9 funny versions of Google’s front page

January 20th, 2007

Long live the Photoshop talented users. I have gathered from all over the internet 9 funny Google mock-ups I liked. I’ll say nothing more, and I’ll let you enjoy the images and their description. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

Google Despair – The search engine for the irretrievably lost. Search for your youth, innocence, brain cells or for general sanity. Any search is hopeless in despair. gdespair
Google Ex-Girlfriends – Hookup search engine. Google is not responsible for divorces, separations, unplanned children or murders that result from using the service ghookup
Google Media Finder – RIAA edition. Do you dare searching for copyrighted materials? Sue me now. gmedia

Google Nonsense – WTF? Padoodle, Grafoogle, Froogle gnonsense
Google Pimp – Hooker search. Find, pull and share women faster gpimp
Google Soul – Search for souls. Hell would really need something like this in its eternal search for available souls ;) gsoul
Google Spelling – Serch phonetically for werds you don’t know how to spel Googel. gspell
Google Treasure Search. Search the known world or wherever the wind takes you. gtreasurehunt
Google – Zen search. Just feel. The most powerful Zen knows everything. Can it be more compact than that? gzen

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  1. Marvin:

    u forget the another funny google lessons, just like google l33t and google gothic………

  2. jasper:

    also a dutch dialect version of google:

  3. shiree:


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