How to make the Robot dance

January 6th, 2007


What do you need to remote-control one of those cool robots that you see nowadays in the shops?! Well you can use the remote that usually comes with them, or you can use your voice and a Wii remote!

All you need is a Robosapiens robot and the Robodance software. Here you can see a video of what the basic principle is, what you have to do is talk & use the Wii remote to control the movement of the robot. You can use drag and drop scripts and other interesting stuff given the fact that the Robodance software is open source and actually a SourceForge project. More insight you can get watching the video but I find it cool as a idea that you can control the little robot using your voice and the Wii controller that I happen to love!

Regarding that, there will be some interesting stuff regarding remote-controlled robots later on when you will see how you can keep an eye on your dog back home when you’re still at the office.

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