A PC that you can install in your WALL!

January 15th, 2007

After Etherfast presented the world’s smallest PC, we were invaded with comments and feedback. One of them linked to what I am going to present.

It’s called Jack PC, and it can fit into a network wall port. Just plug your keyboard, mouse and monitor into the wall. The Jack PC runs Windows CE and it’s equipped with an equivalent of a 800MHz to 1.2GHz x86 desktop processor.

The Jack PC comes in 3 models, ranging from �209 to �349, and it’s produced by a company in Israel, called Chip PC Technologies. So, if you’re fed up with your big old PC, you can always get a replacement the size of a small box, or one that can fit into your wall. Below are several pictures of the latter. (Note: If you enlarge them, please be patient).

jackpc_back.jpg jackpc_front.jpg jackpc_idc.jpg jpc_boardb.jpg

Could this be the future of PCs? And, with a little bluetooth here and a little infrared there, would it mean that we could get the same, but wireless?
Again, thanks to iravelo for giving us the tip. You can see extended details on this PC here and here.

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  1. iamdeath:

    woah!.. I’ve never seen such a wonderful thing in my life. I mean after watching this picture I think this world is getting too complexed and easy for all of us. Today this pc could be expensive for most of us but by the time, you’ll see them in the market at a very cheap cost. I could never imagine plugin my monitor and the speakers in the wall like my Television LOL!.. Really amazing, good work our-picks.com.

    Enjoy :-)

  2. Ignacio:

    I’m a Mac user, but I want those one for all my rooms…

  3. uhh, this is old news:

    seriously, maybe useful for a business of some sort? im not sure, who the hell wants to run windows CE?

    last i checked the small form factor PC’s were pretty small and powerful. the monitor/mouse/keyboard and desk are the big things anyway.

    why not just make a computer that is shaped like a desk. there ya go.

    or how about a computer that fits in your shoe! you just plug a monitor into it and a keyboard and mouse and uhh.. okay i made this point already.

  4. uhh, this is old news:

    OMG look at the price, they certainly dont actually SAVE you any money… damn!




  5. Tony M:

    The best use for these would be thin clients that connect to a big box in some closet. Would be a great way to have pc access anywhere…

  6. Markus Diersbock:

    Great device, but not really sure where
    the market is for this.

    The price-point is just too high.

    It’s cheaper to throw a cheap PC in a
    cupboard, and will look less silly than
    having wires coming out of your wall
    for keyboard, monitor, mouse.

  7. yo:

    c’mon man, we saw this a year ago, about the same tima as the space cube.

  8. Motorcycle Guy:

    seems like a good way to mess up a perfectly good wall to me.

  9. tugger:


    I agree, I mean can you imagine having a TV with wires connected to the wall..?? crazy huh?

  10. Tesla:

    Now how about PowerLine 200Mbps support? ;-)

  11. Geir L K:

    For all of you wonder what good such a PC is, has obviously never heard of VNC (I’m lazy, google it)… One of those boxes in the wall, connected to a touchscreen, you could virtually run the entire building from it, not to mention any network connected machine, anywhere. Here’s some ideas for usage:

    * Controlling lights, heating, curtains etc.

    * Thin clients

    * Streaming music/movies/TV

    * Security applications (Connect a webcam..)

    And that’s just from the top of my head, the list could go on for a long, long time.

    If you can’t igure ut anything to use it for, then you’re not very imaginative ;)

    It’s awesome! :)

  12. Matthew:

    The funniest thing is that you have to plug this into another wall jack for power. Notice the 5V power connector on the front. Imagine a cord going from the wall to another jack a foot away.

  13. Victor:

    Its weary clever, Good fore people that like it simple. Save space.

  14. matt:

    Why is the power connector in the front? that’s really stupid.

  15. Brian:

    This actually doesn’t require wall power, it utilizes POE (power over ethernet) and as a thin client it works really well.


    What a stupid idea – Yeah Great build in a system that will be out of date in -3-4 years! What a load of bollocks!
    One of the worst bit’s of technology I have seen in recent times. Looks like after-market hardware companies have found the perfect solution to having too much old hardware and they found a way to re-shell old stuff into new stuff!

    Don’t bye it!

  17. Alex J. N:

    WOW! that is a very good idea, other than it runs microshit windoze . make a Linux compatible one of these and I’ll buy one for every room in my house! BTW: they should make a SUSE space cube. or maybe Ubuntu.

  18. John O'Leary:

    I’d like one of these, but not if it’s made in Israel.

  19. Marz:

    But, what power they had?
    bleah! better a big powered pc than it!

  20. G. Jane:

    It’s a thin client. It’s a great space-saving option for businesses, but it’s not well suited for home use.

  21. nemesys:

    I WANT IT….

    just thinking ’bout upgrades…. ;-)

    tnx to SpReVeNgOlO for letting me know it….it’s your next birthday present ok?

  22. bruthart:

    Should be called JACKass PC.

  23. Robert MacEwan:

    I’d be interested in one offering Ubuntu Linux. Image using a wallmounted feed reader.

  24. David Mackey:

    Not a bad offering, though technology needs to catch up with the idea, allowing this level of miniaturization without feature compromise. Might work for libraries etc.

  25. John:

    HP Thin Clients run Windows CE… a smaller form alternative?

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