World’s smallest PC

January 15th, 2007

It’s only 2x2x2.2 inch! It’s called the Space Cube and it’s supposed to be the smallest personal computer in the world. It has a built-in 300MhZ processor and it’s also equipped with 64MB of SDRAM. There are a bunch of ports visible in the picture, such as USB, Ethernet, Flash memory, a monitor output port, serial connection and even a microphone slot.

The monitor is capable of displaying up to 65k colors at a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels. Less than a year ago, this fancy piece of equipment was retailing ~$325/piece. Isn’t that cool?

Supposing I’d posses ten of these beauties, I would be running a LAN party from a small cardboard box ;)

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  1. MarkB:

    Ah, but this can’t contain the power supply. And you can’t stack them too close together, in fact you probably have to keep them in a fairly cool place.
    No mechanical components either, except maybe a hard disk? One of those little ones they use in the mp3 players? Still, it’s a unique device. Make a good smart monitoring device. Run tiny Linux.

  2. Etherfast:

    I’d play with them like Legos, heh. Show this to your young kid, and farewell good impression on computers.

    Yeah, they’re probably built in with those little hard drives. And it’s quite cheap, too.

  3. Jakub:

    Thats really cool, and would be something to think about in developing nations if they could make these with all components (power brick / battery + hdd) running linux (of course)

    Any other links to this one?


  4. Cyclone:

    I’m sure the slot on the left side of it in that picture is a CF type II slot for large compact flash cards and microdrives.


    it’s really cool!

  6. Pixelbox:

    but you can’t buy them unless you’re in for a bulk purchase.

  7. Shareware:

    That thing is supper cool, i would definetly get it if the price was right

  8. nobody important:

    Saw one at CES that was nicer to look at, roughly 2″x3″x1″. Guy said retail target was $100 and only wanted qty 500 to import. Somebody is bound to bring it in at that price…

  9. John Doe:

    if only this had two ethernet ports. then it could be used as portable firewall

  10. sifumokung:

    They’d make nice brains for robots.

  11. obxjdt:

    my guess is a flash drive, with some sort of Linux, or even pure Unix…I want one of these in a bad way! This is way too cool!!! Ok, maybe I’m way too geeky…….

  12. Jaime:

    i want one some one Email me as where to get one @ jnc8651 @

  13. Colin:

    It should be mentioned that these are from EpicEmpire, and the site is currently down.

  14. Motorcycle Guy:

    Yeah, does it contain a hard disk? or does it boot via some flash memory. What is it feasible to run on these.

  15. atarix64:

    I remember not too long ago I helped a friend build a computer from parts salvaged (by us) in a dumpster behind a computer repair place.

    Amazingly the case he used was an old grease stained pizza box. Also the processor had three broken pins missing off of it. Again quite amazing.

    this 2x2x2 cube.. well.. when will it be wifi mounted in our shoes maybe then I will buy one.


  16. pilphr:

    Flash memory for harddrive..that way no moving parts..

  17. riri:

    Whenever I look at that I want to throw it around a room or in the air. Probably because it’s yellow..

  18. Berko Brother:

    This thing is designed for industrial use – hence the serial port and hardy design.

    It’s really a PDA without the screen and with ‘real-sized’ ports.

  19. Atfor Nohcud:

    Pretty cool !!

  20. ? ????:

    ??? ??? ?? .?-

  21. ??...:

    ???????? ?????.

  22. koreajjang:

    This is very cute. but It is cpu vert down

  23. ciops:

    From now on, we will approve only comments stated in english.

    Thanks for understanding.

  24. Mark0:

    Imagine… a Beowulf cluster of them… :D

  25. siong1987:

    Lol. The small box is cute and cool!

  26. I'm Korean~~ Hellow foreigners.:

    Nice to meet you.
    My deam is talk to foreigners.
    Today, this dream accomplish
    However, That’s very cute.
    What a cute that is!
    I’m unskillful to English

  27. simmudo:

    I don’t know how can it boot windows… is it possible to upgrade?

  28. Etherfast:

    I don’t know how would you fit in anything new in that little cube :)

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  29. Eliyah A. Lotilius:

    So cute..

  30. Sagar:

    It is sweet.

  31. p.b:

    it’s very simple.

    Comments merged (Etherfast)

  32. Chris(Korean):

    So good!

    but I think it is only use special work

    because that has so bad system

  33. Naz:

    Yep Mark, it is a revolutionary piece of Lego Technics alright. No mechanical components, sure, but can plug external optical drives such as flash or firewire.

    No cooling and power supply make its use limited. However, I’m sure this will be perfected and upgraded by this time next year, and be sold half the current retail price.

    Lego fans, start building!!

  34. iravelo:

    Sorry to disagree boyz,

    this one

    is even smaller !

  35. MrPeach:

    Sorry folks, but I don’t believe this tiny piece of tech actually uses a X86 style CPU.

    If you want to get your LAN gaming on, it’ll have to be with open sourced games.

  36. Andie:

    Check out as well, really small.


  37. Slivia:

    It’s very cute and smallar
    I want to see this computer
    but when I lost this computer
    then I can’t find this computer
    it will be nice to handsmallpeople!

  38. Slivia:

    i’m korean :)

  39. Dan:

    very cute – it has a CF card reader which would take the teeny hdd they use in ipods etc, so may not have one inside

  40. Spencer Baugh:

    Why is this turning up all the sudden on blogs? I’m sure I’ve seen it before. (like, a year before)

  41. Name:

    Will it blend. That is the question.

  42. Sedition:

    Does it use Power-Over-Ethernet?

  43. korean:


    is so good

    but this system is very bad

    so need system upgrade

  44. Jeon SeongHo:


  45. Dennis Kim:

    I’m Korean.
    Before I saw this computer and I was surprised. I know that it is very expensive. I want have foreigner friends. If you want me to be your friend. Please e-mail me. Sorry I’m not good at english.

  46. Dennis Kim:

    Ah my email is
    Please e-mail me.
    I’m 16-year-old student.

  47. Yun Min:

    world’s smallest computer. but cpu….300mhz whether you open the divx movies burn the smallest computer

  48. sunghyungyu:


    Moderator’s note: Trimmed useless characters (Etherfast)

  49. jody:

    I think it’s really cool.
    but it don’t have nice function.
    but it is really cute^^
    i want buy it-?-?

  50. ssuffring:

    it’s so good.
    but I can’t agree that computer is $325.

  51. jesus love:

    mini comeputer is very exepensive =_-

    i`m not rich …

  52. ?:

    whats d main purpose?
    4 what? only 4 display right?
    haha noone wants 2 purchase it..but its true that so cute if has better options
    1more its possible 2 upgrade

  53. decayed.cell:

    Maybe it uses a picoPSU?

  54. ?????PC(World’s smallest PC):

    So good!?So Nice! So Cute!
    I want it

  55. oxido:

    Awesome!!! Where i can to buy it? And.. by the way, how about hard disk?

  56. Jon Pratt ( ):

    I contacted the maker of the Space Cube, A company called Shamafuji a company of about 14 people who developed the Space Cube. Their web site is and it’s in Japanese, so you should have translator in your web browser to view their site.

    I sent them an e-mail which i retrieved from their site e-mail addr. ( ). I inquired about purchasing 5 or so space cubes for myself. The next day, i received a response from Hiroki Kamata, an employee or worker for the company who said they have never sold it abroad (the space cube) – But they are discussing it, and i was told that “Star-Dendee” is to sell this item abroad (To the US.) He provided me with a URL:

    Check with the web site. The space cube currently is slightly over 300 Japanese, or Euro dollars, (according to Shamafuji web site) I was unable to determine from the web site exactly if it was Japanese or euro they were referring to, but the figure they gave me was just over “300”

    We’re all looking forward to owning one of these sweet little puppies!

  57. evenSmaller:

    There is an even smaller computer at www [DOT] picotux [DOT] com. It has an operating system (linux/busybox) already installed. No graphics, though. You can access it over ethernet or serial.

  58. nem:

    waaaay bigger than picotux:

  59. jawad ull hassan:

    i like this pc very much. as it is not better according to performence but according to the size of this pc, is good.

  60. Qasim Shah:

    Its very cute and small. Whats inside this computer. Is it tested

  61. Narue:

    Nice one ^ ^
    where can I buy this item ?

  62. Narue:

    Where can I purchase this item, is this ship worldwide ?

  63. Daniel Yate:

    lol I want one soo bad! I would buy a lazer keyboard, wireless mouse, and mini projector screen to complete it lol…

    only one thing wrong though. no wifi!

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