50 + 1 iPhone mockups. Which one will be closest to the real thing?

December 22nd, 2006

With the approaching release of Apple’s iPhone, rumours regarding its looks have not been few. Every artist has tried to represent his version of the iPhone, either by combining the iPod with well-known phone models, such as the Nokia E73, or the Motorola V3, or by using his imagination to create a different-looking model. Here are 50 models of the Apple iPhone, and the iPhone released by Cisco. Which do you think will be closest to reality? There’s plenty to choose from, so go ahead:

iphone-1.jpg iphone-2.jpg iphone-3.jpg iphone-4.jpg iphone-5.jpg iphone-6.jpg iphone-7.jpg iphone-8.jpg iphone-9.jpg iphone-10.jpg iphone-11.jpg iphone-12.jpg iphone-13.jpg iphone-14.jpg iphone-15.jpg iphone-16.jpg iphone-17.jpg iphone-18.jpg iphone-19.jpg iphone-20.jpg iphone-21.jpg iphone-22.jpg iphone-23.jpg iphone-24.jpg iphone-25.jpg iphone-26.jpg iphone-27.jpg iphone-28.jpg iphone-29.jpg iphone-30.jpg iphone-31.jpg iphone-32.jpg iphone-33.jpg iphone-34.jpg iphone-35.jpg iphone-36.jpg iphone-37.jpg iphone-38.jpg iphone-39.jpg iphone-40.jpg iphone-41.jpg iphone-42.jpg iphone-45.jpg iphone-46.jpg iphone-47.jpg iphone-48.jpg iphone-49.jpg iphone-50.jpg

These are 50 of the many mockups that travel through the Internet. Some are made just for fun, some are conceived by talented people (and Apple designers shouldn’t ignore those), and I’m sure that in others you’ve recognized a bit of a Blackberry, a Motorola, a Sony Ericsson or another brand. But if you look carefully, those are just 48 photos. I’ve been saving the last 2 because I’ve heard a rumour that these really are photos of the upcoming iPhone:

iphone-43.jpg iphone-44.jpg

Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell. Lastly, I want to show you an existing iPhone, conceived by Cisco:


That’s it for now, iPhoned as long as I could iPhone!

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  1. Eugenia:

    Hey, you didn’t include my mockup :)

  2. ciops:

    My vote goes to “iphone-35”. We;ll wait and see :)

  3. Etherfast:

    45 is very stylish and neat.

    @Eugenia: That’s a nice mock-up :)

  4. kNox:

    Cool mockup, Eugenia.
    If I could vote, I would go for the 6th :)

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