The $25,000 computer mouse

January 24th, 2007

Now here’s a little gadget that aims directly to those that really have money to spend. However, that doesn’t keep us, mortals, to have a look. What you can see in the picture is the world’s most expensive mouse, that costs ~$25,000. The retail price is set at 18,600 Euro.

The product is called the Diamond Flower and is being produced by Pat Says Now. You might be wondering why a simple concept as a computer mouse can be so expensive. Well, 59 brilliants are scattered all over the mouse’s surface. Also the main surface is made out of 18-K white gold. Out of the 59 stones I mentioned, one is about 4mm in diameter, practically doubling the others.

After reading a few details on the producer’s website, I noticed that technically speaking, the gadget is just a plain old computer mouse. Has 3 buttons, a scrolling wheel, PS/2-USB connectivity PC or MAC. What I’m showing you in the picture is the scattered version of the mouse, but its name (Diamond Flower) comes from another designed version of the product, one whose brilliants are arranged to form a flower silhouette.

Personally, even if I’d have that much money to practically throw away, I wouldn’t spend them on this kind of a gadget. What about you?

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  1. ciops:

    If I was one of those people that would satisfy any pleasure they can think of, I wouldn’t buy one simply because it’s so ugly. C’mon now, for that amount of money they could at least do it attractive.

  2. kNox:

    You or I wouldn’t buy it, but think of rap stars. They need to BLING!

  3. Richard:

    Yeah, but it’s not even wireless.

  4. nez:

    lmao. i think if i had that much money to spend i would buy a razer diamond back gaming mice or something that actually boasts good specs. Then take it to a jewlers and pay them $10,000 to bling it up. That would give me a far superior mouse thats just as blinging and id still have cash left over to buy a matching keyboard.

  5. Wired:

    Not wireless???
    you crazy? why would you have a WIRELESS mouse worth $25000? anyone could just waltz in and pocket it!!
    It looks more like an ornament mouse than anything.

  6. Mystery:

    Anyone who buys that ought to be shot!

    kNox: hehe those rap guys don’t use computers

  7. Jae:

    I hope the person that made this piece of crap gets crushed by a block of frozen s*it jettisoned out of a low budget air liner.

  8. bling bling yo:

    response to wired:
    yea, because that ps/2-USB wire will ensure ultimate security?

  9. Bogdan Boghiu:

    I didn’t write this post more like “oh look, another totally pointless expensive device” than “OMG, what a handy uber-cool gadget we have here” ;)

  10. sas girl:

    Does it come in pink?

  11. Wired:

    response to bling bling yo:

    haha…not saying that a ps/2 wire would ENSURE security (you kidding me?) But having a cable means that the mouse has to be on the mousepad pretty much or within a given space.
    If it were wireless, someone could be 10m away from the computer and “oh sorry, i’m just using the mouse” and whoosh its in his/her pocket and he’s out of the door/window. Wonder if they made a wireless one, if the receiver would have diamonds on it? =p

  12. teh:

    too much bling, probably weighs 5x more than any other mouse, who would want that?

  13. wuddup:

    yeah. You wouldnt want it to weigh to much. Why does the weight matter? are you never pick up the mouse, your hand is just on top. whata richie

  14. uber:

    Isn’t this the equivelant of putting a 25,000 dollar stereo in a rusted out, one hub capped pinto?

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