Tips and tricks: Convert anything to just about anything


Converting files from one format to another is a necessity and you don’t need me to tell you that. A few years ago, software programs that were converting WAVs to MP3s, AVIs to MPEGs,were pretty much popular, although their abilities were limited to just a few features and not to mention the low format support.

Today, they do have some serious competition, and I am going to present you the most reliable options. The main advantage of what I’m going to present is that you do not need to download nor buy any software. They’re mostly free and accessible via your web browser. Some projects may be still in the beta stage of development, but I can assure you that everything goes safe and sound. Try them out yourself, and feel free to share opinions.

Zamzar is something that definitely worths attention. Their concept is simple, the whole converting process being doable in less than a minute. It consists in 4 easy steps. Start by selecting the file you want to upload, and it will detect the format automatically. Then, it will point out available conversion options, depending on the original file. Enter your e-mail address and finish by pressing the magic button. You will then receive the link to the converted file in your e-mail.

Now, for the back stage review of the website. Basically you have a 100MB file limit you can use, and a 24 hours grace period of time for you to actually download the converted file, but they say they’re currently discussion a paid subscription system that will allow users to benefit more of the service.

Media Convert is a bit more feature powered than Zamzar. Still free, still online, but with more formats and a bit more complicated interface. However, I can guarantee you that it’s worth the usage.

From the beginning, you can see the possibility of pointing out the URL of the file you want to convert which is definitely a plus if you’re more of a mobile type of person. Once browsed to the file, the system can detect its type automatically or you can give him a hint by selecting the appropriate extension. Then, a list with all the available converting formats will follow and you can notice that you have the possibility of splitting up the converted file, just in case you need it in smaller parts.

There’s another set of extended options after setting it up, for images as example, you can set the size of the converted images, for sounds you can use the crop ability and you can also download zipped archives of the file(s). There’s even an option where you can download the converted files to your mobile phone.

Now, with all these at hand, who needs paid software for a quick conversion?

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21 Responses to “Tips and tricks: Convert anything to just about anything”

  1. ritchieritch says:

    As i am new vto the world of computers any new information i can learn from is always a good thing. My hope is to eventually be able to do just about everything that everyone else does without looking like a fool. one favor to anyone who can offer me a little help. I would like to install drivers for sound on my computer but have had no luck in finding any. any sources would be greatly appreciated. Im a little old fashioned due to the fact i am using a Windows 98. thanks to anyone who reads this.

  2. Firemansam says:

    go to a place called regester with them and if you know the type of sound card it is or which ever device you can search for it there. To find out what your system has you can go to start,settings, control panel click the system icon then finally device manager tab . Hope this helps you out

  3. SMR says:

    Just remember what ever you upload they now have in their database.

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  5. George Gardner says:

    That’s pretty neat.

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  7. Just remember what ever you upload they now have in their database.

  8. Chris says:

    SMR – I don’t think that’s true. Zamzar’s privacy policy (see states that they don’t permanently store any user files – “When users upload files to be converted Zamzar stores those files on its servers until such time as those files have been converted to the new file format. As soon as this has been done Zamzar removes the original user files from its servers. The converted files remain in place on the servers for users to download, until such time as they expire, at which point they are deleted”.

  9. Raj says:

    Aalso a new and more ppowerful service that has recently launched is it is very powerful and can fetct videos from youtube and other similar online video services.

  10. Matt says:

    Instead of this rather download Super from eRightSoft (and no I dont work for them), its also free and it converts anything to anything.
    It’s the easiest software to convert video’s to H.264 format (better quality + smaller file size than, say DivX or Xvid).

  11. Johnny says:

    I want to convert a .txt file to an MPEG-4 file. The .txt file contains the title of a movie. Will this allow me to get the whole movie?

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  13. JMXZ says:

    With a title like “convert anything to anything” I was hoping you found a working OpenXML ODF converter or some other ODF compatability for Microsoft Office solution – since that seems to be the file conversion of the most interest after governments like Massachusettes are starting to require standards based word processing files.

    Do you know if these solutions work for that kind of conversion?

  14. Wasted Yeti says:

    @ Johnny


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  16. aamir says:

    what do i say well this is a good thing but some time its give error and dont convert any files that’s why i dont like this site b/c when some thng is in urgent to do it dosent work properly

  17. Hans says:

    Would the conversion be affected by my connection speed>?…. I prefer using the super converter

    don’t you have something that I can use on my pc itself? :)

    thanks for the links though

  18. AlanB says:

    Converter TuneCab easily converts almost all audio and video files, DRM-protected and unprotected to commonly used formats

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