 10 years at a fraction of the price a mac costs. and they are a helluva cheaper to service. and they upgrade. and you can customise them to your needs. and they come in nice boxes too now.

    Macs are not the “Ferraris” of the computer world because they are made of the same parts pcs are made (used to be all SCSI back then), are prone to the same failures / shortcomings PCs are but for a smart looking box + a playful interface people think they made a good choice for a TOOL.

    It should be apparent to everyone by now that everything apple forks out shouldn’t have mac users creaming in their pants. But it’s a dogma, and as such it is “believe and do not question”.

  75. tom says:

    These could have been so much better. I’m writing this comment because it will make me feel like the 90 seconds I wasted watching those videos will now be worth while.

  76. Venkat says:

    Just wait until XAML and online applications takeoff. Your will get more games, more business GUI applications such as powerful 2D/3D real-time modeling and simulations. The traditional GUI will be replaced by online GUI applications.

    It may take time for the killer online applications are released, but it will be too late by the time they know that they also need to support the killer online applications or multiplayer online-games.

  77. "The Dude" says:

    ok, the point of these videos was not to say how much better the PC’s are, it was to show the MAC fan boys how stupid the pro MAC videos are. At no point do these videos realy say why PCs are better but at no point do the MAC videos say why MACs are better. But the MAC fan boys think the MACS b+w pie chart video is funny as hell. But when its from the other point of view, all of a sudden the videos are stuipd and not at all funny.

    O yea good point, where the frack is my hover car?!!

  78. andrew says:

    Ok after reading all these comments, I find that people don’t just watch these and laugh at it like it was meant to do. Now i may have chuckled at a few…but I, being a primarily Mac user (but have Vista on another computer), don’t really find the Mac ads funny.

    Heres the thing about Macs, they are simple. Period. Sure Windows can do everything a Mac does. But years of using Windows and using Mac for three years, I find Mac easier to use, all it takes is a drag and place, no copy and paste or open files or whatever, just drag and place. Now all you hardcore PC users are probably screaming at me cause you think I say that because I must not know how to work Windows properly, but aside from actually hacking another computer, I know almost all the ins and outs of Windows.

    Oh and the expensive price for Macs is most likely to supply and demand, since the majority of the world I believe uses Windows, it’s cheaper to make a Windows based computer.

    Gaming….ok well while their may not be a HUGE selection of games, but I do not find that Macs are really meant to be a gamer computer. I have World of Warcraft on my Mac and thats enough for me. No lags, no crashing and at the same time have 3 other programs running. By the way I have a great and beautiful girlfriend, probably beacuse WoW and computers in general do not control my life.

    Bottom line PC or Mac, it’s up to the user. That’s it. So let’s keep the comments about the ads for now on instead of which is actually better.

  79. The Huntsman says:

    Awesomeness!!! An awesome point…
    The business world doesn’t use Macs!!!

  80. Stuart says:

    Hey gamer,

    (if gamer? (bootcamp windows) dontbother)

    You can write cleaner fake code that that. :p

  81. JustinLongLover says:

    Maybe these ads don’t say a lot about PCs, but the Apple ads say nothing about Macs either. It’s better if you just ignore the ‘content’ and enjoy the ‘form’. The only thing I’ve learned from these ads is that Macs are a lot cuter than PCs.

  82. gotPSP says:

    Macs are just over-priced Unix machines on decent hardware. If you like Macs so much, get LINUX DAMNIT! It’s free, and BETTER! Well, if you like using a computer that is, if you just like looking at the “interface” (which Apple screwed up!), buy a picture.

  83. BIG D says:

    Look we have all 20 mac users in the same chat lol …They both do the exact same thing people…get over..ya want to fork out the bucks for something “brand name” do it. Ill have the exact same and batter and pay less…PCs are cheep !!

  84. Joey Bananas says:

    And y’know “PC” doesn’t mean Windows anyway, so I’ve always wondered who Mac was involvivng in the first place… On the PC side, if they mean Windows, they need to represent him as a 400-pound man, since the requirements to run Vista are so steep (it’s only an operating system, there’s no reason ANY of them should require a gigabyte, look at MenuetOS, that fits on a single floppy disk so tell me what OS X and Vista are doing with that other 998 megs… remember when people actually knew how to program?) 2gigs of RAM? What is it, 15gigs hard drive space? 128megs of video card beefiness?

    I’m running Mac’s most recent OS on a 400MHz iMac from 7 years ago. It cost me $25 for the computer and $40 for the OS. Upgrading really hasn’t been much of an issue, and when I need to, a Mac mini goes for $600, far shy of the $2000 I’ve seen quoted here.

    “PC” should also be seen as the OS everyone knows, with people walking by and shaking his hand, maybe even walk up to Mac and say “Hello, I heard so much about you and was going to talk to you, but I’m already friends with PC, so..”

    Fat guy that everyone knows, is George Wendt available? (Played Norm on Cheers.)

    How about showing Mac as the guy that does everything, and is loudly trying to prove this (juggling, dancing, building a scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of floppy disks,) while people walk by him waving to “PC” all along, with the commercial ending on Mac indignantly saying to a user “No, I’m not available for Windows!”

  85. "The Dude" says:

    OSX can be run on a pc with the new x86 hack build and windows can be run on a MAC, so the OS is not the issue here its the hardware and sorry to say it but PC hardware kicks MAC hardwares butt if for no other reason then you can buy your own replacment parts for a PC.

  86. Rocketeer says:

    “I was up all night building a website for my cat”, Ouch! PC strikes back, hilarious!

  87. stromm says:

    MAC? They aren’t even Apples anymore. They run Intel PC processors on PC motherboards with PC graphics cards, etc.

    Heck, it’s not even apple’s own OS, they gave that up and went Linux. Hello! OpenSource but Apple charges for it!

    There WAS a time when Mac’s did things PC’s couldn’t (sometimes better). But that was years ago. Yes they do look better, but PCs are more effective in the real world.

    Today, there are many things a PC can do that a Mac can’t (mostly because of Apple’s close-minded mentality and extreme licensing policies).

    Seriously, Mac’s are now just a PC with apple’s logo and a fancy Linux GUI.

    It’s funny that Microsoft wasn’t allowed to release a PC, but Apple is allowed to prevent apple clones and wins lawsuits shutting them down.

    Give apple another few years and they won’t make any computer hardware, just applications like MS.

  88. applespud says:

    Apple has good marketing. Good marketing and rounded corners. And a very loyal and snooty following. I’d be snooty too if I paid nearly three grand for a laptop.

    Good vids.

  89. shrimpie says:

    Well said AppleSpud.

  90. gregf says:

    I’m a PC guy and i thought these sucked sadly :(

  91. sheva says:

    Macs are dumb Pc´s… go get a Dell XPS if you´re planning on spending $2000 on a computer. Don´t buy a Mac it´s just a toy.

    I should know, I´m writing this because im on my stupid sissy iBook…

  92. tralala says:

    For all the idiots claiming macs are not good for playing games compared to the pc… why would you play games on a pc instead of an actual gaming system anyways? it doesn’t make a lot of sense… I’ve also had my mac for about a year without a single crash like you all claim… you might be talking about the old macs which crashed all the time.

    Most of your pointless arguements just comes down to ignorance

  93. Darth L says:

    Why haven’t they done this one?

    MAC: Hi, I’m a Mac.
    PC: I’m a PC. Hey, Mac, looks like you’ve crashed.
    MAC: We don’t do that.
    PC: Yes, you do. What’s that error code then?
    MAC: I have no idea. “BONG”
    PC: We’d better put you in your box and send you back to Apple then.

    I’ve got a Mac and a PC, and sometimes it’s easy to find out what is wrong with and easily fix a Mac.

  94. Joey Bananas says:

    Well I agree that the cheapest laptop out now for Mac ($1099) is higher priced than What’s out there in the PC world, but three grand? It’s not that hard to find a comparable lappy with Windows on it for the same amount, if not higher than the $2799 price listed on for their high end… Sony’s Vaio, model VGN-AR390E is listed on Sony’s website for $3299… In fact, quite a few Sony laptops eke out a tag of $2499 or more. If you’re going to compare prices, at least compare Apple’s high end versus the Windows high end, and low-end for low end. And really, if you’re going for laptops, Apple is new to the Intel market, they don’t have a low end laptop yet. This isn’t to say you’ll be seeing $499 Maclappies any time soon, But you also won’t find your Mac Laptop obsolete when Microsoft decides to do another rewrite. It’s a trade off, and I really don’t feel that either system comes out a winner.

    Really, I prefer my Ubuntu Linux-powered laptop, something nice about knowing if I need a program, I can pretty much find it without having to open my wallet. I also like the idea of not having to buy 2 gigs of RAM just to make my system run “ok.”

    (Remembers someone saying once that the only think Microsoft could produce that wouldn’t suck is a vacuum…)

  95. computerbuilder says:

    You mac fans need serious help. As of a few years ago, MACS AND PCs ARE THE SAME THING. You can run windows on your mac and OSX on your not-mac. Stop making up stupid reasons to be fanboy.

    You can shell out your mad money for a prebuilt machine installed with OSX, or you can get a PC, install OSX on it yourself, and save a few hundred dollars for not buying into Steve Job’s eyesore of an advertising campaign.

  96. Joey Bananas says:

    Well computerbuilder, that’s only partly true, to run OSX on ‘not-mac’ you need a little bit of skill in running a hack or two, and I think we can all agree that the whole PC vs. Mac and Mac vs. PC arrangement only appeals to the non computer savvy, those folks who just found out the ‘cup holder’ is actually the CD tray. To them, OSX on “PC” isn’t even an option. I use six different OSes at last count, and if you want to count old school emulators, make it nine or so. I happen to prefer Mac. I like XP too, but I also think that Windows has actually stunted the growth of the industry, in the same way the auto industry quells new technology. Apple may be responsible for a little of that too, of course :)

    Understand I used to be an Amiga user (remember Commodore?) And if there was one thing I got used to is being told how much my computer sucked by both IBM users and Mac users. Truth was a 7MHz Amiga could outperform a 66MHz IBM Compatible on many levels (cue the guy in the sombrero I mentioned earlier..) Guess the makes me sadder than even a Mac fanboy. But just you wait, someday I’ll get my hovercar and you’ll all pay.

  97. krum says:

    haha, this is just as un-fair as the mac commercials, They had no backings either, just because you can’t be a total retard and use a PC doesn’t mean you can’t do anything on it.

    all mac really has is a good video editor, and…lack of viruses.

    I have a PC, and I have never made a spreadsheet…

  98. "The Dude" says:

    Joey Bananas

    its not hard to install OSX on a PC anymore just use partition magic to make a MAC partition and go download the latest install image from a torrent site, it was acctualy easier then installing XP because you dont need a key code beccause the OSX thinks that if you have the OS then you own a MAC and therefore Have a license to use it. I would incurage all MAC users to give it a try.

  99. "The Dude" says:

    although yes if the MAC commercials acctualy made you go out and buy a MAC then you migt not want to try it because your probaly not the sharpest tool in the shed. not to say if you use a MAC you are, just if the commecials are the reason you have one.

  100. zanzabar pachrain says:

    I use PCs. In my opinion, Macs are good for a couple of specific things like multimedia. PCs can do them too, just not as well.

    PCs are great/better for just about everything else. ;-) They each have their strengths, but I still like a PC better.

    I love watching the mac vs pc commercials. these PC rebuttals here were a breath of new air, but not as sharp as the mac commercials.

    In my opinion, future PC rebuttal commercials should include plugs about the variety of commercial (and free) software available on a PC compared to a Macintosh.

    If vulnerabilities are in question, true there are more for the PC, but still some just as serious for the mac. The hackers go to where the popularity is. There would be just as many on the mac if everyone had a mac. If done properly, this could be portrayed as well to be understood by all.

    Not to mention the variety of hardware (not pretty, overpriced hardware), which also means competition and lower prices.

    And the popularity of PCs within the (quite large) gaming community (lan parties, competitions, just plain fun, etc). This is also yet untapped in the rebuttals.

    Keep up the great ads, let the war commence for our entertainment! ;-)

  101. pjo says:

    MAC: Hey, PC! Whatcha doin’?
    PC: Oh, hey. Well, I’m getting ready to head down to the software store to pick up some new apps, maybe a game or two. Hey, wanna come along?
    MAC: Uh…well…
    PC: Oh, that’s right. Hey, I think the store has a shelf for Apples.
    MAC: Naw, I’ve got all those…
    PC: Oh. Sorry. Well, have fun.
    MAC: Yeah. Right.

  102. Chef Rodney says:

    These, as well as the commercials seen on TV aren’t much. Mac, after years of giving computers to schools with only marginal product loyalty as a result, is simply attempting a less costly adversiting tack. It may work, but probably not. Turns out Mac should have been manufacturing only tiny music players all along.

  103. Ashten says:

    these are pretty funny…its about time im sick of the stupid mac commercials….macs are pieces of shit its the truth they do nothing profitable, and mac and apple are a huge rip-offs…nice work pc

  104. Zaphod says:

    If this is your benchmark for “hilarious,” you need a serious sense of humor adjustment. These ads aren’t funny, they’re lame. And right, the ads “observe the PC’s own qualities, without denying the Mac’s” – spreadsheets? Seriously?! That’s the best the PC has to offer? And they “don’t harm the Mac,” they only accuse Mac users of being drug fiends. Nice.


  105. Jeff says:

    Oh yeah Mac now does windows ?? I thought windows was evil?? Truth is Mac was so behind everyone else they had to support Windows, jump to PC hardware, they had to become more compatible with what everyone else is using or die the slow death. People who brag about their macs brag about what car they drive too, or what clothes they wear, they are designer people, infatuated with brand names. If Apple really wanted to save the world from Microsoft and Evil Bill they would release their OSX for PC and give the world a legitmate choice for an alternative OS, linux doesn’t count as its not user friendly enough yet.

  106. GuitarDogg says:

    I’ve just spent way too much time reading the previous 98 posts! You people are way funnier than any ads. I’ve been supporting computers since the days of CPM and IBMDOS. I even remember when the Mac first came out, of course is wasn’t called a Macintosh, it’s name was Lisa (after Job’s girlfriend). Even before Windows, the business world chose the IBM compatable over Apple. Maybe they should have chosen the Amiga! ;-}

  107. TR99 says:

    These comments are quite interesting. I’m a Boomer so I have a wider perspective. I have worked in the Electronics field for 30 yrs. so I’ve worked with vacuum tubes,transisters and I.C.’s etc.all through the consumer electronics revolution.I have seen it so many times, in this world marketing wins every time. Gates beat Job’s right from day one because he understood this and Jobs did not. Gates knew that a tech. advantage is temp. but a market share advantage is the golden egg!

  108. Ernie says:

    These ads truly point out the ridiculousness of the Mac ads we all see on TV, and I think that was the point.

    When I get into the Mac v. PC debate, I have trouble defining exactly what is being debated. Today, the Mac is built on a PC architecture with a BSD based OS (OS X). For those who do not know, BSD is a Berkley Unix derivative which has no relationship with Linux other than the fact that Linux is loosely based on the Unix OS.

    Linux embraces the Unix philosophy of developing small components which do one thing superbly, and stringing these components together to accomplish greater things. Sadly, Mac’s OS X has hidden this philosophy beneath layers of simplicity and conformity.

    Originally, Apple’s Mac was built on a superior architecture to the PC.

    In the simplest terms, the Mac placed the BIOS, and OS, etc. at the bottom of memory, then back-filled video space at the top of memory. All the RAM in between was used for programs.

    The PC on the other hand originally supported only one Megabyte (1024 kilobytes) of RAM. The BIOS and OS went to the bottom of RAM, and all hardware drivers went into the top 384 KB, resulting in 640 KB of RAM for programs.

    Apple developed the Mac with a ‘closed’ architecture, preventing third party innovation, or the development of ‘Mac clones’. This permitted Apple to maintain a tight control over what went into their computer, but limited the evolution of the Mac.

    IBM originated the PC with an ‘open’ architecture intended to encourage third party innovation. This resulted in ‘PC clones’ and unlimited evolution.

    Today, there is no Mac v. PC dichotomy, since the Mac is in reality a PC. The only remaining difference is the OS, so the real debate is not Mac V. PC, but Mac V. Windows V. Linux, etc.

    Since the Mac OS is based on BSD, it may be superior to Windows if Apple has not abandoned the Unix philosophy in the development of their OS. Standard PC hardware may not be supported by OS X since Apple has no obligation to support hardware not licensed by them. The only real developmental philosophy I can discern from the Mac is an ‘all mine!’ attitude in Apples business model.

    Microsoft was the original developer of the DOS operating system for the IBM PC. They developed Windows for the PC (Windows ran on top of DOS) and Windows NT (New Technology). They published selected Application Programming Interfaces so third party developers were able to produce software for DOS and Windows. I have heard the Microsoft developmental philosophy described as ‘Make everything part of the OS to gain better performance’.

    The Linux OS was originally developed over the WEB by the Open Source Community with Linus Torvalds’s ‘Unix clone’ kernel after he published the source code on the Internet. Linux continues to be developed with the Unix philosophy described above, as a multi-user, multi-tasking OS. Because it is an Open Source OS, developed as a ‘string’ of small components, each of which works superbly, it is the most ‘customizable’ OS available. You can even build your own custom kernel which will contain only the elements you select. This results in what may seem to be a nearly limitless variety of ‘flavors’, some targeted for the “geek freak”, some for the basic user, and some for specific purposes (including servers). In the end, they are all developed from the same Linux kernel source code and the same collection of Open Source Programs, so they are all still Linux.

    In the end, the debate over which is best boils down to the question “What do you want?”. Each OS offers advantages as well as disadvantages. For me the answer is Linux because of its stability combined with its flex-ability. I see the Mac as a ‘Johny-come-lately’ since they adopted the BSD underpinnings of OS-X, and I see Windows as a seriously limited effort. I have not seen Vista yet, so my opinion could change, but I do not think this is likely.

  109. Peng says:

    LMAO Very funny! It doesn’t really give that much reason to use a PC, other than The Girl, but I laughed anyway.

    unsub said:
    Switched to a Mac because I was tired of crash delays.
    After two solid years of using Excel, Word, and Adobe CS on a Mac, with no virus issues or fatal error screens – I’ll stay with Mac – and keep my pc for a boat anchor.

    Peng replies:
    That’s pretty much why I switched to Linux. No crashes, and while it’s not as good as MS Office works fine for me. And when I need to work on a spreadhseet I just fire up Wine and load Dreamweaver or Fireworks and rock on.

  110. sheva says:

    reason to use a PC:

    – Linux, Vista, XP and a ton of OS choices
    – Tons of cool software (freeware, shareware)
    – Choice of Hardware
    – Modding
    – Gaming
    – Sweet graphics (DirectX)
    – Price
    – Customization
    – Compatibility
    – Drivers
    – oh the list just goes on (feel free to contribute)

    reasons to use a Mac:
    – Podcasts
    – Being smug
    – No viruses? My socks don´t have viruses, why would I pay $2000 for socks?

  111. chained says:

    These are lame. But this is funny, Crash Different.

  112. Don says:

    The company that makes those “so easy a caveman could do it” ads should make some of these ads. Mac extremists have that same look of indignation that the caveman has.
    “Looks like somebody got his floppy stuck.”

  113. Joey Bananas says:

    The Dude

    Didn’t realize it had gotten so easy, last time I “Mac’ed my ride” It took some extra steps, I assumed nothing had changed in four months, my mistake. Looks like I’m taking another look at OSx86.

  114. Patrick says:

    Hmmm… another case of the PC getting there late, and copying a concept.

  115. JBALL PC GENIUS says:



  116. MrDr Zack: “Mac blows. I run PC for gaming, and that’s about it. Linux and FreeBSD are where it’s at.”

    What, you didn’t know Mac OS X is built on FreeBSD? The code is written by the same people, look:

    You really need to read-up on your slashdot and digg. Shame on you!!

  117. JB says:

    HAHAHA! Love the ads! How so very true!

    “Why don’t you share?”
    “Okay, you can listen.. for a buck.”


  118. Amazed... says:

    God … people … its just a piece of hardware. Pc’s/Mac’s .. Potato… Potatooo … Go get a life everyone!

    I’ve used them both and really .. I can’t see much of a difference.

    For Mac addicts … PC’s can do the same things as the mac’s can. Get over it.

    For PC owners. Yeah .. Girls love Macs, they look beautifull and they are used by creative teams. Does that make PC’s more or less creative? Off course not, so get over it.

    You all need to get out more :)

  119. Lloyd says:

    If PCs are so amazing, then how come every single person I know who has used a Windows PC for years and years, and then switched to a Mac, has not wanted to go back to using Windows?

    I’m talking about people who know what they’re doing when it comes to computers here, not morons. Everyone who has used my iBook has loved MacOS so much they’ve wanted to use it themselves.

    I’ve also had it for nearly 3 years now and I’ve not had a single problem with it. Nothing at all. It’s only ever crashed twice and that was because I was seeing if I could make it crash!

  120. Dennis says:

    My advise… save your money and buy a Mac and an iPhone in June!

  121. Use Both says:

    Hmm.. I use a PC at home and a Mac at work. I have been a diehard Windows user for year, but will definitely buy a Mac for home next purchase. Seems to me that Windows is copying the Mac ads the way Visa is copying OSX?? ;)

  122. Joey Bananas says:

    All I’m saying is I can’t wait for Vista! Imagine an operating system with such advanced security measures, such powerful digital rights management, that it takes half or more of your CPU cycles! It’ll help us Linux folk out too! How cool will it be to spend more on hardware because they have to make it “Vista-compliant?!” I’ll feel safe knowing I’ve spent more in order to make sure I’m protected from myself and my want to pirate!

  123. videosilva says:

    Remember its just a matter of time possibly a few years before we see the demise of Apple as we know it. Amiga WAS the computer of choice and its LONG gone. Bill knows how to market and he does it well. 10 Years ago Mac WAS video, audio, imaging and MS was WAY behind.

    Now the gap is so blurred with the PC catching up and possibly excelling in Audio and Video.

    In short Apples once monopoly is no more and no longer needed.


  124. Joey Bananas says:

    Y’know Amiga isn’t totally gone, go to and see what I mean… Sure, it’s been in a coma for 10-15 years after hemorrhaging for about 5 years before that, but it’s not quite dead yet. My point about the whole thing is, Amiga was the best out there (and yes, I’ll admit Atari had promise and pretty colors too,) but they were pretty much crushed my Microsoft, who don’t even sell computers, only operating systems… H*ll, Amiga ran MicroSoft Basic (as did Commodore 64, and dozens of other computers out there at the time!) Just shows you that superior hardware doesn’t mean a thing, not compared to marketing.

    My issue with Vista lately, however, is that Microsoft seems to be running into the same hubris-driven snag that IBM did when Bill Gates originally stole the show.

    You’ve got to think MS thinks themselves nigh-invincible if they’re releasing a DRM (digital rights management) driven nightmare on the world. I don’t and never will like the thought of a company telling me what I can and cannot do with my computer.

    I know I’m sounding like I’m on the soapbox here, but if I buy an OS, I want to own it, not ‘borrow’ it, and I DEFINITELY do not want an OS policing me and crippling my system because it thinks I’m doing something wrong. Worse still, if it decided suddenly that a piece of my hardware isn’t secure enough, it will deactivate it (Please correct me if you think I’m wrong on this, but this is what I’ve been reading since playing around with a Vista Beta copy.)

    I think “I’ll let you listen to my music for a dollar” is a p*ss-poor retort (from the final ‘comeback commercial’) if Windows is just going to say “Ok I think you’re listening to something you shouldn’t, resolve this or bye-bye OS”

    Windows Vista is about to shut down and lock you out of your computer for 23 hours a day, (A)ccept, or (T)ough &@*$^ for you

  125. […] “I’m a PC” ads that were made by Laurie McGuinness that shows the PC as better (link). This reminds me of the Coke and Pepsi ads from back when Superbowl ads were really […]

  126. Jet says:

    Thanks for doing this!

    I used to subscribe to Apple’s advertising by e-mail just to learn about their developments, but I cancelled it after watching too many of their commercials maligning PCs (and told them, too). Like many of the other posts, I have used both platforms extensively and found them to be very similar in apps and ease of use except for navigation through the OS for problem-solving; I’ll take a PC any day!

    You should correct the misspelling of “portrayed” in “… and they don’t deny the qualities portraied in the Mac ads …” in your introductory paragraph.

  127. mrk says:

    *Reinforces classic stereotypes, which was a large part of the strategy that made the original MAC ads appealing – whether those stereotypes were factually accurate or not.

    * One ad in this satirical (?) series, ‘The Girl,’ especially reinforces the stereotype that women are genetically predisposed to select the more financially secure male as a potential partner. An accurate presumption – so perhaps that ad is social commentary, not satire…?

    * Also note – even though satirical, the fact that the MAC OS reigns supreme in creative pursuits is not challenged but reiterated… Several times.

  128. Ummmm says:

    1. These aren’t funny; the Mac ads are. First rule of parody: You must be at least as clever as the subject of the parody.

    2. They don’t make sense.
    — “Work” I know way more burn-out, show up late, slacker PC users than Mac users. Probably because burnout slackers can’t afford Macs — oddly enough a point that is made by the “Money” sketch but it has it backwards.

    — “Money” I work in the tech industry (gaming) and all of the executives at my company use Macs at home. If anything, the pro-PCrs should have gone after the higher Mac price tag instead of this confusing premise. Furthermore, almost everyone I know who has a Mac at home and isn’t a millionaire has used it to make money on the side doing freelance web design, video editing, graphic design or sound/music editing. Most of the people I know that have PCs just play games on them and surf myspace. The ones that do make “creative stuff” make just as many websites devoted to “ketchup” and other stupid crap as anyone else.

    –“Girl” What? This just doesn’t make any sense at all. Yeah, cause I know so many computer geeks who have models throwing themselves at them.

    I guess this is supposed to follow a throughline from the “Money” sketch that pretty girls go for guys that have more money? If so it plays on a faulty premise and implies that the only way PC users can get girls is to get rich. That’s kind of ugly and reinforces some really lame stereotypes. Do you really want to be “loved” for your money?

    –“Music” this is the only one that makes any sense at all because it’s about the product and not the user. It’s still a little shaky but ok — if you want to share songs for three plays only for free instead of having to plug your friends mp3 player into your computer — fine, buy a zune.

    And just as a final note: All Mac users are not “idiots”. That is a very mean way to tear down people who haven’t had the chance to catch up to the relatively small portion of the world who is extremely tech savvy because they’ve been out living lives — see the “Girl” ad and then reverse it.

  129. Bob says:

    Funny…but not really as good as the originals. It was just really random and didn’t really say how the PC was better then the Mac in reality

  130. Bob says:

    Sense of humor? Gotta be a unix PeeCee.

  131. says:

    closest i could find, mac dosent seem much more expensive but i like my pc alot more. no particular reason they are all basically the same thing i just like xp and i really don’t like that lower bar in macs (people seeing whats in my minimized windows isnt my idea of fun)

    Also to everyone who says if you want video games get a console, i cant play wow GB (xbox cs sucks) and theres no bf2 or anything like that. plus i have to pay money for those games, emulators ftw

  132. brian ansorge says:

    People by PeeCee’s because they are cheap.

    Gaming? Ha . . . kind of contradicts the whole bogus message of one of those ads—the one that implies PeeCee’s are for *serious* work.

    Forget the fact that Mac’s run everything that PeeCee’s can run now.

    Price? The cheapest PeeCee’s will always be cheaper than the least expensive Mac.

    Everybody I know (I know hundreds) that runs Windoze hate their computing experience. Really. And they are so ignorant.

    Like . . .”what? I didn’t know you could run Excel on a Mac!”


    And the malware?

    Like “well, I didn’t install that! where did that program come from?”

    We are still waiting for the first virus to successfully break into OS X.

    Bring it on . . .

    Now, go back to your *games* while listening to your iPod. ;-p

    BTW, When you are already cool, a slick MacBook is just icing on the cake

  133. Joey Bananas says:

    Don’t forget the only reason why PeeCee is cheaper is sheer volume, when you’re making 20 PCs for every Mac out there, it makes sense that you’d get a price break… Computers and OSes get punished for not being Windows. Like I’d said, hardware is going to have to be Vista-Compliant from now on, so if I run Ubuntu or Solaris, I’ll have to pay extra for functions made specifically for Windows. Functions that would allow hardware to cripple itself if Vista so chooses it to. But don’t worry, Microsoft is a benevolent god, it only has your best interests in mind! As any large company that has no clue or care who you are does!

    Not the sort of power I want to hand over. I paid for it, I should get to choose what I do with it.

    Ironic that an OS based on shutting you down if it doesn’t like what you’re doing, an OS that wrests control out of your hands, like some Big Brother, ironic it would be named after wide open spaces (Vista.) Unless theyre just alluding to the fact that “it’s pretty.”

    Oh, and as for buying a console for games, try playing Halo on the XBox, and then the version for PC or Mac, there’s no comparing the control you have on a keyboard/mouse with a dinky little joypad. Aiming with something as intuitive as a mouse (it’s called a pointing device afterall!) puts you ten steps ahead of the guy trying to pull his plasma rifle on you with a thumbstick :)

  134. Denver says:

    well…the argument here is insignificance, Mac and pc has it’s won strength, for me I like mac, but I got pc on my table too…I use when I work on some “Boring” stuff, but enjoy the mac while I am blogging or presenting.

    Again, I think this ad is stupid, and infamous copy, I don’t like it.

  135. glycosylator says:

    that’s about all I have to say.

  136. […] Divertentissimi, vedere per credere: link. […]

  137. Kidd says:

    Funny as hell, add another video but have the penguin come in and own them all.

  138. biftar says:

    I wrote and directed the four spots. I enjoyed reading your take on the spots, even the people who didn’t like them.

    The spots are not about computers. they’re about the original ads, and the stereotypes they traffic in. I just wanted to point out that there’s two sides to that coin.
    btw they were written on my iMac, and cut on a PC, using Sony Vegas, which is outstanding.

  139. Then you did a pretty good job, biftar ;)

  140. Joey Bananas says:

    Biftar, my apologies, you obviously put work into these and it shows, I also understand (better now that you’ve mentioned) what you’re trying to get across, but I just don’t “get it.” Either way, thanks for giving us something to fill the our-picks servers with!

  141. Chris says:

    What would you rather do make videos or make enough money to pay someone to make videos for you?

  142. biftar says:

    No problem. I got a kick out of the back and forth.

  143. Huge point to mention: 5 – 13% of the male population are left handed/right brained. I.E. the genius element (Einstein, Gandhi etc.) and the MAC is representative of that. That’s why many a genius, artist or woman (right brained = creative/yin/feminine/simultaneous global thinker) are attracted to MACs. Left brained = science/logic/power-hierarchal obsession/sequential linear thinking represents the PC. These computers are representative of your intelligence, or its limits. We have 2 Pcs and 2 Macs. We use the MAC for design/internet/work and the PC for games, where many RIGHT BRAINED designers (IE. MAC people) have made the PC look stunning (I.E Halflife). Nuff said. ps. At least ALIENWARE are trying to make the ugly PCs look better. CHOOSE GENIUS AND ARTISTIC SENSIBILITY TODAY! :-)

  144. Jesse says:

    These videos don’t make fun of Mac’s, but they do make fun of Mac users. Oh. And btw proff is slang.

  145. biftar says:

    That’s an awfully large jump you took, ‘many a genius, woman, etc…’. Any actual numbers to back that up? The original Mac ads infuriated PC users because those ads imply the same thing. A computer is a machine, like a car, and doesn’t say anything at all about the user, as much as the user might hope it does.

  146. Joey Bananas says:

    And all those left hande/right brained types only jumped to Mac because te Amiga went under, due to it being run by right handed/left brained management.

    Hmmm… That sounded good until I typed it… That ever happen to you? :)

  147. biftar says:

    about every other time I type something. I thought it was funny.

  148. dgm says:

    I don’t understand these at all… they imply that you can’t do serious work with a mac.

    In under a year I have paid for my MacBook Pro from the consulting jobs performed on it… and no, I’m not a graphic designer or artist. It is an awesome platform for programming.

    My Windows XP box only gets used to play a few games here and there… and I could install bootcampl and do that on my MBP too.

  149. biftar says:

    Of course you can do serious work on a Mac. Just like you can edit video and music on a PC, which the original spots implied you can’t. We just swapped one stereotype for another. Again, these spots aren’t about computers. They’re a reaction to the original ads.

  150. Joey Bananas says:

    dgm, that’s the idea, basically. The next step is to analyze the Mac commercials and realize the same thing — that it’s self-aggrandizing and showing PC as the inept black and white 5-ton takes-up-your-entire-basement wood-burning computer it actually is :) Like I’d said though, that’s how I happen to feel about Windows (not PCs) anyway.

    In reality, the OS shouldn’t mean a &@^#* thing when it comes to your needs. There’s really nothing you can do on one OS that you can’t on another.. Speed is determined about 60 by the hardware, and about 30-35% by the person/people who wrote the program. The OS should be nothing more than the platter a good program is served on. The reason Windows is good for games? Because game programmers are smarter who’ll work for the larger market share. That’s it. Why is Mac for creative people? I dunno, maybe if you sell a pretty box, it gets looked at by creative, ‘pretty’ people. Mac smugness? Maybe it’s just that person who’s cornered in a room with 19 Windows users who think sheer numbers makes an OS ‘the best?’ I’d rather run a program on a Mac, or on Linux, but that doesn’t mean Windows is a piece of steaming crap to me… Wait a minute…. I forgot about Vista. Ok, Vista is a steaming pile of crap, but XP is fine.

  151. Joey Bananas says:

    Still waiting on that hovercar….

  152. hi says:

    “I don’t understand these at all… they imply that you can’t do serious work with a mac.”

    I dont understand why Mac implys that you can’t do fun things on a PC.

  153. […] guys over have created a few commercials spoofing Apples famous ads – this time, PC gets the upper hand on […]

  154. sturzo says:

    the debate spirals on but to no real detriment to either platform only users with chips on their shoulders. I think its truly a matter of personal preference and comfort. being as that i was “raised” on mac, thats where my trust lies. however, they both have unmistakeable drawbacks and attributes. i own/use both. without a doubt, the mac pro fully loaded is possibly the most impressive machine conceived to date. if anyone here knows anything about pro tools TDM, they would understand just how extraordinary a machine it would have to be to out-perform a pro tools hd system under comparable conditions {this is a fact}. but at no time in the near future could i possibly invision going to Fry’s Electronics to pick up Apple components and assemble a powerful system for less than $500. and lets face facts, both platforms have so many problems. i work in service IT and have dealt with both.

    …half the time i say to hell with them both. more frustration that i don’t need.

  155. […] The PC vs Mac ads return – now from the PC’s perspective What I liked about the clips is that they’re not made in order to harm the Mac, and they don’t deny the qualities portraied in the Mac ads, but they observe the PC’s own qualities, without denying the Mac’s. So, without more description, here are (tags: apple windows os x technology video bored) […]

  156. Joey Bananas says:

    biftar, I think the deal is that they’re saying you can edit video and music ‘right out of the box.’ Windows Movie Maker (comes with the box) is about as good a video editing tool as a three week old potato clock. Whereas the jolly, red, candy-like iMovie can make little Johnny a director all of a sudden. Go figure!

    Sure there’s freeware (Audacity is great for sound editing and the like, for instance,) but again, it’s not supplied with the computer.

    People also seem to forget that these are supposed to be the Computers themselves doing the commercial, not the actual user. I’d personally yank the extensions right out of my mother’s hair should she have decided to name me “PC,” for instance.

    The Mac commercials are to appeal to those people who buy a computer and that’s it, they don’t go looking for extra software until a computer tech tells them otherwise (with zany results!) You have to pay extra money to get video editing software for PC, so guess what, you can’t do good video and music editing with a “PC.” A “PC” with Adobe Premiere, sure, but not with a “PC.”

    And yes, I know when you buy an iMac with the iLife package, you pay extra for it, but it’s not like you get XP for free. And if Windows wanted to shut up Mac, all they have to do is what they usually do. Buy out a video editor software company, absorb it, package it ‘free’ with their computers, driving up the price, and then call it Microsoft’s “Latest Innovation.”

  157. LL says:

    I didn’t get the point of half of them, some were funny, but the lack of originality is just… strange.

  158. Mac says:

    Dumb stuff. PC, stop bitchin’ :)

  159. Foster says:

    someone aasked earlier about not getting the whole girl thing. The whole point was you are so wierd about your cultish freinds you only spend time with them and don’t know how to interact with females because you are so consumed with figuring out how great your machine is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weird!!!!!!!!!

  160. AvidChronos says:

    Yea I love it! Great stuff, although macs can help movie editors make a lot of money too. Mac just barly came out with running Windows, it took them how long? And now that all these campaigns and people switching over, Mac is going to be big and its going to get viruses and stuff so enjoy having no crashes and viruses for the time.

  161. LaWl says:

    I bet this website is hosted on a Windows Server box, as well as pretty much the majority of all networks in existance are using Windows Sever, maybe some mac clients lol.

  162. s3cret_Service says:

    Well lets see..a few things a mac is absolutely horrible at. Gaming, Networking, Business, less software, less hardware, and an operating system, which can be stable, but horrible to use. If you have windows xp, a decent virus detector, and you take care of it you won’t have any problems with your PC. Pcs are easy to upgrade, and easy to work with. Have a greater span of uses other than graphic and music editing. Macs only exist because Microsoft is forced to let them exist since there are monopoly laws.

  163. @LaWl : Nope, it’s not a Windows Server ;)
    It’s Unix.

  164. Joey Bananas says:

    And not one person goes to bat for Vista :)

    Microsoft VISTA Ultimate with Shiny Buttons and 3D Prettiness to Hide the Fact that It’s Trying To Control The Way You Use A Computer And “To @&(! With Morality,” You Bought It And We Choose What You’re Allowed To Do With It Edition has detected a little bit of spinach in your teeth. Failure to take action immediately could result in the crippling of functionality in your webcam. Do you choose to (R)emove it with a finger or maybe a toothpick, (U)pgrade to Vista Unkempt Slob Edition, or (T)urn yourself in for the bootleg copy of Weekend at Bernies III you obviously copied illegally, because really, who would pay for that movie, and shouldn’t he be nothing more than a puddle of glop and a skeleton at this point, and…. errr… Windows VISTA digresses…. Oh, go clean yourself up before I zap you with your own optical mouse.


    Any similarities, expressed or implied in the making of this posting is purely representational, err, I mean coincidental. Use of the title “Weekend at Bernies III” is without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball. No spinish was injured in the writing of this post, although I did chip a tooth on the toilet bowl.

  165. Jon says:

    Hey guys great stuff. As some said never mentioned PC greatness. Here is one simple one everyone forgets. GAMES! Why would I wait eons to play the newest games on a MAC? Or have to run them through an emulator slowing things down? That alone is best part.

  166. Darrell says:

    Those MAC ads are so much crap. Go into any data cnter and you will see stacks of blade centers running our administrivia. YOu will see no Apple’s. Now Apple finally started using UNIX and quit mucking wih an attempt at an OS.

  167. Joey Bananas says:

    Again, the only reason Windows has all the games is because they own the lion’s share of the market. Granted, it’s a great reason to buy an XP system, it’s why I own one, Doesn’t mean Mac is less capable in that department, but I’m with you 100%. Just stay away from Vista and we’ll all be just fine :)

    Oh, and by the way, Mac running Windows is at full speed, it’s not an emulator, which is why you find Macs getting viruses now :)

  168. Pat Duke says:

    Pointless, kind of like using a PC.

  169. Tamer says:

    I would definitely prefer to spend the weekend with a blonde than with a computer geek

  170. Joey Bhananas says:

    True, and if the techhies learn anything in tech school, it’s that you get more women buying a cheap Windows machine than a Macintosh. What’s scary is that they actually have tech schools… whole flocks of then running around, bumping into light posts, trying to pick up hotties and having to settle for mating with roughly mailbox-shaped women, wearing humorous t-shirts with statements like “tech geeks do it dirty with SCSI ports, only normal people can’t understand it because it’s written in ancient coptic, and the tech geeks aren’t quite sure about the meaning of the double-entendre “do it.” The way they tease the norms as they walk down the street, yelling things like “Yo I heard your mama can’t do no cross-tabulated spreadsheet!” and “suck mySQL!”

    sigh…. good old class of 2002 (holds back a tear)

    I’ll get my women the old fashioned way… a hairpiece and a Ferarri.

  171. Steve says:

    A lot of folks obviously miss the point of the girl one. It’s not saying that girls like pcs better or are more attracted to pc users. I think it’s making the point that the streotype mac zealot is so obsessed with their mac that they’d rather spend a weekend with another mac fanboy than have a real life.

  172. Joey Bhananas says:

    Well if you’d look at the Mac in that commercial, he’s none too happy about his decision, so the “rather spend…” comment falters a little bit there. Lucky !*&$^@ PC probably has my hovercar, too (See #68, 92, and 145 for that reference, although frankly, I’d just let it go as the ramblings of a madman who never gets to write his own Mac vs. PC commercials.)

    Y’know there’s another point. If anyone decides to make a Mac vs. PC commercial (considered a rite of passage into manhood in some tribes near the Amazon basin,) please include more than two people, preferably adding that old guy with a sombrero I mentioned for the Amiga, a midget for D*mn Small Linux or MenuetOS, and an extremely polished turd with lips for Windows Vista. Lips the turd never uses because it’s so busy re-purchasing licenses for all it’s “Premium Content” media.

    And while you’re at it, confirm my reservations at the ski resort, there’s a blonde I’d like to present some spreadsheets to…

  173. Slayer0420 says:

    The whole point of the Apple ads was to get people talking about them …
    Guess what? It worked!

  174. Deathnutz says:

    Would have been nice to see something about games in this.

    Also, the payday, the PC should have suggested to sell his or return his mac. That should last him two or three months rent being as pricey as they are.

  175. Joey Bhananas says:

    lol Good observations, but he can’t sell his Mac because he is the Mac. And I think the commercials aren’t supporting the “PC” as much as it’s lampooning the commercial. I think the title of this article is a little misleading, as this isn’t supposed to attack the Mac so much as the commercial, am I correct on this, Biftar (he wrote/directed these spots.)

  176. Thomas says:

    They already have many viruses for the Mac, I myself have seen the code for it. And, guess what? IT WORKS! Guess what, Mac users? Now you probably have viruses as well! Besides, if you are a responsible PC user, you will get barely any viruses. I know someone, a Mac user, who is completely reckless while using a PC. He thinks that he can just download anything without viruses! Ha!

    I’m not trying to bash Macs here, I just don’t like them. The users think they are so cool because they have a Mac. I mean really, if you are that passionate about your computer, you are definitely not cool. I like some features on Macs, but honestly, I can get all of those for free off the internet. Such as that cool dock you Mac guys have, guess what, I’m on a PC, and there’s one on my screen right now!

    Also, I use my computer for everything. I download a lot of things that Mac users can’t because of their OS, and they’re all like, ‘oh it’s okay, because I already have cooler programs than that.’ Oh yeah? What do you guys have cooler than Halo or RPG maker XP?

    I have an iPod, yes, and i have a PC yes, not a Zune, an iPod. I like the iPods, and not the Zunes, but guess whats worth more than an iPod? Windows Vista. And guess who has 90% of the computer market? Microsoft. So, who do you think makes more money?

    There are so many great features about Windows, so don’t even try to insult it. I could go on and on, but I have better things to do than continue arguing with idiots that will keep trying to defend something that is completely un-defendable. Macs are like PCs retarded older brother.

    One of you Mac guys are probably going to respond with the stupidest response ever with no facts to back it up and it will probably be a paragraph at most. Try not to do that, okay Macster?

  177. Joey Bhananas says:

    Hmmm, let’s take the Mac side of this. And I’ll restate for the record that I use many OS’es, and I don’t condemn people for using their OS of choice. I also like a user that doesn’t mind using ported functionality, like Mac’s dock or XP’s Start bar. And let me add that I agree with your point that Mac doesn’t have the nearly the scope of games that Windows has, but your choice of Windows games…. Halo is available for the Mac, and it’s smooth as glass, just like the PC.

    Not taking a counterpoint yet, mind you, just clarifying.

    Also your mention of a friend, “I know someone, a Mac user, who is completely reckless while using a PC. He thinks that he can just download anything without viruses! Ha!” Possible he only acts that way because… Macs don’t get viruses like Windows. They have viruses, just not like Windows. But being in 90% of the home, I guess we can just say viruses are aiming for the same big, shiny target that game producers go for. Why make a game or virus that only affects 5% of the market?

    Then again, the Zune player already has a virus and it’s only got what, 2% of the MP3 market?
    So maybe market share isn’t the only deciding factor.

    Again, not taking a counterpoint yet, just clarifying.

    Now. I use Mac, XP, Linux, and a few other OSes that still aren’t at version 1.0 yet. And I will say I prefer Mac’s interface, it’s speed of execution, and it’s look. A look that Vista is creating their own version of (whether it’s copying or not, it’s just good business sense to be as pretty as the competition, afterall.)

    My point is that if you like Vista, then you need to know a few things. One. It’s slower than it should be. Does is work fast? With 1-2 GB of RAM, sure, but then, anything runs fast with that much RAM. Mac? You can run OS X off of 128MB, (truthfully, 256MB to make it painless.) This is just to run the OS. Mac can do the same thing with 1/4 of the RAM. This should tell you that Vista should perform a little better. Also, any OS will look gorgeous with a 256MB graphic card, too…

    Fast is, to run Vista, you need a pretty high powered machine, and with Macs using Intel processors now, that should tell you that Mac’s OS outperforms Vista on equal machines. At least it tells me that.

    Now for the scary part. Vista is the only OS out there (that I’m aware of at least) that will reduce functionality if it feels you could (read that, could. Doesn’t matter if you ever did) use the computer to copy DVDs or CDs.

    Even worse, let’s say someone out there makes a hack that allows a person owning a specific video card to reproduce copyrighted materials. If Microsoft finds out about it, and you happen to own that video card, then guess what? Your computer’s next Microsoft update includes telling Vista to ignore your video driver. Hope you enjoy 640×480, or an artificially blurred display, since that could be what you’re stuck at in a worst-case hacking scenario. This would last until your video card company gets around to updating their drivers to block that hack, or you get fed up and buy a new video card. Let’s hope your next tech support call isn’t due to someone in Finland or Kiev whatever city’s on the other side of the world to you, that really wants a copy of “Harry Potter 7: The Septuagenarian Years” in full “Premium Content” color.

    This driver updating problem could be tougher than it used to be though, since sending debugging info from your computer to the company that makes your card is now considered a hack risk, so it’s no longer allowed.

    Isn’t that great? Now your card company has to guess what’s ailing your computer and fix it near-blindly! This should be interesting, but then, what would Microsoft care at this point? They’re blameless!

    You can consider me a “Mac Guy” at this don’t I suppose, Thomas. Note I didn’t say a single bad thing about XP, except that it’s little brother Vista is the retarded little brother, not Mac. But don’t worry, Vista looks good, so he’ll do just fine.

    And here’s an article just chock full of fun little facts (well-researched facts, at that) that back my more than one paragraph nicely.)

    Oh, and once more, 90% of the market proves nothing. If the majority was always right we’d all be speaking Mandarin right now. Am I calling Mac owners the ‘enlightened few?’ no, but I do think a sales receipt for Vista is a ticket for a one-way ticket to the Silicon Valley equivalent of the dark ages. Stick to XP.

  178. Joey Bhananas says:

    Ahhh, can I have a “take two” on that post? I don’t like that run-on sentence toward the end. And I said “Fast is” when I meant “Fact is.”

    And when I said you can consider me a “Mac Guy” at this don’t I suppose? I meant “at this point.”

    Biftar, does your copy editor do freelance work? Is your copy editor that blonde? Will she wear a redhead wig while she corrects my spelling errors? Nothing but respect here, but “I likes me some redheads.”

    Maybe I should just buy a copy of Office 2007 instead.

  179. NJAZ says:

    why is it I am always bailing out MAC users? Why is it that supposed Windows users are crashing their systems twice a day? I always creatively “out-produce” MAC users, I am always explaining the 101 options I have with my PC that MAC users are oblivious to – because it didn’t come in their stupid iLife bundle. My Windows XP OS NEVER crashes, but my colleague who runs a top of the line MAC Pro has to restart his system REGULARLY due to system instability. To be fair I think he is among MAC users who believe they can push their system to the absolute limit and still efficiently run processes – which honestly seems to be about 90% of all MAC users I’ve met. Bottom line – I avoid working with MAC users because they are absolutely delusional when it comes to computing. I think MACS are fine, I use an older MAC Pro dual G5 with 8 Gig of RAM – the only problem I have is that a PC (windows) with one fast chip and a Gig of RAM performs EXACTLY the same way. Nice try MAC but at the end of the day you’re just pretty PC.

  180. biftar says:

    I’m sorry, Joey Bhananas, she’s not a copy editor. She’s not even an actress; she books the studio where we shot the spots.
    Your guys PC/Mac slap fight reminds me of people arguing about cars back in the 70’s; MoPar man, no Chev. It’s the argument without end…and we can all use more looooong arguments that settle nothing, no?
    Jesus, it’s not the box. It’s the guy using it. A great carpenter is not made by his hammer. He’s a great carpenter no matter what he drives the nails in with.biftar

  181. OSX86!!! says:

    You know that you can install certain things called OSX on an INTEL based x86 Computer if you look at this website
    Building your own computer is always cheaper. and Macs just dont really work for being cheap.

  182. jm says:

    The videos have no depth to them and are a poor attemp at trying to make a point.

  183. Joey Bhananas says:

    But isn’t imitation considered the sincerest form of flattery? And painful users come in all flavors, Mac, Windows, Linux… how about the guy that thought has computer’s CD try was a cup holder? Spilled coffee everywhere. Then there was the woman who thought her mouse was a foot pedal. And let’s not forget the guy that tried using his computers built in fax, put his document on the monitor’s screen, but just couldn’t find the send key on his keyboard.

    True stories? Hope not. I hope they’re all urban legends. But let’s all agree there are people ‘knocking on the door’ of that level of stup…. errr… let’s call it a more tame ignorance. My point? I have no point, I just like to watch users like that. And god love ’em, they come in all flavors and OSes.

    I have a feeling you’re dealing with newbies. iLife has it’s charms, but some of those tools aren’t exactly for professional use.. Nothing worse than a person who thinks they’re an expert. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have coffee stains to clean up out of my foot pedal.

  184. Joey Bhananas says:

    And biftar, if you’re right, then why does our (the U.S.) buy $1,700 hammers? Our Navy has the best carpenters in the world, and I’m on my lunch break.

    Can she wear the wig for me anyway?

  185. Joey Bhananas says:

    gah… that should read “our government. Don’t mind me, just pressing all the hot buttons. Next I’ll be bringing up Mac vs. Windows in a religious context. I’l shut the @*&$^! up now and give another guy a shot.

  186. You surely talk alot, Joey =)

  187. Joey Bhananas says:

    Well….. When you don’t have a life till 7pm Eastern Standard Time sometimes you decide to practice your creative writing skills… Hope that’s not a sign I should “keep my day job.” Turns out “my dad can beat up your dad” posts are great practice :)

  188. aeschmann says:

    boring videos…really boring…
    about mac…trendy…
    it’s like lg chocolate…trendy…
    nothing else…it’s wonderfully…idiot

  189. Joey Bhananas says:

    And here I was always under the impression that ‘trendy’ implies popularity… Not a very go trendiness if Windows manages to be so far in the lead despite supressing innovation. Look at all the companies MS has crushed. You’d think that would help them make Windows a ‘bleeding edge’ tech product. MS isn’t in it for the user experience, they already have their hooks in the industry, which is why (cough) again I’ll mention that Vista proves my point… What advantages are there for the user in Vista? It’s now “pretty.” Switch windows in 3D? Impressive, but near-useless.

    More secure? When you update your OS and no one has a chance to tinker, of course it’ll have less security holes in it, just like that new pair of pants you just bought has less holes than your old favorite pair, and it won’t take long till Vista gets it’s first ‘skinned knee.’

    Microsoft spent more time, money and programmer hours protecting your computer and your media from you, that it had protecting you from hackers, credit and identity thieves, spyware, viruses, trojan horses, etc., etc., etc.

    More games? Great, they’ll run slower than the equivalent XP system though, all that extra overhead making sure you don’t copy music or movies tends to take a lot of processor time.

    I’m an “anyone but Microsoft” type. Now more than ever. Like I’d said time and time again, MS is taking your freedoms and charging you more for the progressively less.

    Ever try to talk to someone on the phone while they’re watching TV? Slows down the convo, don’t it? Well welcome to Vista.

    Maybe I’ll take some time off by posting a simple “Read post 171” from now on, that’s easier to type after a few beers :)

  190. Your comments are longer than a medium-sized article we’re writing, Joey =)

    Why don’t you write for us instead? :)

  191. Joey Bhananas says:

    Hmmmm, funny you mention Bogdan, I used to write fortunes for a cookie company, I was verbose then, too… That’s how I learned to fold maps. Sarcasm though, is still a vague concept to me. if you’re serious, if not, anyway. If I don’t respond for a few days, I’m probably busy writing an entry here.

  192. Mac1 says:

    Wow! So basically, PC’s are at such a loss for ORIGINAL IDEAS that now they’re COPYing the Mac commercials.

    So PC guys make lots of money using PC’s but complains about the cost of a Mac? Mac guy does a lot of crappy nonsense on his Mac but was able to afford it in the first place?

    As for Gaming, Finance and Business applications? You can run Windows OS on Macs now. So, add all the creative type software that comes with the Mac… if it wasn’t a superior computer and operating system prior to being Windows compatible… it is NOW!

    My desktop computer is a G5 and I do admit that my previous G3, G4 machines had some crash and freeze issues. However, this G5 has NEVER crashed or frozen once since I bought it, and as a digital artist I routinely work with layered Photoshop files that are 500MB – 1 GB in file size. Most PC’s will never see that kind of labor intensive processing action.

    I also have a PC laptop running WindowsXP only because I need to use software that wasn’t made for Macs. As soon as I have the $’s I’m getting a MacBook and trashing the PC. Mac + Windows = No need for PC.

  193. machiner says:

    LOL — y’all can keep the PC and the Mac. At our house, LAN wide, we run Debian on commodity hardware that’s stable and screams. Oh, besides being free, we can do anything on our Debian systems. And if you think we can’t, 2002 called and wants its lameness back!

    PC or Mac? Pfft!

  194. Dumbfounded says:

    These are machines… not politics, not religion, not life.

    Get a life. Who needs to feel “proud” to use a friggin’ machine?

    Laugh at what’s funny… don’t laugh at what is not.

    Either way, move on.
    Linux Rules. Mac Rules. Windows Rules. Abacus Rules…
    Why don’t you live life instead of letting a machine “rule” yours?

  195. Joey Bhananas says:

    … Why don’t you live life instead of letting a machine “rule” yours? …

    Exactly why Vista sucks and should be avoided, Dumbfounded :)

    Unfortunately Vista’s about politics, limits freedoms, wastes your CPU’s time and resources making sure you stay honest, punishes the entire userbase if one hacker cracks it’s precious code… So yes, in Vista’s case, it is about politics. But then I’ve said this all before. All I know is the more I learn about Linux, the more comfortable it is to me, and that’s what it should be all about.

    If you don’t care what your OS does behind the scenes, and you’re comfortable with buying a top of the line system just to get lower part of the line performance, by all means, buy Vista. It’s a free world.

    … At least until you see the words “Installation Complete,” that is.

  196. […] has seen the “funny” mac vs pc commercials on tv, yeah, sorta funny.  click here and for the pc vs mac commercials that are spoofs.  and here for a good cartoon […]

  197. […] The PC vs Mac ads return – now from the PC’s perspective What I liked about the clips is that they’re not made in order to harm the Mac, and they don’t deny the qualities portraied in the Mac ads, but they observe the PC’s own qualities, without denying the Mac’s. So, without more description, here are (tags: apple windows os x technology video bored) […]

  198. Rawr to the max says:

    Macs are so easy to use you have to brain dead. PC’s are easy to use anyway, so why the crap would we want retarded people using pc’s then they can just go around making crappy myspace pages on a mac?

    Macs suck

  199. Joey Bhananas says:

    Better still, Rawr, why not use Ubuntu Linux? It’s easy and it doesn’t send Microsoft the OK to make even beefier OS versions that do nothing new? Y’know Bill Gates is famous for saying something along the lines of “No one’s ever going to need more than 640Kb of memory anyway…” Nowadays my Windows XP system needs more than twice that just to acknowledge that my laptop has volume control buttons. Why would an OS need to waste that much memory for that? Sure, blame Compaq for a poor design, but I think it’s safe to say this goes all around the industry, isn’t it?

    I’ve switched full time to Linux, and I don’t miss XP one bit, and I used to be a diehard Windows fan (not a Microsoft fan, just a Windows fan, always thought they were monopolists, even before it was ‘trendy.’) Only reason I’d use Windows nowadays is for games. Not that Windows is better for games, but Windows is the only serious route for games. Thanks for the variety, Microsoft.

    I see a lot of “might as well’s” when it comes to running Windows. You also “might as well” drive a plain brown car, since color doesn’t get you to work any faster. You “might as well” live in a cheap house, since the roof keeps the rain out just as well. You “might as well” buy all your clothes from a thrift store or rummage sale, since Levi’s jeans won’t make you look any less nude in public. And you “might as well” run Windows, since everyone runs Windows, and it’s easier to pretend you know what else is out there when you might not.

    Computers are supposed to be so easy that the brain-dead can use it. Unless you like reading manuals, they’re intended to be intuitive.

  200. sly says:

    The videos weren’t that funny, but what makes me laugh is all the comments saying “I built an awesome pc with only 600 bucks or less”. I wonder what you got running in that box? I bet you couldn’t even run vista on your 600 dollar pc, but good luck with the upgrading ;).

  201. free wii says:

    ROFLMAO! It’s hilarious.

  202. Your a noob. With a 600 dollar pc you can run Supreme Commander at max settings. With a mac the only thing you can do is buffer gay porno videos at 142×65. Are you a mac, or are you a pc?

  203. Casey says:

    When 90% of the world is on a PC, Macs are like the Beta video cassette vs VHS.
    You don’t see PC’s running Apple processors, the loser has to give in.

  204. Joey Bhananas says:

    People seem to think Vista improves performance… It cripples it. Game for game, you’re going to see slowdowns… Odd, seems that when your operating system more than triples in size, and switches from “operating system” to “Lord, High Protector of the Premium Media realm,” it seems to take a toll on game performance.

    An OS based on making sure you don’t copy games and movies. Thank god for Microsoft for knowing what I most in an operating system is for it to police me and keep me honest.

    If you’re a serious gamer you DON’T want Vista.
    I don’t care how fast they say Vista is going to be, XP will always run faster on the same equipment.

    As for the comment about the loser having to give in (to run off of Intel processors,) How much money does Bill Gates get from Intel when someone buys a Mac? Zero, which is about how much Mac’s switch to Intel had to do with ‘losing.’ That switch had everything to do with Motorola’s G5 and G6 performance, and their lagging in getting out new product. Nothing to do with Windows. There was a time when the Earth was flat and rats were born spontaneously. So the question isn’t who’s ‘winner,’ but who’s better? I happen to think it’s Mac. If you think XP, then good for you, like it for the games, like it because you think it’s fast, or because you think it’s well-done. Don’t like it because it’s popular though, there’s too many sheep out there already.

  205. hndmultimedia says:

    this is a joke right? in no way does these adverts even compare to the mac adverts, it just shows windows ripping off yet another mac creation.

  206. xkont says:

    “Hello I’m a PC, I wish I could be a Mac in the place of a Mac”

    Don’t bother… let PCs have their own dreams of gloryness. Anyone has a share on a dream :-)

  207. Josh says:

    The PC v.s Mac continues.I suppose some years down the line people will reliase just how stupid they are debating such things, take it from a guy who uses both. I got tons of cracks for the pc and encrypted drm videos and music from apple what for!I like the pc it gets my work done. Keep your mac for your babies @ home theyll love it hacck its beatiful and take the pc to work.Unless u run a recording studio. To some extent all mac users actually hate the arrogant Bill Gates, and worship the not so mighty Steve Jobs.Mac arent any better than PCs are. I am not satisfied with my expensive mac because it cant get all the jobs done , mind u while running windows cauz i couldnt do it in tiger, and it(tiger) freezes like its in the north pole.I’d honestly say XP ran better in on MACbook than did (tiger)maybe excellent hardware a nd GUI, but nothing under the skin. But as for vista it sucks, more could have been delivered in a classy ferrari like package, but they dont know how to get personal appeal.While tiger has crashed maybe only once the apps withing it crash like hell, so equaly bioth systems suck, microsoft for dafteness having been in the game so long, macs for the senseless pride-So Apple and Microsoft y’all suck, stop playing into our minds with bogus claims. we pay for what we use, its not like u own us.

  208. Joey Bhananas says:

    I think in 200 posts, one deniable truth comes up — That Vista really bites it. No one on here had anything compelling to say about Vista, and like it or not, that’s the future of Windows. The comparison now is Mac versus Vista. Not XP. No one’s comparing Mac OS 9 or 8, to Windows, this is all about most recent works, and with that in mind, in my mind at least, Mac wins hands down.

    The fact that 5% of computer owners (Mac owners) can rile up 85 – 90% of Winheads, that’s a testament to the contest too.. Why a midget can intimidate a giant, I don’t know, but it happens :)

  209. SPRTN says:

    My associates and I dont run any firewalls and dont run any virus scanners on our PCs, and we never get viruses or any other malicious software on our computers. We dont have 1 issue we cant resolve with a google search, and we certainly dont crash 5 times a day. This is junk that ‘weenies’ want you to believe so you can join their “revolution”. Well thats all good and dandy, but truth is there is a reason why even a half-assed windows vista has more users right now than Mac does. As we say in the PC gaming world, gg.

  210. It's a spoof relax says:

    Learn something from this spoof/parody what ever you want to call, its trying to draw attention to the fact that the current apple advertising campaign is relying on these same tactics to sway consumers. The advertisements don’t actively show or even feature the product so they reduce the computers and consequently the users as stereotypes. I had hoped the computers users would have grown past this, but I guess not. All I have further to say is if you want to advertise your product is be the bigger man and actually sell it for what it is and not bash the competition.

  211. Soichiro says:

    You people are all retarded just for having a flame war about Macs vs. PCs. They both have their benefits. People usually say Macs are better for video editing. Maybe true, but I can also use After Effects and Photoshop on my PC. The commercials say PCs are the only ones that do spreadsheet stuff. If that was true, wouldn’t that be a benefit for PCs? But it’s not, because Macs can do those things too. But PCs can play games and they cost significantly less (unless you’re some noob who buys from Alienware or Falcon Northwest), and Macs don’t have as many virus problems. Different people have different needs. PCs are better for some people, while Macs are better for others. Now all of you stop your flaming and sarcasm and act civilized.

  212. Joey Bhananas says:

    Again the issue there never was what the Mac and what the ‘PC’ can do.. My Amiga from 1987 so do spreadsheets and video editing, it would take a little longer, but you can.. An Apple II from 1979 can do a spreadsheet, and I’m sure if someone wanted the project they could make an Apple II edit a video enough to qualify, ugly as it would be :)

    The Mac commercials are saying that “out of the box” they can do these things. If Mac said they can do 3D graphics, production-quality video and audio editing, accounting, office suite work, etc, etc, etc. Then a ‘typical user’ goes out to buy this amazing machine only to find out it costs well over $10,000 thanks to add-on software, don’t you think that typical user would be a little miffed?

    The only area where Mac is wrong is by calling Windows a ‘PC.’ PC just means, of course, “Personal Computer.” That would include Linux.
    It would also include Mac, but they’ve distanced themselves in the whole title, “Mac vs. PC” (Who would make a commecial comparing Itself to a group that includes itself?)

    Considering all the nifty little Linux packages out there for free, I don’t think Mac would want to compare anything more than a “comes in the box level” thing. Further blurring the lines is Mac’s current *nix roots. Last I checked, quite a bit of the same software Linux used can run on a Mac.

    My point? When it comes to “in the box,” Mac isn’t propigating any false info. Sure, you can make any computer do just about anything, and sure, it all comes down to the user’s ability, but “in the box,” the Mac isn’t saying or doing anything wrong.

  213. Zer0 says:

    PC=Personal Computer, do what you want with it, freedom to run what you want.

    Mac is wat it is, you’re not an individule you’re a serial number. It looks good works well, but pcs always do it better.

    Hence why there are more pcs sold every year. I read elsewhere about linux taking 4% of the pc market and that Apple globally only had a market share in the I.T world of 9%.

    They can advertise all they like, they are simply an apple, bobbing around in a very large microsoft ocean.

    Love em, Hate em, Microsoft Own Apple

  214. Joey Bhananas says:

    So Zer0,what you’re saying is people choose PCs because they’re individuals? Ironic, I was always under the impression that people buy ‘PC’s because it’s the only system they know, or it’s the one they use at work, or they need it to play some such game.

    Propaganda is what sold the ‘PC’ way back when, nothing more. A Windows 3.0 system was not better than Mac at the time. And neither of them even approached the Amiga. Why am I living in the past? Because I know the past well enough to know that better computers don’t sell, propaganda however, does. And unfortunately, once Wintel got a secure enough foothold in the industry, things snowballed as they normally do, Microsoft made some good decisions and brought out marginal OSes with enough ‘pretty’ to keep people buying, because why would someone who learned how to use Windows go anywhere else? Eventually hardware companies then software companies and eventually, individual programmers migrated over to the computer system with the higher market share, that would be windows. Not because it was a better system, but because there were more around… Why would anyone out to make a million not want the largest market share possible?

    Microsoft has time and time again put smaller companies with better ideas out of business if they couldn’t buy them outright. Do you think that this is good or bad for an industry? There’s a reason monopolies should avoided, and this is it.

    How long did the Dark Ages last because no one was allowed to compete with the catholic church ? A couple hundred years of thinking the earth was flat, and the center of the universe never hurt anyone, right?

    And I guess slavery is the better way as long as the majority believe it’s good? Try being a slave in 1800’s America, then get back to me. Yeah, I wouldn’t if I could, either.

    Better yet, how about some of you users out there just try another operating system? I’m not pointing at anyone in particular, just the folks that cheer Windows when they don’t know anything else. Go download a LiveCD of Ubuntu Linux, it’s got a funny name, sure, but I assure you it’s good :) At the end of the day, I don’t care what OS you think is best, as long as you know what makes it best for you. Go ahead, tinker a little, I dare ya.

    (I KNEW I could get religion into this! Refer to reply #179)

  215. sethwan says:

    omg ur mac can use windows thats so amazing . just try upgrade ur mac without ruining ur warnty or paying someone to do it. and it uses widows cuz the makers of mac know windows is better

  216. sethwan says:

    and the only reason that macs have comicerals like this is because they have nothing good to say about it so they try to make pcs look bad

  217. CCCustomz says:

    PCs rule cuz real people use them i have never been in a buisness with macs point being only hippie dusch bags use them period

  218. parth says:

    Pc i better because we find all softies + drivers from our local vendors.. ya but now they also provide MAC things..but u no …PC rulez…

  219. Joey Bhananas says:

    And every time I get a service call from a Windows user who’s crippled by a virus that could be written by a six-year old, I’ll remember how much better Windows is than Mac :)

    The real fun is going to be from all the service calls I’m going to be getting from people with perfectly good sound and video cards, who can’t use them now because Vista thinks they’re unsafe to the music and movie industries. If you can copy an MP3 or MPEG with it, Vista is just going to turn it off or cripple it. You may have a problem with being policed, but hey, that’s the price you pay for getting a pretty-looking OS, right?

    How many years and how many billions spent to make what, the Aero interface and an OS so paranoid it wastes CPU cycles just checking to make sure you’re not copying anything illegal? I don’t see the progress, just one huge Digital Rights Management nightmare.

    Vista is lipstick on a pig, pure and simple. XP had it’s moments, But Vista? Eh, not so much.

    And it’s about time Mac uses Windows for a change, considering every new Windows OS looks uncannily like an older Mac OS :)

    “I, for one, welcome our new OS overlords!”

  220. smoker911 says:

    In the evergreen Mac vs. PC debate, this is the best / funniest string I have ever seen.

    Be sure to scroll down in related videos to see the Microsoft masked warrior respond.


  221. James says:

    Not bad, but not worth a second look. Apple’s ads are more inspired (and I’m a PC guy).

  222. Huggles says:

    u know whats better than them all,… linux XD XD

  223. jayden says:

    ok,Joey Bhananas you must be so bored because u have writen about 10 200 word comments just rambling on about moderated macs are crap as hell who the moderated uses them i know nobody that uses them only pc’s macs are so insignificant who gives a crap about video editing software like its so revolutionary or something and btw its mac v pc not osx9 versus vista. if you wat a mac ur gona get something u cant change e.g screen yet in a pc u can customize it

    This comment was moderated by a Administrator. Please refrain from using injurious words, and make use of your common-sense.
  224. Joey Bhananas says:

    Again Jayden, Mac vs. PC means Macintosh versus anything that’s not Macintosh, as a PC is just a personal computer, not any type of OS. Linux is a PC. Sun SparcStations are PCs. By definition, Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and even Macs are PCs. Forget all that though. The commercials are comparing OSes, just live with it and we’ll get through this easier.

    The commercials really compare OSes, and that makes it OS X versus Vista. I don’t claim video editing is anything revolutionary, again, Amiga was doing that in 1987 — What I’m saying is that Mac does it “out of the box.” In terms of the commercials, it’s a valid point. They just choose to call Windows a “PC” for some reason.

    In terms of a computer’s power? I agree, it’s rubbish. Nothing in the Mac vs. PC commercials really has much to do with what’s a better computer. No smoke and mirrors, no tricks, just commercials telling you that a Mac can do more out of the box, and anyone that knows what they’re doing can find plenty of ‘good stuff’ online for free to do whatever they need it to do.

    Offer me a valid reason why Macs suck, or why XP is better.

    ** “You can’t upgrade Macs” is just wrong. If you own a Mac Mini, you can upgrade the screen. If you own a Mac tower, you can upgrade the screen. They sell a 30″ display, wouldn’t that be foolish if their own computers couldn’t use them?

    ** “Macs just suck” doesn’t work either, I’ll just reply that “Windows sucks worse,” then you’ll say “nuh-uh!,” then I’ll say “uh-huh!” and we’ll sound like bright little third-graders.

    ** “Everyone uses Windows, so Windows is better” fails too. There’s only ten Ferarri Enzos in the world (Nine make that, thanks, Eddie Griffin.) Does that mean the Enzo sucks? Should I be striving to own a Volkswagen Beetle since there’s so many out there?

    ** “Windows has all the games, so Mac sucks!” Well, if there’s a game I want to play, I’ll boot up my Windows XP, or maybe even use Boot Camp to boot up Windows XP on my Mac. But aside from games, anything you need is out for Mac, too. And again, this doesn’t show who’s OS is better, only who has the programmers. As I said, if you’re one of these people, by all means get yourself a Windows XP system (but avoid Vista, you’ll thank me for that later.)

    If you own an iMac though, you’re right, a screen upgrade isn’t as much a reality, unless you don’t mind two screens on your desk. But then the same is true of any ‘all-in-one’ computer, Mac just sells more of them than, say, Gateway. Personally I prefer Linux — I think Linux is way better than Windows and somewhat better than Mac, but that’s just me :)

    is it 200 lines here yet? :)

  225. Khemy P. says:

    dude finally these have been way overdue pc’s are much better than mac’si mean come on the mac has turned into a blonde laptop for god sake all it is is a pretty little case with a calculator chip thrown inside

  226. Vraymar says:

    Well, as always trying to read all comments its hard and many people here just stay in the argument “mi choice is the best, you all who aren’t like me suck big time”.

    First of all, the anti ad; maybe because I am a Mac user did’t find them really funny but I understand there are valid points on the positive view for PC of all of them but the one with the Girl. I known that such girls tend to be with men who can and want to be with them… and those PC or MAC (or LINUX we may add btw) zealots that TEND to choose a lifestyle that gives priority for their computer instead of a girl like that would be no choice for the chicks, period. And to be fair, that’s OK if that’s makes them happy.

    And for those of you who are so sure that your choice is the one and only; I think you may need to know more about the stuff you are against because it is not only the hardware/software stuff that makes the right solution for a computer. I think that wathever system you like/can/known to use will be the right one. Of course it helps if you have the money to have such a system :P (not only Macs thinking here, because high end stuff for wathever plataform you are using, is no cheap).

  227. Joey Bhananas says:

    Well considering that Macs and PCs both run the same Intel processors, that ‘calculator chip’ comment loses a little :)

  228. Joey Bhananas says:

    And y’know, one of the great things about being a linux user now is simple… I can’t remember the last time I was worried about an animated cursor taking out my computer :) Hmmm… Macs don’t seem to have that problem either, do they?

  229. Nemesis says:

    These ADs are not the greatest, I think. Im an avid techie PC user. In the past MACs were great because of the high-end hardware (SCSI) they had…but since they moved to cheaper-priced PC hardware, I dont see why the price is still so high…maybe that is what they refered to when they mentioned “high” in the AD? LOL
    From my experience with MACs & PCs, I have seen my share of system crashes dealing with computer maintenance…and I think Winblows crashes more. Dont get me wrong, I am NOT a MAC fan but I do like some of the eye-candy they have. I currently use XP Pro. I have not played with Vista yet…and wont until at least Vista SP1. I have wasted years Beta testing XP & I am done with reinstalling every week. I will patiently wait until everyone else deals with the bugs.

    The major points I wanted to say is…

    1…MACs are better at graphics so web designers / graphics artists will benefit. (At least in the past this was true).

    2…security is lacking in MACs so virus infections/exploits are very possible…but who wants to waste time only attacking 3% of the computer market??

    3…As for stability, Linux is the way to go. Gaming, PCs/consoles are going to be your choice. Graphics, then MAC.

    Sorry so long. :P

  230. smack says:

    I recommend checking out the Apple web site thoroughly. then, go to your local Apple Store (genuine, not reseller) and take a test drive. If you don’t figure out real quick that Macs are quite simply the most superior computer using the most sophisticated OS to date… well, too bad. I’LL be happily cruising on my Mac, effortlessly pushing through my workflow and hobbies. ;o)

  231. Trat says:

    Sigh… PC = for poor people…

  232. Gee really? says:

    OK.OK… Man people get so heated about this. From my experience using both and from hearing these debates a thousand times I have to lay it out there(my opinion). PC’s are great for pride and for computer people to say they built their own workhorse, like building a hot rod instead of buying a brand new BMW. PC’s are the only thing to use when gaming and everyone who games knows that. Mac’s are great for professional video and music editing environments for those who aren’t willing to learn a lot about troubleshooting. Mac’s are stable, more carefree, and virtually virus free. PC’s cost less. enough said.

  233. Law Fodder says:

    Umm think about this , you cant build a MAC. MAC will only let you use the parts that come with it. you cant customize a MAC as much as you can a PC or even a PC laptop. Sure it uses Apple 10.4 and soon to be 10.5. and Sure it works well with the hardware..
    But what do you call a company that controls the both the hardware and software. Oh thats right its a monopoly.
    Hmm plenty of open source happening there.

  234. Joey Bhananas says:

    LOL! Law Fodder, if this comes out sounding like a personal attack then I’m sorry, it’s not intended to be. But.. Microsoft isn’t a monopoly?!? Pretty good monopoly Apple has, with all of 3% of the market, that juggernaut! Way to fight the corporate machine!

    Any hardware that comes out on the market in the near-future has to be “Vista Compliant.” I’m not saying Vista Capable here like they put on the packaging when you buy it, but Vista Compliant. Meaning it has to be able to handle Vista-Specific technology, like the encryptor-decryptor chips they’ll need to play “Premium Content” (‘Premium Content’ is to eventually mean any media, video, audio, etc. that people are supposed to actually pay for.)

    Microsoft has hardware companies complying to them, and meanwhile Apple couldn’t even get Motorola to produce the G6 processor fast enough so they had to jump ship and switch to Intel processors. If it wasn’t for the iPod, Microsoft would still be pumping money into Apple, Inc. Microsoft was keeping Apple alive to protect themselves, the real monopoly.

  235. Statix says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with both Macs and PCs through out my life. The simple sad fact is Mac is on the decline due to PC’s customization, utilization, and performance increases.

    Macs are still king of the multimedia, unfortunately this won’t always hold true. PC’s abilities are increasing with every new part to come out. Eventually the difference between Macs and PCs graphical capabilities will be so small that there will be no reason to pay 1.5-3x the amount of cash for a Mac that you can’t personally upgrade. Heck, with Macs already using Intel processors and the like, I’m not 100% sure I can even call them Macs anymore.

    Also, due to propritary hardware, Macs components don’t really go down in cost due to competition. It makes me sad to admit it but Macs are a marked electronic.

  236. Joey Bhananas says:

    Statix, good timing on that point, since Apple just postponed the release of OS 10.5 for four months, so they can get the iPhone released on schedule… Maybe Mac is putting a lighter focus on the computer and more on the portability/gadget sector?

  237. Jordan says:

    All of the people saying that you need some kind of supercomputer to run Windows Vista are completely ignorant. I have a 2GHz AMD processor, 1GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card and Vista runs just as good as XP ever did. It isn’t hard to avoid viruses, I haven’t had one for years and all I have is Kaspersky Internet Security and a basic knowledge of computers. So all of the Mac fanboys out there can stop using the arguments: Vista requires extremely expensive high end computers just to run smoothly, and Windows users get viruses all the time.

  238. […] So you get the idea, the Mac is hip, the PC is boring. And this is something Bill Gates doesn’t like at all. Actually his response to these ads could come straight from the guy in the movie. Here is what he How about the implication that you need surgery to upgrade? Bill Gates: Well, certainly we’ve done a better job letting you upgrade on the hardware than our competitors have done. You can choose to buy a new machine, or you can choose to do an upgrade. And I don’t know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don’t even get it. What are they trying to say? Does honesty matter in these things, or if you’re really cool, that means you get to be a lying person whenever you feel like it? There’s not even the slightest shred of truth to it.You see, that’s what you call advertising. It’s not about facts, it’s about emotions. And arguing that there is “not even the slightest shred of truth to it” completely misses the point. It’s about role-models in this ad, and not about facts. Some people at Microsoft *kind of* understood what the idea with role models is. But more about this later…. So Microsoft has been a little bit slow so far with a creative answer to the blog. Nevertheless in the age of user-generated content internet users already came up with their answer to the Apple advertisements. One forum entry on the Channel9 website of the Microsoft Developer Network had an interesting reply, check it out here.And even some people spend their time on creating a movie to reply to these advertisements. A funny can be found below, others can be found on this website. […]

  239. Joey Bhananas says:

    Hmmm… only 1GB of RAM? only 256MB video memory?
    Vista isn’t necessarily expensive to run wallet-wise, but resource-wise, that’s another issue :) If Vista gets you going, and you like what it does, then yes, by all means, use it. I just think Microsoft doesn’t deserve your money on this one.

  240. M. says:

    Well the biggest thing that smashes mac is the fact that EVERYONE i know has XP. The only Macs I use would be at school and that has constant server crashes and networking bugs.

    Besides, Macs are incompatible with almost every type of software out there, all of my games only work with XP, email and all microsoft office products work on my computer, and besides, in the long run, what’s the point of making movies and recording music when i have other things like school, family, friends. Anyone remember what happnened to appleworks?? oh yea, people stopped using it and started using Microsoft, so in the end PC wins period.

  241. Joey Bhananas says:

    Did you ever wonder why a keyboard’s letters are in the order they’re in? Q-W-E-R-T-Y… etc… All the letters are in that order so that the most used letters are in the easiest to reach places, right? That’s why your right hand pointing finger rests on the e… wait, no, it’s a j? Who uses the j all that much?

    The real answer is that the letters were arranged because back when typewriters were new, the A-B-C-D-E-F order they used made it too easy to learn to type fast, and the mechanics couldn’t handle the speed, so it jammed. QWERTY was made just to slow people down enough to keep jams from happening.

    We still use QWERTY though, don’t we? You could type 200 words a minute and a USB keyboard won’t jam, right?

    Well we still use QWERTY because we’re used to it. Same reason people keep buying Windows. We’re used to it, and few people care if there’s something better. I’ve been running Ubuntu Linux for my work for 6 months now, and my productivity levels seem to have gone up. How could that be if XP is so popular?

    If I want a gaming machine, I’ll use XP, since we’re all used to it. And I’ll save $400 and use OpenOffice for free on my PC or Mac instead of buying into Microsoft Office. And how is email incompatible with Mac? News to me, I’m afraid.

  242. Marmad says:

    These PC versus Mac debates are really tedious. Those of you who only praise the Windows-based machines clearly have no appreciation of design or innovation. Those of you who think you can only own or work on a Mac are not only inflexible, but you’ve been wonderfully brainwashed by Apple’s ad campaigns telling you how cool and creative you are to use a Mac.

    It’s a TOOL you idiots. It’s not your personal savior or your lover; at least I hope not. Gee, let’s argue about whether the Black and Decker hammer is faster or sexier than one from Sears.

    Also, many of the arguments people and adverts use in these debates are just no longer relevant. For example, the idea that Macs are better than other PCs for multimedia work (sound, video editing, etc.) is just ridiculous – that was true years ago, but not for a long time already. Apple’s use of this argument in ads is completely fallacious; just as the notion that spreadsheet software runs only on PCs… that was the POINT of the videos!

    In the end, I don’t care about the OS; I just want it to stay out of my face as much as possible and allow the software I use to create my art to run as smoothly and quickly as possible. The speed of the CPU; the amount and speed of memory you have; the size and speed of your hard drive array (if you’re not using a RAID you’re not a serious editor of anything); these things make more of a difference in the quality of my creative experience than any OS does.

  243. Joey Bhananas says:

    Yeah, what Marmad said! :)

  244. Sean says:

    PC is just plain better. Its already been stated before here, but you can build a better and faster pc for less than the cost of a MAC. I spent six hundred dollars and built a top of the line gaming rig. None of my games would run on a MAC, even if it had dual os.

  245. UP YOURS MAC FANS says:


  246. UP YOURS MAC FANS says:


  247. someone says:

    wanna get 500 posts in a week?

    start a Mac vs PC thread!

    it’s not about computing or anything. it’s about aesthetics… and there is no answer to that

  248. JB says:

    ‘it’s about aesthetics’ is like saying the reason deciding between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini is that one looks sexier than the other. In reality we may choose a Ferrari because it goes faster than a Lamborghini, as with PCs and Macs we may choose one because of a better performance in some measurable attribute of the machine.

    Let’s hope I haven’t started a Ferrari vs Lamborghini thread!

  249. AjAx says:

    PC users rule…MAC’s Suck arse….Plain and simple truth :)

  250. Joey Bhananas says:

    Mac is “hard to figure out?” What’s so hard about it? That it’s not exactly the same way Windows does it? I guess by the same logic, French is lousy and hard to figure out since it’s not English. As for the task manager, that would be a *nix/BSD behavior they copied, not Windows. And Windows would never copy anything from anybody, right? like I’d said before, “Aero Interface” is spelled completely different from “Aqua interface,” right?

    If you need to run games, and you need DirectX 10 for it, then yeah, you pretty much need Vista for now. Not because it’s better than XP, only because you’re being pigeonholed into it. It’s bloated and it’s slow (for what it does,) and it’s definitely overpriced.

  251. Joey Bhananas says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Lamborghini all the way :)

  252. skellen says:

    its not what you have but how you use it

  253. B3at The m34t says:

    Mac SUCKS, why you ask? Because PC can do anything a mac can do. Video editing? PC can do it better, u just need to purchase some software. So how do you Mac users like playing your SUPER COOL games like PONG? I personally LOVE COUNTER STRIKE TO BAD YOU CANT PLAY IT HAHAAHA, with your dumb MAC!

  254. TB says:

    I use both Macs and PCs about even. What I seem to find is that all the best pro apps seem to be both Mac and PC or just Mac (Maya, Shake, Finalcut, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, MS Office). This leads me to personally use Macs more. Also, you can do everything with a PC that you can with a Mac, however i find everything more convenient on a Mac (widgets and expose are gr8) allowing me to be more productive no matter what the task.

    Then, PC has advantages that apply to a different type of person in my oppinion. First, games. This doesn’t matter to me much as I don’t play games much, however if you do play games a lot mabey a PC is the best option for you.

    Also, people say Macs are more expensive. This however is untrue. If you do a fair comparison there prices come out about equal. The only problem is that there are no low end Macs. Also, instead of putting all money into technical specs Apple also puts money into quality. Features like the backlit keyboard in their laptops and a compact desktop like the iMac are hard to come by in the PC world. And if you read technical reports you will find that apple has the lowest number of malefunctioning hardware by a large margin.

    As for viruses, you can say that Macs just aren’t popular enough to have viruses… but that does not change the fact that they generally don’t have viruses, therefore despite the reason they are more secure.

    Some of you are saying that Macs are for people who don’t know computers… because they make everything real easy to use? Well… if they are easier to use u will be able to be more productive.

    Also, some people here are saying that people who use macs are like cultists… however look at what you are doing. Reading hundred of posts and trying to prove to yourself that your choice in PCs is justified. In many cases it is, especially among gamers, however that kind of ranting is very hypocritical.

    Wow… that turned into a long post… hope i’m fairly coherent…. :P

  255. Johan says:

    All of you are stupid. Stop fighting over which is better, and just USE the one that YOU LIKE BEST. Let your neighbors use what they want, and don’t try to say that yours is better. Because guess what? It really doesn’t matter if you have Windows or Macs or Linux, as long as YOU are happy with what you’ve got.

  256. cs says:

    These ads are lame. At least mac made some funny ones with some character.

  257. Strud says:

    For all you people that say that there are no viruses for Macs, I would love your explanation for antivirus software made for Macs. For instance, Mcafee has an antivirus program designed only for macs called Virex. Norton has one also. Just do some research all you mac idiots! There are virises made for macs, but because what has been said before, it is more unlikely that mac users will get one because why make a virus that only 4% of computer users are going to get? Think of it from a virus-creators standpoint.

  258. Joey Bhananas says:

    Johan, you left out Amiga :)

    I agree with your viewpoint entirely. I use Linux, Mac, Windows XP, and yes, I still use my Amiga. To me, arguing about which computer is best is a little like fighting over who’s god is the real one, only that people get more pissy and excitable when it comes to computers. I really dislike Windows XP, but thanks to good marketing, and the opinion that “This is what everyone uses, so I must use it too,” Windows gets the top of the popularity charts by far.

    Again, I’ve been participating in these ‘discussions’ since Commodore 64 vs. Apple II. The words never change, only the acronyms and model names.

    Today, Mid-2007. The argument shouldn’t be “What’s better.” Every OS has it’s slick little bonuses, like Mac’s interface, Linux’s unsurpassed variety of GUI choices… or the fact that your Vista machine comes with a cool little sticker that says “Microsoft Vista” right on it.

    What’s my point? No point, I just want to see another 247 posts on this forum :)

    Ahh well,I have to get going, I need to learn Mandarin Chinese, since I just heard more people speak it than any other language, so it must be the best. New hobbies, new vistas, you know how it is.

  259. MBurg says:

    Awsome. This is EXACTLY what i think about every time i watch the mac comercials… some punk kid who is on the 10 year college plan. Mac’s are ok, I have one, but my PC blows it out of the water in graphics.

  260. TB says:

    Strud, there have been a total of about 600 viruses that effected macs. Out of these about 590 were macros for microsoft office. the others were for versions of mac os predating mac os x. except for 3 viruses that were to attack mac os x, however those have been long taken care of. the reason there’d be anti-virus software is because people like to make money. I’m not saying mac os is harder to break into then windows vista, however it is more secure(probably because of the smaller user base). And the above statistics kinda make me lean towards the oppinion that microsoft is just really bad with their security… whether that’s right or not.

  261. Davin says:

    Well, i think the clips are ok.

    But for both sides there is something to say. Sterotypes are blown up to the max here.

    I agree with Joey Bhananas, there’s more than taking sides. The experience i have with computers is they are just tools. Some tools are more estethic than others,
    Just like cars you love them for what they are. A ferrari for instance, they are very expensive though 10 years from now you’ll still like that car, cause it was your first ferrari.

    So back to PC vs MAC how many of you like your pc’s or MAC you bought in 1992?



  262. Ryan says:


    ALL the fun stuff a mac can do can be done on PC PLUS more.. that’s why mac even used one of their adds saying it can ALSO run windows..

    talk about the pc playing some video games this weekend that unfortunately weren’t developed for the mac :( Not that they could afford a game after forking out all that money for a mac that gives them not so much power :)

  263. Ray Hanna says:

    I’ve used PC’s extensively and Macs. For ME Macs are LIGHT YEARS BETTER THAN PC’S. I do understand that in some ways and for certain things some users prefer PC’s.

    I prefer my Mac hands down. OSX is amazing. Thats why the VAST majority of people that use Macs NEVER permanently switch back to PC’s.

    I sell Macs now. Part time. I do it for fun and not the money. I can tell you that hands down the average computer user is blown away by what a Mac can do AND how it looks. Thats why I feel it’s a winning combination. I work on windows all days. I dont like using it compared to OSX.

    By the way, I DONT HATE WINDOWS. I just like my Mac better. And MOST people do too once they see what the OS can do for an average user. Thanks.

  264. jimbras42 says:

    Not only are these ads NOT FUNNY at all, they are COMPLETELLY POINTLESS and don’t do the job at all… Mac ads really embarrass pcs, while these ads don’t embarrass Macs, and actually might even embarrass pcs as well!!! Like Macs don’t do spreadsheets… like “pc guys” get those girls (well, some do, but it sure isn’t cuz they got a PC!!!), and money?! Please… these ads came a little bit late to really throw money in Macs (apple)’s face… does iPod revenue ring a bell??
    Just goes to show what “pc guys” are really good at doing: COPYING STUFF FROM APPLE! Vista users must call their vendors all the time asking why they got a DOWNgraded version of Mac OS X…
    And just to make it clear, I’m NOT a “Mac guy”. I own a pc… and that’s why I trash it, cuz I know it sucks!!!

  265. Corey says:

    I don’t find that any of these ads can even compare to the humor involved in the mac ads. More then half of them don’t even say anything good about PC, or bad about a Mac. The only one which has a sense off humor and actually makes fun off a Mac, is the Music one, where it makes fun of iTunes. But, if you think about it, PC users use iTunes as well, and Macs can download programs such as Limewire for free music also.
    If anything I would think it makes fun of itself calling PCs boring… which they are. Macs are 100% better.

  266. Corey says:

    I don’t find that any of these ads can even compare to the humor involved in the mac ads. More then half of them don’t even say anything good about PC, or bad about a Mac. The only one which has a sense off humor and actually makes fun off a Mac, is the Music one, where it makes fun of iTunes. But, if you think about it, PC users use iTunes as well, and Macs can download programs such as Limewire for free music also.
    If anything I would think it makes fun of itself calling PCs boring… which they are. Macs are 100% better.

  267. PC_user says:

    The only thing that the MAC commercials did was to tell PC uers that they were stupid to purchase a PC. What a great marketing idea, insult users into purchasing MACs :) I bet that one worked really well. No matter what, just remember that only about 3-4% of the world uses MAC and it’s too little too late.

    Anyone want a free G4, it’s rolling around in the back of my van in original boxes :)

  268. exMACer says:

    Security is not an issue on the MAC because who would bother to write a virus that only infects 3% of the computers on the net.

  269. Joey Bhananas says:

    Davin, in 1992 I owned an Amiga computer, they were the best then, and well, now it’s very long in the tooth, but I still enjoy using it (try finding a computer that lasts 15 years or more today, lol)

    And as for running games on your computer, some of us have game consoles for that. If I don’t care about playing games, it makes the decision that much simpler. And I don’t have to be rich to own both, the pair ran me about $700, truth known, I can buy a $200 used Mac and still have more than enough power.

    “mac even used one of their adds saying it can ALSO run windows..”

    Who would impress you more, the weightlifter who lifts 500 pounds, or the lifter that grabs the other guy by the ankles and lifts him and the 500 pounds?

    Apple doesn’t do that because Windows is better, they do that because Gates & Co. have tied up the developers with Windows, not through innovation, just marketing, and shrewd business practices.

    In fact, nothing Microsoft ever contributed to the industry was through innovation. Funny how a company that copies everything it claims as innovation, got it’s start in the GUI business by copying Xerox… Ironic, isn’t it?

    Yes, I know Apple was at that meeting too (check your GUI history if you don’t know what I was talking about.) I just hope I pushed all the right buttons…

    Hmmm buttons… Vista owners, those are those little plastic things in front of your monitor with letters on them. People used to use them to type commands with. Remember when Windows users used to laugh at Mac owners at how funny it was that they did everything with a mouse? From joke to another “borrowed technique,” I’m afraid.

    Have fun using your Vista box, or as I like to call it, Macintosh Premium Home Lite Basic Buggy 2002 Edition…. Professional.

  270. DAvey says:

    “Joey Bhananas”

    Remember when Windows users used to laugh at Mac owners at how funny it was that they did everything with a mouse? From joke to another “borrowed technique,” I’m afraid.

    Have fun using your Vista box, or as I like to call it, Macintosh Premium Home Lite Basic Buggy 2002 Edition…. Professional.

    I believe the 1st computer with a Mouse GUI was actually a Xerox macine, and the 1st business to “STEAL” that was in fact Apple, have you never seen Pirates Of Silicon Valley?

    And if Vista is like OSX, then I’d say OSX is like Linux, honestly, I’d say Apple is no better than Microsoft!. You look at how they ripped Creatives GUI from their Zen and used it for their iPod, I think you should loosen your your grip on Steves cock alittle.

  271. Atariboy says:

    Mmmmm well yes… I suppose just like with Windows… the PC guys need someone to copy otherewise they will have nothing else.. Like DOS.. 3.1… Vista… Now the adds.. the list goes on and on…

    Nice try.. Funny… Thats about it..

    Just like they always do.. Apple invents… The others copy..

    Like the old Apple ads said

    Think different….

  272. Atariboy says:

    Hey PC USER

    I’ll take that G4…. I have a crummy HP Pavillion with vista that you can have as a swop… Biggest piece of s___t I ever got…

    Let me know how I can get in touch..

  273. johndude says:

    Forget about marketing, It’s like this:

    If you need to run commercial software, use Windows or Mac.

    If you need to play lots of 3D games on your PC, use Windows or a Mac thats running windows via bootcamp.

    If you need to use the terminal or configure the machine as a server, unix is very cool for this, get Mac or Linux.

    If you cant afford Mac yet, then get Linux.

    If you need the cheapest machine possible, get Linux.

    If you need/want to only have free software(might not be the best, but can get you by with a bit of patience), Linux.

    If you want it all and you got a bit of money together, (unix, commercial software, free software, cool hardware, elegant user interface, stable drivers, quality display, ability to run xp/vista/linux side-by-side using parallels or boot camp) get Mac.

  274. O. Curry says:

    I have been a PC user for about 17 years and Mac user for about 5 years. I now have two Macs at home and I use a PC (laptop) at work. As soon as I can replace my PC laptop with a Mac, I will. Nothing against PCs, but the PC OS (Windows/Vista) doesn’t match up to OS X.

  275. tiredofarguing says:

    So…nobody has really brought up the benefit of full software compliments that come with Macs. 20″ iMac, fully loaded, ready to go as soon as you plug it in, no drivers, no installations. That’s what they are good for. They are ready to create, right out of the box. Downside is that you can’t customize as much…you are limited to software options, unless you get the Mac Pro.

    PCs? Just as capable, provided your hardware works well together. Does it take longer to get set up? Obviously. Is it far more customizable? Obviously. Does it tend to come with a lot of crap TRIAL software off the shelf? yeah, it does.

    It all depends on what you want. My next computer will be a Mac, because for the price of one I can use iLife and have a brand new computer for less than the cost of an equally functional PC.

    What is your taste?

  276. Joey Bhananas says:

    DAvey, if you reread my post, I definitely mentioned the fact that Apple was “at that Xerox meeting too.” Would you think I was saying Apple developed a GUI separate to that meeting? I was actually complimenting Microsoft’s ability to “borrow” from multiple companies at once :) I saw “pirates,” and no I don’t like Steve Jobs, either. But from the looks of it, Apple isn’t quite so busy stealing anymore. If you want to talk about Microsoft’s Visual C#, or J++, or the ‘Object Test Bench’ in Vis Studio 2005, then let me know. I do know Apple hasn’t tried to forve their Objective-C into the mainstream as the new standard. But what do I know? I’m just another Mac-head, right?

    My line had little to do with Apple vs. Microsoft, and everything to do with the irony of a company plagued with the reputation of copying, getting their flagship product’s ideas by copying, of all companies, Xerox, a company that WANTS to be known as the copier company.

    And I don’t expect you to read through 260 posts, that would be lunacy, but I’m actually a linux man myself.

    So you’re saying iPod is identical to Zen? Wow. I never said Apple doesn’t copy, in the industry, to have to do a bit of industry matching, but you’re supposed to *innovate.* with what you learn. Where has Microsoft done this?

    Aero interface? Sounds nothing like Mac’s Aqua interface. LOOKS nothing like Aqua either. And yes, there’s Linux influences too from both parties, Apple makes no attempt to hide it, you can open a terminal and type linux commands to your heart’s content. There’s an X11 interface, too, Macintosh’s Mach kernel has BSD roots (which incidentally makes it a UNIX derivative of sorts, not Linux)

    Windows on the other hand, claims everything it does as innovative. Which is kind of like me building a squared-off light bulb and claiming the whole light bulb as my own invention.

    And just because I like Mac more than my XP machine, it doesn’t mean I have a grip around Steve’s cock. It just means I like to taunt the folks that can’t see a real OS like Mac or Linux or yes, even Amiga because they’re too busy feeding off of Bill Gate’s meat spigot.

    (Is this 200 lines yet?) :)

  277. Kirana says:

    that’s kind of funny, although the joke is mostly capitalising on stereotypes of what a mac user is like, rather than the macs themselves.

    i like the mac ads because it mentions actual performance issues windows users experience on a day-to-day basis, albeit a bit exaggerated in some of the ads – this creates the joke, and since a lot of people use windows, a lot of people get it, which is a clever way for apple to communicate with non-mac users.

  278. […] PC Vs. Mac We’ve all seen the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials that Apple uses to beef up their image in spite of PC owners. Now, PC owners have their rebuttal. […]

  279. Murdoc says:

    Okay people, PCs are fine and all… but, WHY??!? if ur smart enuff to… 1. not get viruses, 2. not crash the damned thing, and 3…. what!? why bother? Macs can run anything a PC can run now a days, and for all you little sh*ts that think “awww macs suck cuz they cant play video games, *der der*” Macs can actually run windows (theyve been able to for, how long? maybe 5 years…) But now they have the windows hardware to run it fluently, efficiently, and frankly, better… and for a cuple of people here that say “neaa! i pulled up three windows on my mac and it crashed!” its probably becuz ur one of the retards that tried to upgrade ur mac without any of the right equipment and ended up hookin the fan up to a speaker… and for the few of you b*tching about the cost of macs… either A) Get a friggen job or B) Stop settling for worse cuz your a cheap ass… i saw a couple of debates about automaticaly associating a Macintosh with an i-Pod… I mean What the friggen hell!?!?! I kno at least twenty people with an i-pod.. guess what jacktard, they dont have a Mac!!! I also saw “I built a great pc for $500” yeah… u probably did… of course, we dont count the parts u found in the junk yard/trash can.. OH WAIT! Thats where all of their pieces come from! Silly me! Why dont you people all just shut up! You can buy the most high end gaming platform/accounting device/family media center for a good $1500!
    Now, another thing that royally p*sses me off is that people think that a 2Ghz pc with 1mb L2 cache and 3 gigs of ram blows the sh*t out of a 1.5Ghz 2mb L2 cache with 2 gigs of ram…. HELL NOOOO!!! WHY!??!?!? Because pcs and Macs
    prossecor speed is NOWHERE near the same! In fact the latter would blow the sh*t out of the same pc… Now… after reading what I have said… Which would you rather want?

    1)Sh*tty *ss pc that can play “VIDEO GAMES!” oh yeah and crashes/gets viruses all the time…)
    2)Godly Macintosh Gaming Platform/Family Media Center/Wireless Station/A Video Editors DREAM!(Must I go on?) Oh yeah and not to mention there are almost zero recorded Macintosh viruses and the only reason a Mac would crash would be A) bad handling or B) your a retard….

    If you chose #1, I respect you (as an enemy) yet still think you are a retard/cheap *ss/disgusting video game geek…
    If you chos #2 you are considered a friend and are an unusually smart person

    Now… I dont consider myself a Mac person, I just think the’yre slightly better… Awww what the hell! Im a (smart) Mac lover and Im proud!!!

  280. Luis says:

    I have a gateway but i want a mac… should i trade???

  281. TB says:

    depends on ur intent luis. If u do simple stuff like browse the internet and type or u only wanna play games a pc is prolly what u should use.

    if u wanna do anything else… i’d suggest a mac

  282. bingodingo says:

    They were funny but they didnt really have any useful information on how pcs were better then macs. I have a mac now and i love it but its about time to get another computer and i’m open minded, so why not look at what pc has to offer. As far as the videos go they pretty much say this:
    1)macs are somehow not on time for things (i dont really get it)
    2) that you cant make money because you have a mac (as far as spreadsheets go excel does in fact work on a mac and i have done very intense technical work mostly with software that comes with every mac)
    3) if you have a pc you get hot girls (i think mac had pretty much the exact same video, the one with the Japanese camera played by some hot girl, only it actually had a valid point as opposed to anyone who has a mac cant hang out with hot chicks)
    4) i dont really know what the fourth video is trying to say about macs and sharing considering if you go into a cd store and ask if they want to share their cds with you they would probably get the same answer, pay me. (i did enjoy the whole dollar joke though)

    so in the end my search for should i go pc again or buy another mac goes unanswered. If you really believe pcs are better then give us more to work with then what a mac would be like if it were a person. (good entertainment value though)

  283. Jay Rock says:

    These adds really kick ass, as do the Mac adds. All in all both Mac and PC are great computers. The adds do what they supposed to do. When you watch Mac adds they make you feel as though PC is inferior and you become angry and feel like trading your PC in for a Mac which many people do but like wise when you watch the PC adds they make you feel like your Mc is inferior and many people then go and trade their Mac in for a PC. The fact of the matter is that most of these people eventually revert back to the old machine again – the one they know better. PC has much more option out the, many more programs to have fun with and great sharing and copying abilities, its much more user friendly and PC together with Windows Vista is designed to work as your brain works thats you anyone can pick up a PC with windows on it and in no time what so ever they are copying music, making movies, storing files and moving everything around to suite themselves. Mac is a littles sticky when it comes to a person just doning what they want – when and how they want. Mac makes things complicated and less straight forward, while PC is merely that – straight forward. Novelists use PC because all the multi billion dollar publishers use PC and Microsoft Word for PC. Why is this? Its because if you send a book to be published via make there are always complications and many times it will not open or stuff is lost and so on. Then if you want decent writing programs you will find that the best are made for PC and dont cater for Mac. Why? Beause it it too small of a meaningless market. If you want to wear name brand shoes thats fine – maybe that makes you feel special but if you want to be truly comfortable then leave the name bran shoes to the name brand junkies and find true comfort. The funny thing is that most Mac crazed fans own a PC but if you check on the other side – most PC users, don’t own a Mac. The reason for this is that if you own a Mac you will still need a PC to balance out so you can get everything done But on the other hand most PC users dont own a Mac, this is because once you have a PC and find you can do everything under the sun and more then owning a Mac becomes useless.

  284. Jay Rock says:


    These adds really kick ass, as do the Mac adds. All in all, both Mac and PC are great computers. The adds do what they supposed to do. When you watch Mac adds they make you feel as though PC is inferior and you become angry and feel like trading your PC in for a Mac which many people do but like wise when you watch the PC adds they make you feel like your Mac is inferior and many people then go and trade their Mac in for a PC. The fact of the matter is that most of these people eventually revert back to the old machine again – the one they know better but not before making PC and Mac a little richer. PC’s have much more options out there, many more programs to have fun with and great sharing and copying abilities, its much more user friendly and PC together with Windows Vista is designed to work as your brain works that’s why you or anyone can pick up a PC with windows on it and in no time what so ever they are copying music, making movies, storing files and moving everything around to suite themselves. Mac is a littles sticky when it comes to a person just doning what they want – and when and how they want. Mac makes things complicated and less straight forward, while PC is merely that – straight forward. Novelists use PC because all the multi billion dollar publishers use PC and Microsoft Word for PC. It is the only standard accepted by them. Why is this? Its because if you send a book to be published via Mac, there are always complications and many times it will not open or stuff is lost and so on. Then if you want decent writing programs you will find that the best are made for PC and dont cater for Mac. Why? Because it it too small of a meaningless market. If you want to wear name brand shoes that is fine – maybe that makes you feel special but if you want to be truly comfortable then leave the name brand shoes to the name-brand-junkies and find true comfort. The funny thing is that most Mac crazed fans own a PC but if you check on the other side – most PC users, don’t own a Mac. The reason for this is that if you own a Mac you will still need a PC to balance out, so you can get everything done But on the other hand most PC users dont own a Mac, this is because once you have a PC and find you can do everything under the sun and more – then owning a Mac becomes useless.

  285. TB says:

    Jay Rock… dunno where ur coming from but that’s hardly true if at all. The basic iLife sweet that comes with every mac is as straight forward as it gets, while if ur getting a pc u’ll have to go buy the software, install it, then even after that the applications still don’t integrate as seamlessly with each other.

    also, Vista is one of the worst if not the worst windows version yet in my oppinion. Use XP. Vista pretty much runs at a tenth of the speed and adds… a see through menu bar :O

    also, as for writing programs… microsoft office comes for mac… and writing isn’t that special theirs apps all over for every os to write.

    As for being able to do everything with just a pc, but not just a mac…

    lets list some mac only software that i’d consider best in its class (note: best does not always mean most powerful, ease of use is very important too):
    Apple Shake
    Unity Game Engine
    Final Cut
    Cheetah 3D

    now lets list some windows only apps that are best in their class (ima include some that run on linux too yet not mac os):
    after effects (altho i don’t like it)

    The truth is… macs are easier to use for the average consumer. Then when u get into higher end stuff there are many mac only apps and the are many windows only apps. I personally find that the mac only apps are miles ahead of the windows only apps because of their ease of use and/or power, while i find the windows only apps simply… work and can do as much in many cases when u put lots of work in i suppose.

    both have their advantages… mac os is more stable, attacked much less by hackers, run faster and have many exclusive apps, most of which allow ease of use not avaliable on pcs while still carrying many/themost advanced features.

    pcs are the standard because they used to be miles ahead (are behind now in my oppinion) and therefore there is much more exclusive pc software then exclusive mac software (altho i don’t care much for over 90% of it) and the software that there is is easier to find in stores. Also, windows has directx which helps with gaming (altho opengl is a very capable and powerful alternative)

  286. Mat says:

    I use a PC at the moment and don’t own an ipod but every time i have used a mac (obviously after the initial 5 mins of beating the windows logic out of my head)i have finished my work not feeling stressed, but calm and content. Vista sucks and as many have said before me that is windows future now and personally that was their last chance (ironically i spent the months leading up to vista’s release arguing with mac users that vista would be revolutionary) my next computer WILL be a mac.

    Now please can people stop repeating themselves over an over again as i had to read every bloody post and i bet a lot people did not even bother to read it all and just left well alone. This means that there is not going to be any new input and ur just jacking each other off.

    Now how about the obvious one that no one seems to have fully covered

    Mac-Leopard £80 TBC(BTW should be intresting to compare leopard with vista)

    Windows Vista – An ever growing number of different versions ranging from £80 to £200

    And finally Mac Vs PC: The average user does not know the ins and outs of their operating system and they make up the majority of the market so all they want is an easy to use hassle free means to complete their work. After personal experiance and reading many customer reviews vista leaves a lot to be desired. OS X works and does not mess you about.

    A change is coming but for now windows is safe, but only due to world dependancy on the system.

  287. Mat says:

    Also i did not like the pretentious mac adverts or the pointless waste of time that was pc’s response. The South Park one is by far the best. LOL

  288. KP says:

    You all need to grow up, get the computer that fits you best. Whether it’s a mac or a pc, they both have their pro’s and con’s. You all sound like a bunch of highschool buttplugs trying to prove who’s dick is bigger. No one freakin cares!

  289. tay says:

    another thing that royally p*sses me off is that people think that a 2Ghz pc with 1mb L2 cache and 3 gigs of ram blows the sh*t out of a 1.5Ghz 2mb L2 cache with 2 gigs of ram…. HELL NOOOO!!! WHY!??!?!? Because pcs and Macs
    prossecor speed is NOWHERE near the same! In fact the latter would blow the sh*t out of the same pc… Now… after reading what I have said… Which would you rather want?

    It is the same you idiot, what do macs use? Intel, nvidia, and ati. What do PC’s use? The fricken same, don’t know why i bother you sound like a 10 year old.. There should be no one talking about hardware anymore, it’s irrelevant now.

  290. Macman says:

    okay this vidoes were not funny what-so-ever, it didn’t do anything to state why PCs are better than Macs, all it states is that it does spreadsheets better, which no one really cares about cuz you can do that on a mac too, and that fact that no one wants to use a PC, thats why he’s out skiing on the weekend when the Mac has stuff to do cuz people want, and like to use it more. (see “the girl” video)

    The fact is that Macs are just plain more fun, appealing, and easy to use.

    and whoever made these stupid videos just wasted their time, trying to prove something they can’t.

  291. Miguel Pinheiro says:

    My Mac never produces an error… error…error…error…error…error…error…error…error…error…error…error…

  292. lol stupid nubs says:

    what r we fighting over again?

  293. mook says:

    Mac is for the noob.
    PC is for the leet.

  294. hiutopor says:

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  295. Aisling says:

    Wow. So the only thing PC can come up with to shame Mac is that Mac has so much more to offer that it keeps its users up all night. Well, that and spreadsheets–and God knows how wonderful, entertaining and sexy spreadsheets are.

    It really looks like these commercials actually make the case for Macs.

  296. Amino10 says:


    1. Mac is an overpriced Linux box.

    2. Mac uses intel processors now even though intel processors are second rate compared to AMD.

    3. OSX does not support ATI FireGL cards or Nvidia Quadros.
    So Cad design or 3D modeling will never be even close to what can be done with a PC.

    4. High End Audio hardware is not supported for OSX. Input streams on OSX is limited to 24.

    5. Windows XP like Vista will have about one year of technical problems. Like XP Vista’s bugs will be taken care of just like with XP.

    6. We can all dual boot into OSX X86 unless we are smart and would never waist money on a OS that fails to support hardware and software that we might need to use in order to do our work.

    Final fact..


  297. Amino10 says:

    MAC’s Future = WINDOWS. LOL.

  298. Amino10 says:

    Been programming for 15 years. 1 Virus infected computer in 15 years.

    Computer affected by the Virus was a SCO Unix box.

    Same Virus works on OSX. My friend hates me a little because now he has a mac that he can no longer say has never been infected by a Virus. : ) cheers OSX all Unix viruses now have new victims.

  299. Sai says:

    This is the best!

  300. […] really tickled me and made me laugh. One was a genuine, gotta-love-these-videos kind of laughter: Videos made in the Mac vs PC style but turning the tables around. “Are you […]

  301. memanyou says:

    Painfully unfunny – really digging at the bottom of the barrel there…

    There isn’t anything a PC can do that the Mac cannot – but there are plenty of things that the Mac can do much more smoothly.

    But the new Amiga will be awesome :)

    oh and you peaple saying things like “lolL!!1!!111! i have 10 macs and 15 Pcs to be exaxt and the macs all suck bum holes..”” – what rubbish…

  302. mr. vistahomepremium man says:

    I once had a PC with XP and I didn’t like it at all. THAT’S when I was getting all the error messages. I’ve used Macs before and i will admit they have a certain bravura about their layout and interface inside and out. I’m thinking about getting a new ’08 Macbook Pro myself.


    I LOVE my windows vista home premium. I didn’t have to do any upgrades. Vista home premium came pre-installed on the HP laptop i bought. I also love the UI experience you get from a Mac because it does have a hefty eye candy factor but then again so does my current platform. There are multitudes of PC programs just floating around webspace that work great. I haven’t seen much software for Mac but i know that whatever is availible is really good. I love my HP laptop with 1.5 gigs of ram and 160G HD with it’s AMD Turion 64 X2 processor. I don’t see Mac doing much to make their keyboard layouts much more interesting. I have QuickPlay launch buttons on mine. That’s a small thin strip with touch activated controls for volume, mute, play stop forward and rewind for media, a specialized DVD launch button (which saves me time from having to scroll over and click the disc drive icon… meaning that if i already have a movie in my disc drive, it’ll start playing from where i left off last) and a QuickPlay button that lets me instantaenously access my media without having to boot anything up. In PC’s defense, I don’t see small conveniences/innovations on Macs. And yes, mine comes with a small remote that’s not just limited to to the standard play controls you would find on an IPod. NOW, the performance I’ve seen from Macs alongside PC’s is identical. This is probably the point that will cause some retort along the lines of “You’re probably just a noob that’s never really delved into the capabilities of a PC/Mac!” I’ve had the pleasure of working with both and i enjoy them equally very much. In then end, it comes down to added on software and the user. Yes, Macs come with iLife, which includes the basic needs for any type of used albeit musicians, photographers, upstart film directors, or programers. These programs are excellent for what they promise to deliver. PC’s don’t come loaded right out of the box but there are PLENTY of FREE programs waiting to be downloaded and are simply a Google search away. Let’s not be elitist over what we use or prefer. I use my PC heavily and i’ve yet to be “POLICED” by Vista on what I can and can’t do. I’ve come across several Mac devotees that have a certain snobbish air about them. I suppose some of them like to flaunt the fact they paid at least $2 grand for their Macbooks. I won’t be one of those that will wrinkle their nose at the site of a PC/Mac since i will be one that will always carry either side by side wherever i go. They are both phenomenal systems and if you have to keep squabbling that yours is better, that just means you’re either A) trying to feel better about yourself and your purchasing decision B) too proud to admit that there are certain aspects of the opposite system you find appealing or C) you are the type that likes to flaunt your “supreme system” alongside your Prada shoes or your massive very expensive vinyl collection.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.

  303. Alfred the Butler says:

    Ubuntu is zulu for “to be Human” meaning “kind”

  304. Mike G says:

    Wow! Those were the most stupid parody videos I have ever seen, ever, period. They had absolutely no substance to them. The girl one was funny to a certain degree but made no sense? I am no a little more dumb because I watched those.

  305. Nick says:

    I see that you PC guys are able to “think different”. You give a demonstration even in these videos which were invented by Apple. For once, TRY TO BE ORIGINAL!!! I know it’s difficult for you.

  306. Pete L says:

    Fun! I use both Mac and PC. I always have a smooth ride with my Mac, never any serious problems.I always get done what I start. The PC on the other hand…what can I say? XP needs constant pampering to keep it going. Solution:Install OS X on a PC. It can be done!

    Go into any magazine shop and have a look at the computer section:Loads of PC mags that offer solutions to problems,problems,problems etc. ad nauseum. The Mac mags on the other hand show you what you can do with your Mac.

  307. C mancha says:

    None of you got the Money one did you? Windows pay apple to stay in business so they don’t go out of business and cause a monopoly. if lynux or unix ever become more popular then microsoft can let apple die for good.

  308. macs suck says:

    the reason why macs dont get viruses is because they have way to many safe guards so it will limit your productivity and you can only buy mac specific softwear.

  309. Mister PC says:

    Macs suck, PC’s are the best. Plain and simple…

  310. miki says:

    Vista rox!

  311. Now really says:

    P U H T H E T I C

  312. Ohman says:

    Mac guy: Name one thing, just one thing that a PC can do that a Mac cant.
    Some guy: Right click?

  313. francisco says:

    Try Linux is better

  314. mixerman3d says:

    how about some gameing jabs

  315. jd says:

    PC rocks!! shame Windows sucks!

  316. Doranwen says:

    Was referred this link, but apparently the videos are no longer available. Any clue where I can see them?

  317. Steve says:

    I don’t think they are not available its just that not all PC load them right(AJAX)
    Oh that why people by A MAC. They Work!

  318. adam says:

    @Steve – dude I think the sentence you are looking for is; “Oh, that’s why people buy a Mac.”

    C’mon man, if you are going to make an argument, please at least write above a 2nd grade level.

  319. Everyone keeps talking about macs and gaming. here is great spoof for that:

  320. All I have to say about Macs vs PCs are this. I was a graphic design student in college so I worked on Macs plenty and not just cheap macs but high-end ones. Personally I would much rather work on a PC then on a Mac for everything from audio editing, to graphic design, to movie making, to spread sheets, etc… Really there is nothing that a Mac does better at all. HOWEVER and this is a big HOWEVER. The efficiency that a PC works goes drastically down the less computer knowledge the person has. I am also a computer programmer so I have quite a bit of computer knowledge. Thus I can maintain my PC and keep it clean and running efficiently. In 10 years I have never had one virus, ever! Also I have never had a system crash on me once. I personally would never own a Mac, however, I would recommend them to a lot of people. If you don’t know much about computers and you don’t want to play games or you don’t want to do anything advanced get a Mac.

    Also the virus argument is really pretty stupid in my mind. I really don’t know why people bring it up. I could write a virus for a Mac in 10 minutes if I wanted to. But a lot of times the reason people create viruses, just like anything else, is for money or for their gain. Why would I write a virus for a Mac? What valuable information I’m going to get out of it? Are servers with credit card info and social security info sitting on Mac servers??? Also if you were going to spend the time why would you write a virus for only 10% or less of computers when you could write a virus that would work on almost 90% of computers? Just wait though get enough people using Macs and viruses for Macs will be just as bad. So if I were a Mac person I would be trying to convince people not to get a Mac.

    A great comparison of the PC vs. Mac battle would be if you were a someone who loved cars and knew how to work on them and maintain them, you would love to get for example a late 1960’s mustang or camaro (depending on which side of the fense you fall on in that arguement). This would be your dream car. However, to the standard person who even takes their car in to get the oil changed, a 2008 Camry is their dream car. Very little maintenance and not much to worry about. However, you give that same 60’s car to the standard person they would probably have it in the shop within a month.

    Also on a final note, not compare the hardware capabilities of a Mac to a PC. Really now a days they aren’t that different. Also to tell you the truth I have never known a single Mac person that had any clue what so ever about computer hardware. For example the guy above talking about different processors with different amounts of cache. He might have read one article about it and thinks he is an expert. But the funny thing is unless he is doing audio or video rendering it doesn’t really matter. He could boost his system performance over 100% by getting a second hard drive and putting it in a Raid array and using disk striping. Hmm… could the thing that does over 1.5 billion operations per second be slowing his system or his 7mb/sec, 7 million operations per second, be slowing his system down??? I think it is rather amusing. I have a old 1.4ghz single core pc at home that could probably smoke his mac in just about anything.

    Any who, things won’t change, those that like mac will continue to pay twice as much for a system that has half as much, simply because it is easier to use and maintain. And for all you Mac haters, the solution is very simple. Buy Apple stock. Because those people mentioned above won’t change.

  321. NEO UTOPIA says:

    It has been brand versus brand now since Bootcamp. For example, non boring people prefer tasty apples and stylish sonys over dull dells, its as simple as that.

    Yes some dells and others have a more variety of ports and look more techno geeky, but thats good because the people who buy them need that and that unintentionally reflects their personality, just like Macs and sonys do with their different type of owners.

    THEY ALL NATIVELY (OPERATE AT FULL SPEED) RUN BILL GATE’S IDEOLOGICAL OS, its just that people who opt for Macs have the pleasant ability to LEGALLY also run MAC (OS) X.

    I hope that helps to finally put the annoying Mac versus PC comparison/rivalry to rest once and for all, come on people help join the more compatible 21st century.

  322. scott says:

    finally the truth revealed. want to get something done? use a PC…want to make music? use a mac.

    the two programs compatible with mac: itunes and safari lolz

  323. Esteban says:

    Funny, but, by far..not real.
    Ask your friends about Mac.

    Old PC user.

  324. Evan says:

    Some things to think about:

    1) If you want a fast (and highly customizable) machine for gaming, PCs kick the crap out of Macs

    2) The majority of Apples programs are very high quality and are usually better at creative pursuits.

    3) At 2,000 dollars, you could buy a baseline Mac or a Mid line PC

    4) Custom Pcs are the way to go because of quality, speed, graphics, and many more things Macs wish they had.

    5) If you run a business, a Mac is better because of the lack of addware and the fact that most of Apples programs are simple and easy to use

  325. Laura says:

    Did you use a Mac to make the movies?

  326. cribcat says:

    Cut off the string, it’s hanging near your toes.

  327. Tiffany says:

    The pc guy is a real cutie ba toodie.

  328. Tiffany says:

    O, I forgot we’re talking computer stuff here.

  329. mypcisuglylookingandimvainlikethat says:

    hey, i have a question for all u hardcore computer people,

    i have a pc, very good one too, but its butt ugly and macs look so cool and stylish, but i used them wen at school and they seemed a bit childish, but anyway,

    why cant macs play all games casue if they could i would def get one casue would look so good inreplacment to my pc which looks like sumit out of a bad 70s film

  330. mypcisuglylookingandimvainlikethat says:

    I dream of a pc that looks like a mac, but can entertain me like a pc does !

  331. NEO UTOPIA says:

    Yes Evan that is true of what you said about the cost comparison of desktop macs and pcs, however a comparatively speced mac notebook is only marginally more expensive than another brand, both brands can still have a hard drive and ram upgrade. With the shift from desktops to notebooks to meet the needs of the contemporary transient professional employee and/or to provide the freedom to find the most comfortable place at home to compute i think more and more people will not consider that as much of a limitation. Plus its ironic that recently the fastest notebook to operate windows os is the fastest macbook pro. And thats why i have 1!

  332. hello, i'm a computer. oh wait, that's not right... says:

    as far as i’m concerned, the only advantage windows has is the abundance of games that are unavailable for mac. this is largely because of the huge proportion of windows users compared to mac owners, or because the game is made by microsoft. my mac takes 20 seconds to fully load up, my pc takes 5 minutes. as for custom made pc’s etc. i have more important things to do, such as have a life, or work, or avoid work by posting on pointless forums/debates such as these

  333. Dan says:

    Macs are nice, but I can be more productive on a PC.
    Also, I work at a computer store and doing non-warranty part replacements for Macs is too expensive.
    Focusing more on Laptops, the Apple design, from a service prospective sucks, they are extremely labor intensive, and yes, both Mac and PC users drop and spill on their laptops. But Apple doesn’t provide accidental warranty coverage, you have to do it through a third-party company safeware, which is expensive (considering the hardware you get for your buck).
    Dell and HP both provide accidental coverage at a reasonable price and phone support for more than 90 days. On-site service as well.

    As far as games go, use a PC, and if you think you are gonna play games on a Mac with Boot Camp/Windows, then I hope you have a MacBook Pro, sick iMac, or Mac Pro. Because the hardware isn’t that great.

    Hope this was more intelligent than the majority of these biased, gay bashing remarks from both directions.

  334. Zara says:

    To the person who said girls like Macs… seriously lol Do you live under a rock?

    To the person who’s PC takes 5 minutes to boot up, you may have a problem you need to look at. Mine boots in 30 seconds.

    As for the Mac and PC debate. Use what works for you. I personally will not use a Mac because everything I need I find in a PC. Everything from my design software to the games I play. I also get to build an awesome system for around $700 from the ground up and the satisfaction I get from doing it myself from the ground up is more than what I’d get from spending $2000 or more on a Mac.

    For the people that complain about viruses and trojans on PC’s, stop downloading from warez sites. You people will never learn.

  335. henry says:

    Yo, I have been using pc since windows 3.1, and mac since OS9. The one thing that strikes me is that windows has changed so little since back then, its still organised like a messy sock draw. I use a mac and I would probably switch over to PC if I developed a crack addiction and had to sell it. If you want a computer that will do everything, you will never be happy. Just get the one that does what you want.

  336. henry says:

    Could I just add:

    PC: I have found some new hardware.
    Mac: Have you? Where is it?
    PC: Look here, I have found a phone,
    Mac: I can’t see it. Are you feeling OK?
    PC: Actually, no, I have lost connection with some other hard ware.
    Mac: No you haven’t look there it is.
    PC: Where?
    Mac: Look, its clearly connected to you with this cable.
    PC: Never mind, look at this blank screen.
    Mac: Hang on, what’s happened to your face its disappeared?
    PC: Green field, clouds.

  337. chumpman says:

    HAHA its humorous. but i guess each has its strengths and well, weaknesses

  338. Zoomie says:

    I was skeptical at first but all the Mac vs PC commercials have convinced me. I guess I’ll just get a Mac OS emulator for my PC so I can run all the awesome Mac Software.

    So yeah, would someone please direct me to an emulator. Anyone? C’mon, surely since Mac OS is better there’s an awesome emulator. I mean Mac users all have Windows emulators running right?

  339. Zoomie says:

    Wait, nevermind. I can’t think of any Mac Software I need to run.

  340. Henry says:

    Err… Logic Pro?

  341. DSM says:

    I look at it this way: owning a Windows-based PC (PC as a generic term could refer to a Linux-based unit or Mac) is like owning a Ford Focus. It works. It does what you want it to do. It has problems. It has issues. But it’s affordable to a large demographic of consumers. It comes in different flavors (not everyone needs the most expensive version). Cost of maintenance is cheap. You can work on it yourself. You can replace parts once your warranty goes out. Owning a Mac is like driving a high-end Jaguar. It works. It does what you want it to do. It has problems. It has issues. It looks nicer. You have better customer service. It’s more stable. But it’s not practical and affordable for the normal demographic of consumers. Once your warranty goes out, you can’t replace your laptop battery yourself. You can’t replace the processor yourself if need be. And think about the iMac: all the hardware/software/monitor as one unit. What happens when one thing goes out? It all goes out. Being stylish, hip, cool, part of the crowd, or having the next best thing just because it’s what all the “hip people” are buying isn’t all there is to life. I’ve used Macs. They’re neat. They’ve got neat features. They’ve got a really clean interface. But you know what? So does Vista. It’s different. Why? Two different companies appealing to different people. Why? People like different things. Come on people, we’re sitting here in the USA bickering about two companies who really don’t care about the user, all they care about is our money and how they can take it from us while there are people in Russia who are dying. People in China who get denied freedom of unrestricted access to the internet. Do you think those people care about what OS they’re running? Some of them probably don’t even know what an “OS” is. This is stupid. People fighting vehemently over computers. Which is better, which is faster, which is more stable, which is more intuitive, more whatever. Get lives people! If you like a Mac and it’s easy for you, good for you. If you like Windows (whatever version/flavor), good for you. Both companies have things to offer that are great. Microsoft and they’re Xbox 360. Apple and their iPod. Being chic or stylish isn’t everything. While you’re so concerning with having the most stylish, coolest, most hip whatever, think about people around the world who would kill just to have what we consider to be old, useless, outdated junk.

  342. DSM says:

    BTW, I meant to add to my previous post that my biggest motivator for being a Windows guy is the processor choice. Personally, I prefer AMD over Intel although both offer their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Coupled with their overtake of ATI Graphics and their excellent processor lines, I think AMD will exceed Intel as they will be able to combine groundbreaking graphics with mind-numbing processors designed to work together.

  343. DrFlodo says:

    Great website. Consumer preference drives innovation but proprietary innovations are stifling creativity. Same for software. Adobe sucks despite Photoshop. Microsoft spreadsheets are no good and will corrupt your data:

    Hardware innovations may be more important. Yay, USB! I built my own computer because legacy software and hand-coded scripts aren’t supported by street machines. But an attempt to switch to Linux failed due to the lack of hardware drivers.

    XP was too good and crashproof and fast and resulted in users no longer needing Microsoft software. So Microsoft forked its users (again) with Vista and its no surprise that Mac users think we are idiots. But Mac users can be so full of themselves that there is no point in talking with them either.

    Where to next? Vista is unacceptable. Macs are too expensive and their user community is clueless. Although Linux users are the nicest people, Linux isn’t a computer but rather a philosophy about freedom, and sometimes I would just rather pay for a workable solution than spend hours of my free time. The day may come when we have something between the freedom of Linux and the fascism of Vista and OSX, so keep on arguing.

  344. Drock says:

    i dont get where everyone is calling PCs ugly. Macs are the volkswagens and minis of the gaming world. they’re curvy and “sleek” looking. but if you get a mac, theres a chance your mac will look like everyone else’s mac. but for PC, if you’re building your own, you can make it YOUR pc. everything is customizable (exception of compatibility). i wont even pretend that microsoft is untouchable. they have their share of problems (starts with a v ends with an a).

    now, i used a mac in high school cause thats what the school bought. after spending weeks trying to get the mac to use the programs we wanted to (and failing) they put a windows emulator on it and ran it from there. coulda saved about $20,000 just getting PCs.

  345. thepieman35 says:

    Hello, I have just read through this entire forum(this is my first time doing that in my 19 years of existence), and I must say it was entertaining. It does scare me how many people feel the need to post things such as “pcs suck” or “macs are stupid”, there is no point, but it did add to my enjoyment in reading this. Joey bannanas, wow, quite the dedication man, bravo for having the time and want to post so much, and I must say, from a purely debating way, your posts were at least valid. Well thanks again guys, good night. (ps. pie rocks-yay or nay).

  346. haizr says:

    idk, but to me mac seems to be kinda shallow. it seems that all you have to offer are your looks, and your speed.
    pc doesnt have to looks that mac does but if you load up as much crap on a mac that i have on my pc im pretty sure my pc would run faster. performance is better than looks to me.

  347. Klint says:

    Anyone who buys a pre-built computer like a Mac, Dell, Hp, etc is an idiot. I’m building my own bad-ass gaming system for about $1700 where as s customized Alienware computer with ALMOST the same performance will cost over $4000

  348. Klint says:

    @ Trat #223
    “Sigh… PC = for poor people…”

    And Macs are for idiots so fuc|

  349. Ryan G says:

    That is funny as f**k. Forwarding it onto my Mac mates now.

  350. iLL says:

    let see…. pay 3k+ for a cookie cut out Mac that I cant game on for sh*t or build my own custom pc for 1/2 the price… this is a tough one…

  351. GarrisonLJ says:

    How come they don’t make a add about how PC kicks Mac’s butt at gaming any day!

  352. ToddP says:

    The money one was funny but they were mostly ineffective. They didn’t fight the stereotype that PCs are just for spreadsheets.

    With the price difference between Macs and PCs, you could easily buy a PC with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia suite, an audio editor, and you get Windows Movie Maker for free. Not to mention Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia suite are NOT free on the Mac anyway.

    Microsoft could easily just load their computers up with expensive programs you may never use like Mac and then add that cost onto your price tag. However, Microsoft prefers to give you options. Which is why they are far superior.

  353. chad says:

    I have used both pcs and macs and overall the pc is way better.

  354. Chris says:

    You people are completely missing the point.

    The point of these videos is NOT to argue that PC is better.

    It’s just pointing out how ridiculously stupid apple’s strategy is to use this trendy doofus as a means of raking in impressionable idiots like yourselves.

    We have a winner! Geez people can be dense.

  355. Member33 says:

    Love the videos

    But WOW!, these are like religions.

    How about Honda vs GM?


  356. ledo says:

    the Japanese version of the Mac vs PC ads are funny too

  357. Doe says:

    Ok, Remember Sony Betamax vs JVC VHS Well Mac is like Beta and PC is like VHS there is a clear winner as there was back then.

  358. Joe says:

    I guess the main question is, why the hell do you people give a fuck? Go outside, you stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid pricks.

  359. SYnytac says:

    Windows 7 blows mac out of the water. Just installed it on an old laptop with a P3, 512mb ram and it runs like a champ. Plus, It makes a hell of a lot more sense than mac’s gui. Why do your menu bars change? And what happens in a few years when your computer can’t handle the newest programs? Do you have to buy a new mac, or can you upgrade? I can’t imagine how much Apple will charge for upgrades of the same hardware we use in our PCs.

    I hope all you Mac users will one day realize Apple is trying to sell you a dream. It’s not real, whatever you think it may be.

    Computers are simply a tool to be abused. Imagine two hammers are for sale. Both are made of the exact same parts. The instruction manual is easier to read on one of them, but it’s going to cost you 2x-3x the amount of the other hammer with crappy instructions. Which is the smarter, more logical decision? People who buy macs are not smarter/more logical because they’re buying into the hype.

    I built my rig for $800 and got windows 7 for free. I can connect my media to my xbox 360 easily. Can you say the same for your mac?

  360. Lewis says:

    guys guys guys! this is eassillly solved. whoever wants to make a photo album *heres your mac* and whoever wants to play tf2 or l4d or grid or . Great lets bounce!

  361. Randy says:

    Clearly, these guys don’t get the mac scene

  362. […] mi-am amintit si de seria Mac vs. PC cu PC-ul in avantaj de acum cativa ani […]

  363. alexander the great says:

    you know, i own my own computer repair business, i’m an avid computer scientist. and in my professional opinion macs are a waste of just about everything it took to make them.
    and i have had more customers with fatal errors and ruined hardware who owned a macintosh computer then i have had users running windows

    i also loath the uneducated fools who think a computer running macintosh is not a PC (aka personal computer)

    i find the working state of a computer is often a reflection of its user, seeing as i have never had any problems with my windows computers since i was 6, besides the time i intentionally deleted the NTFS.SYS file because i wanted to.

    i also find that macintoshes tend to cater to the computer illiterate, so most people promoting macintosh computers literally have no idea what they are saying or what it means or how it works, again ignorance is not the answer to any thing.

    fine you don’t know how to do anything but turn a computer on, open a web browser and surf the net, that is great, just don’t think your computer is awesome when you’ve never tested its limits

    for all the people out there who just like the way macintosh looks when you boot it up, there is a little thing called dream linux and guess what, it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, its free, but then if you don’t know how to do anything on a computer but click next, there is no point in you using an advanced tool like linux.
    i give props to windows for attempting to still leave room for power and superusers to move around. in a macintosh environment they assume your an idiot and its really annoying.

  364. FJ says:

    Over 350 comments, obviously it depends on the user, but I would say that Mac is a more stable system than Windows, and does have it’s applications that are better than on a Windows OS.

    For example, and the “I’m a PC” ads were created on Macs, and Macs are standard in creative arts for a reason (like the more streamlined OS and more ergonomic UI).

    Also, at Windows conferences, guess what machines are running the presentations?

    I work in a recording studio, and I can guarantee almost every studio in the country runs off a Mac (maybe simply for Logic Pro, apparently the new industry standard software)

    I’d just like to point out that many of the PC users that have commented here are just as ignorant and smug as the Apple users they sneer at.


  365. Brad says:

    Mac users think that just because they have slightly better computers, (I admit it) that makes them better users, which is not necessarily the case.

    A good number of them run crying to the Mac Expert the second something happens- where a PC user will dig in. Of course that trip to the Mac store will more than likely lead to the next big Mac purchase if the user hasn’t bought a new computer in WEEKS.

    An error message with a happy psychedelic spinning hypno disc is still an ERROR!

  366. Seth says:

    Macs are cool. Yet when it comes to prices, PC has it beat. I got a laptop for under $500 and it runs fine for what I use it for. Can’t find a Mac book for under $500.

  367. Magnets says:

    To all the people saying windows crashes and what not, don’t be a complete retard. Looking at porn is going to get you a virus…duh! I should also mention for the price of a mac you can get a top notch gaming computer(build it yourself) AND a 32″ tv to go with it. If you still feel about arguing over software…All I have to say is learn to torrent or do some looking, there are plenty of free programs, or cracked programs to use.

  368. Anon says:

    They made this to be humorous.

    PC’s Vs Macs, yeah people have preferences just like with everything other topic. No one cares to what has been typed about either. Critique the video not what’s in it.

  369. B.. says:

    Haha! please macs fuckin suck you cant upgrade them at all pc’s you can 100% upgrade everything and have it run as fast as you want, when macs go out of day, sucks for you, you need to drop another 1.5k for a new one oh and that is another thing for the price of a weak ass mac I could build a sweet gaming pc with a high end graphics card, so ya Mac’s are a joke of the IT world they are only good for “cool” graphic design hahahaha

  370. Jewkohlai says:

    These videos are not relevant to Macintoshes and windows based machines. Macs can share even more than PCs and also Alot of Professionals uses Macs as well as PCs. Apple is consistent where windows PCs arent for there is alot of junk that is made with windows software on them such as the sub $400 notebooks and Desktops. From a technicians point of view, Macintoshes last way longer than the average PC does and also they have a very high resale value which in the end, macs are actually almost the same price as PCs! there is almost no comparisons to be made, it is based off of which one you like and that is it.

  371. Steve says:

    PCs and Macs both have a place and both have stronger points. I suppose what get to me the most is people thinking that windows took market share because it must have been better – untrue. As well as the old nugget of people not wanting to try anything they haven’t used before. I think the whole thing is a sad state of affairs – there should be 10 or 20 Operating Systems to choose from, not 2 1/2.

  372. Paul says:

    Um…mac not used for business? Didn’t google make it against company policy to use windows os? Yea, ok.

  373. Chris says:

    Use what you like. It doesn’t matter what that is. I edit video and do graphic work on both formats. I game on pc. I have a pc because of gaming price and the broad hardware options. I use mac for work at times because of final cut. I use linux for the fun of it. Just use what you like…

  374. Mark says:

    hey now, mac’s are great if you want to spend ridicules amounts of money on an average to good computers instead of a supercomputer.

    On a different point, these commercials suck and make me ashamed to be a PC. There is nothing a mac can do with music that a PC can’t. I use my PC to record music all the time. Fuck spreadsheets.

  375. Mark says:

    there are so many goddam ignorant people posting comments, PC’s and Mac’s alike, and most of these people are just making their side seem less favorable.

    what it really comes down to is Mac users pay more for built in presets and programs that do everything for you in one click, PC users pay less for control over what hardware and software is put on their computer (hence some pc’s will inevitably get viruses.)

    sorry for the double post, but i read some of the other comments after posting my first post and didn’t realize how naive most people are.

  376. Rachael says:

    Heh, those were cute. What I don’t get… PCs can record music, make movies, run office programs, iTunes, all sorts of games, etc. Mac’s OS is all fine and dandy, but their hardware is way over priced. And, reading people’s angry comments on here is funny XD

    Now, if you could build your own rig (not from Apple) and install Mac OS on it, that’d be pretty cool.

  377. gaming computers should have multiple cpu cores and a lot of memory to support those heavy graphics .”:

  378. The muslim guy says:

    Nice try

  379. Dale says:

    i think these are retarded. yes they make macs look good because they are good with video editing and things of that nature but people act like a mac is not capable of running a word editing program. simple fact is mac and pc re capable of the same things mac just tends to do it better. Mac’s tolerance for mistakes and shortcoming in their machines and software is minimal compared to pc

  380. DexFrost says:

    I don’t mind macs they play media just fine by my standards, and that’s all I want in a computer, BUT I don’t want a mac, and I don’t want a computer that uses “Hip” names for basic stuff like a mother board (“LOGIC BOARD”) and I don’t want to be seen as an arogant, pompous, prick like the “GENERIC MAC USER” is.

  381. The Crow says:

    Linux ubuntu—OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE AND MODIFIABLE, cant and wont go wrong, second choice, windows(purely because its compatible with most games, no other reason) third, mac, compatible with nothing, can run only a few and basic applications, and is annoying to programme in.

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