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November 21st, 2008

AT&T LG Incite
AT&T have just launched the touchscreen LG Incite. This Windows Mobile Smartphone doesn’t look very sexy but has all the bells and whistles associated with a smartphone and at US$500 without contract it’s price tag is looking pretty impressive. Here’s a few more bits and pieces on the Incite

* Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
* 528 MHz processor
* 3G, Wi-Fi, Quad band and Bluetooth connectivity
* Touch screen interface
* Voice guided GPS
* 3 Mp camera (still and video)
* Windows Media Player Mobile 10
* MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAV audio format support
* Streaming XM Satellite Radio
* Text and Instant Messaging (AOL, Yahoo and Windows Messenger)
* Mobile email, Xpress mail and Microsoft Direct Push
* Web browser
* 8.7 hours of talktime
* 21 days on standby
* 4.23 oz
* 4.21 x 2.2 x 0.55 inches
* Up to 32 GB of MicroSD expandable memory
* 3″ touchscreen 240 x 400 res wQVGA display
* On screen QWERTY keyboard

Well, certainly a lot of features but nothing to write home about in smartphone terms. If you decide to shackle yourself to a two year plan and take advantage of all rebates, this little sucker will set you back only US$200 which compares nicely to the 8 GB iPhone. Of course the iPhone’s interface may be more appealing than Wi-Mo 6.1!

We mananged to dig up this unboxing video for you to take a look at the unit – unfortunately it doesn’t show off any of the Incite’s features, but does do size comparisons with other units.

Not a bad unit but just not a ground breaker either.

Source: AT&T

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