iPhone vs Smartphone comic inspired from Mac vs PC ads

February 28th, 2007

Unless you have been wandering around with a bucket on your head, you have probably seen that Apple launched a heavily debated campaign last Christmas, trying to prove you once more the multitude of reasons why you’d need a Mac. However, the PC fought back, and the battle continues. This is overall a quite interesting concept and many people have tried to follow.

I have found this funny comic strip that is trying to represent the differences between an iPhone and a Smartphone and which I will be reproducing further. I’m looking forward to hear your comments.


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  1. Joey Bhananas:

    Ahhh, I still remember my first Kyocera 6035… cost me about $600 and, at the time, did everything. 16 shades of grey, ran Palm OS 3, had a big, clunky screen that it hid when you weren’t browsing the Internet in big, colorless, javascriptless, glory. But at the time.. the ‘wow’ factor by those around me was worth it. No WiFi, just 19.2Kbps of phone-minute costin’ Internet… err, make that “Hindernet” goodness…

    The iPhone looks like a beautiful piece of machinery, and I’d really like to own one when it comes out, but unfortunately obligation comes before tossing my money into the “cool just to own one” fund.

    It seems iPhone has some great perks to it, the scrolling, the multitouch display the ultra high resolution screen… All good reasons to give this phone a second look.. All that and it runs “OS X!” How great is that?

    Well, not so great… the fact that they’re taking a closed-system stance on this, that’s a deal breaker to me. Nothing makes a tool so good, so fun to use as the ability to tinker, to add functionality. How great was it the first time you realized you could make your smartphone do something nobody else’s can? Even if it’s only until they get home and download it themselves?

    A closed system is a sign of a closed mind. Apple mentioned this was to protect your mobile service provider from badly or maliciously written apps. I don’t buy this. I think at least a conduit for running non-phone related utilities should be included. I’d never heard of a spreadsheet ‘taking out’ a phone service like Cingular. And for $600, at this point in the mobile phone game, how about an audio/video out? Being able to display a spreadsheet or a movie file on a TV from your miracle phone really isn’t too insane to ask. And that to me would make this phone worth buying.

  2. Bogdan Popa:

    Hey Joey, I see you’re really into this whole PC-Mac-iPhone stuff. And you’re right about the closed system on the iPhone, it’s going to be a real turnoff regarding that most people like to personalize they’re stuff as much as possible.

  3. apple iphone blog:

    These iPhone comments are great, thanks for sharing!

  4. Joey Bhananas:

    Well I would be willing to offer a much more detailed comment should there be a demo piece lying around there somewhere you could ship to my Post Office Box in Philadelphia… :) And I’m sure a majority of the writers here would feel the same way!

  5. Alejandro:

    Jajaja, very good picts… im really impresionated about it. I love Samsung… the iPhone have a really long way to be perfect, buy is innovating the way of make phones.

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