Nokia 888 concept phone

The new concept Nokia 888 is design by Tamer Nakisci, the Nokia Design Award, winner. And I say the award is well earned as you as you can see in the movie below. The phone is fully flexible and can take any shape, it’s even designed to ‘remember’ certain shapes ( some sort of presets), for example you can send a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend and make his/her phone take the shape of a heart.

Besides you can use the phone as a bracelet, make it turn into a clip-shape to carry it easily or make it ‘wave’ when somebody calls you. To do all this the battery is liquid-based an the display is flexible and servers as a touchscreen. With these features the phone will serve as a GPS device, PDS, alarm clock, electronic wallet and many more.

It all looks nice and high-tech but this is just a short preview of what technology has in store for us, phones like this won’t be on the market for at least a couple of years if not more.

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  1. Joey Bhananas says:

    If that’s real future tech, then incredible, I can’t wait to see flex batteries and displays, I think it would be perfect for a wearable alarm clock, an MP3 player, or a PDA, maybe a portable marquee for trade shows or hey, how about a portable computer that rolls into a tube?

    How about a desk calendar? Imagine a three foot by two foot (about 90cm x 60cm) flat pad you sit on your table, displaying an interactive monthly calendar. unlocking the touchscreen, you touch a particular day, that day expands to fill the largest part of the pad not physically covered by faxes, papers or whatever (light sensors hidden in the pad would determine this) and displays your appointments. If you wanted to add something in, you could just write it in with your finger.

    That I’d like to see. a flexible mobile phone? Nice, but I think I could do without making sure I put it on a perfectly level surface, in case someone calls and it writhes itself off the table. Then of course there’s that virus that’s going to float around to have the phone grab at your face while you’re trying to talk :)

  2. Mirica Rares says:

    You mean a couple of decades, like… 5 or so

  3. Joey Bhananas says:

    Mirica, excellent point, but it never hurts to look into the future, and of course a business is going to say “oh sure, we can kick these out in five years if there’s a call for it!” How about those digital newspapers? The pages were flexible LCDs, so you can read your paper and manipulate the stories as you see fit (Some people like their comic strips on the first page, I suppose.)

    How about those hydrogen cars everyone will own in the next 10 years? It’s been 8 years since I’d heard that one. And if anyone reads my replies from other topics… Where’s my @*&$^! hovercar they promised me by the year 2000?!?

    If there’s one thing this industry (tech) has shown me, it’s that people tend to expect too much in one year, not enough in ten. Look at any old movie from the 50’s that tries to predict the future, people eat steak and potatoes in the form of pills, and wear silly-looking silver jumpsuits. That’s a look 50 years ahead? That’s it?

    Star Trek was what, 400 years in the future? And it has us using elevators and talking into mobile phones?!? But we’ve mastered travelling light years in minutes :)

    I think though in all fairness, a “really bendy mobile phone” would be feasible in five years. Nowhere near cheap enough to mass produce, but feasible.

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  5. George says:

    Super cool … if i afford one i will 100% sure buy one because is the coolest phone i had ever seen.

  6. Neha says:

    Awsome if i can afford i will buy the phone its features are just wow… there are no words by the way i would like to know the price please…

  7. Joey Bhananas says:

    So…. Here we are, four and a half years later, and although there is some murmur about flexible displays (a laptop with a foldable screen, and one or two other things that I can’t quite recall) I think it’s safe to say that yes, as expected, this folding, flexible phone won’t be coming out in the next 6-8 months.

    But wait… The video does say Nokia, and if you count the collapse of the company and their dropping of ther new OS in favor of Microsoft’s, you could say that the Nokia Phone has indeed folded, just not the way they intended.

    Gotta go, my steak pills are getting cold.

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