Mousepads with tits :-)

January 17th, 2007

These quality mouse pad feature a CLEVER (get it? clever?) ergonomic wrist rest on a pair of gel boobs. Your friends will love it and will poke at it when you’re not looking. Your girlfriend will probably think you’re a pervert, but hey, if your wrist is comfortable, it’s OK. These beauties (literally) are provided by Busty Mouse Pads, and they cost around $20 each.

They would make a perfect present for every guy that owns a computer. I wouldn’t mind receiving a few of them myself. Hurry up, there’s a discount if you get at least 20.

This is the breast, uhm, I mean best… mouse pad ever! :-P

All mouse pads, delivered to a U.S. address (APO/FPO OK), are US$19.95 each + shipping & handling ($8.00 for 1 order, $11.00 flat rate for 2 to 6 pieces). We will ship anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail. Only PayPal is accepted, but you may use any major credit card through PayPal even if you don’t have, or don’t want, a PayPal account.

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