Where’s the go faster stripe?

LaCie External 250GB Hard DriveI must admit I’m not overly impressed with the look of the new 250GB portable hard drive from LaCie. What’s even more surprising is that it’s designed by Porsche but then I’m not a lover of their cars either. But the drive’s stats do stand up nicely and I’m a sucker for numbers!

It can transfer data at 480 Mb/s over its USB 2.0 connection or at 400 Mb/s across the FireWire interface, spins round at 5,400 and is a slimline 17 x 76 x 129 mm. But the winner for me is the 6.35 ounces that this baby weighs – nice! The drive is already pre-formatted for both Macs and PCs, so plug it in and away you go! Unfortunately it’s priced at US$270 which is a lot more than similar spec’ed externals but then it is a Porsche hard drive :)

Source: Pocket-Lint

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