Sony Bravia NX800 2D HDTV Series with Monolithic Design

Sony Bravia NX800 Series

Whilst 2010 may be the year of the 3D HDTV, manufacturers of course are still producing latest and greatest two dimensional units for us to drool over too. Sony are certainly no exception to this and have unleashed a plethora of traditional 2D BRAVIA units on us at CES 2010. Ironically three of the series LX900, HX9000 and HX800 are in fact 3D capable with the LX900 series having ‘Integrated Full HD 3D technology’. For the other two series a 3D emitter and glasses are sold separately. These series are also not available until the summer.

However we shall concentrate on what you can get your mits on right now and that’ll be the Sony Bravia NX800 series which sports screen sizes all the way from 46 inches up to the big boy 60 incher. Here are the details on the largest with any exceptions on its smaller siblings noted

* Edge Lit LED backlight
* Sony’s Monolithic design
* Integrated LightSensor technology automatically adjusts to your room’s ambient light
* Motionflow 240Hz refresh rate
* Full HD 1080p picture quality
* Built-in wireless connectivity to your home entertainment network
* USB port
* Handles 1080/60p (HDMI/Component), 1080/60i, 1080/24p (HDMI Only), 720/60p, 480/60p, 480/60i
* 60 inch 16:9 Full HD 1920×1080 res (52 inch and 46 inch)
* Audio Power Output : 20W (10W x 2)
* 60 inch – 1440 x 927 x 380mm and 50.6 kg with pedestal
* 52 inch – 1261 x 819 x 400mm and 36.1 kg with pedestal
* 46 inch – 1127 x 742 x 320mm and 28.8 kg with pedestal
* 5.1 Channel Audio Out

Perhaps the most unusual thing about the Sony Bravia NX800 series is the Monolithic design which presents the display at an upward angle of 6 degrees. This would present the viewer with an ever-so-slightly non-square display. Without actually seeing it in the flesh we’re not sure whether this is a good thing or not, but it is definitely different. Anyway on to possibly more important things the price tags. Pre-ordering these suckers will set you back $4600, $3400 and $2800 respectively through the Sony Bravia website. Whilst hanging on to see how the 3D market pans out may be a wise move, if you’re itching for HD love right now then these bad boys would certainly fill that need.

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2 Responses to “Sony Bravia NX800 2D HDTV Series with Monolithic Design”

  1. This TV has a smooth motion and a sharp picture. Sony made sure that behind this elegant television lays a technology that produces and ensures that every image stays smooth with Motion Flow 240 Hz Technology. Don’t worry about blurs when watching fast action sports, movies and games because you don’t have to. Sony makes sure of it.

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  2. jason says:

    Sony had always made great televisions. A little bit on the pricey side, but you get what you par for. Working for DISH Network, we have several Sony’s through out the center along with other flat screens, Sony have a better picture quality and color depth to them. Not to many HD channels are 1080p yet, but its still rather new, but the DISH HD channels look great, and they are always free for life.

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