Build your own iPhone! It’s simple and quick. Everyone can do it!

Yeah, you can also build your own iPhone. No IT genius required, just some ingenuity, …and perhaps some scissors, transparent duct tape and a cool printer. Yeah, a printer, because this isn’t the real iPhone, but rather a cardboard mockup. Here’s some photos of mine, in different stages of progress:

notmade.JPG built1.JPG built2.JPG

You can even fool your friends this is the real thing, if the photos are blurry enough. Just watch:

blur1.JPG blur2.JPG

Looks cool, even though I never excelled at arts and crafts (and my skills didn’t get better by time). Plus, with the right angle, it should look just right (plus, you might do it better than I did). How? Here’s something that might help:


And that’s it! I would recommend using cardboard paper (should work fine on printers) instead of normal paper, to give the phone some strength, a steady hand and that’s it! …Well, until the summer, when we’ll want to play with the real thing!

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2 Responses to “Build your own iPhone! It’s simple and quick. Everyone can do it!”

  1. Now thats cool. My son would get a kick out of this.

    I’m not a Mac Fanboy, but the iPhone is F’in sweet! Conan had a cool parady video of the iPhone which looked like this one oddly enough.

  2. Flo says:

    I really needed an iphone :)) i can fold the cardboard sheet over my tv remote control so it gets useful too =))

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