Panasonic SC-BTT750 3D HD Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

September 6th, 2010
Panasonic SC-BTT750 3D HD Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

2010 is the year of 3D viewing and Panasonic have the ideal home theatre system if you’re looking to get on the bandwagon. The Panasonic SC-BTT750 system sports full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc playback, along with PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus and Pure Direct Sound Speaker technologies. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to sample VIERA Cast’s assorted online content and just for all you Apple fans the SC-BTT750 can access your iPod or iPhone data.

Panasonic SC-BTT750 specifications

* Handles DVD-ROM, CD, CD-R/-RW, MP3, JPEG, BD-ROM, BD-Live, BD-RE / BD-RE DL, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R formats
* SD Memory Card Slot (SDHC/SDXC)
* Output Power – Home Theater Mode (RMS) Total Power: 1000W
* Front: 125W x 2
* Center: 250W
* Surround: 125W x 2
* Subwoofer: 250W
* Selectable Speaker Layout
* EQ (Flat/Heavy/Clear/Soft)
* Dolby® Digital Decoder / Dolby® Pro Logic® II
* Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Digital
* DTS™-HD Master Audio Essential, DTS™-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS™
* Output Channel 5.1ch
* 7.1ch Virtual Sound Effect with 5.1ch
* 1080/24p Playback
* Digital Noise Reduction
* Enhanced Full HD Up Sampling (New P4HD)
* Integrated Universal Dock for iPod 6®/iPhone®
* Wireless LAN System
* HDMI Out (Support Features: 3D, ARC Content type)
* SD Memory Card Slot
* Wireless Terminal (for Wireless Rear Speakers)
* USB Slot (for Wi-Fi)
* Optical Digital Input
* 1 x Audio Inputs

Panasonic SC-BTT750 reviews

We couldn’t find any reviews yet as the SC-BTT750 is pretty fresh, but we’ll try and add some as and when we come across them. The system will go on sale for around $750, so if you’re after a full HD 3D surround sound experience the Panasonic SC-BTT-750 may just be the start for your new home theatre system.

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