The Eclipse Phone – The phone that can be cool without gadgets.


Yes, it is cool, despite the fact that it doesn’t rely on gadgets, and stuff that we seem to rely on nowadays. The only bad thing is that it’s not real, yet. It is the product of an ingenious designer called Rune Larsen. If the name rings a bell, he is the same person that designed the Tiny phone – the one not much larger than a toothpick. But, despite the earlier version, this is much more realistic when it comes to building it. There’s much more room for the battery, microphone, antenna, and the other essential stuff you can find inside a phone.

According to the inventor, the phone is equipped like a 1996 one (I wish I had one of these back in 1996). It is 5.5 centimeters tall closed, and 9 centimeters open.

In a world dominated by the arrival of the iPhone, I must say that, given the choice, I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat, just for the fun of having it. Here are some other photos of the older phone (Tiny Phone), and the Eclipse Phone. (click to enlarge).

tiny.jpg tiny2.jpg eclipse1.jpg eclipse2.jpg

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6 Responses to “The Eclipse Phone – The phone that can be cool without gadgets.”

  1. nick says:

    does anybody know where can i buy this eclipse phone


  2. Helen Clark says:

    Where can I buy the Eclipse phone and will it be compatible with AT&T services?

  3. Nick says:

    Can anyone tell me when the eclipse Easy as pi and Intuit becomes a reality please

    i really want them both!!!


    Hi,Please let me know where can i buy Eclipse Phone and how much it costs?


    Hi,Please let me know how much Eclipse Phone costs?

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