What will Google look like in 2084?

December 8th, 2006


I was doing some research with Google’s Image Search and ran over a picture that amazed me. Google’s homepage in 78 years from now. There’s no way to prove that, but the picture above is funny as hell, at least.

2084 will be in 78 years for me. According to the picture, Google has 78 years to conquer the world. Literally. The real world. And by all means, they’ve got all the odds in favor, for crying out loud. At the moment, they’re the best quoted search engine, they’re developing the most popular Internet Services (mail, maps, music, images, etc) and they’re most likely gathering fans as each day’s passing by.

Today, Google announced they’re going to publish 30-seconds commercials on TV, probably to attract people that are not Internet fans, to actually use the Internet. Also, since today, they’ve been in radio business as well, by broadcasting their Audio Ads service.

I am not going to spoil you the fun of enjoying every feature on the image and just imagine the fun. We can assure you we have all been laughing our arse out every time we remember that image. With Google in 2084, finding your lost keys will be an easy task ;)


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  1. Delane MacPherson:

    Hi I want to no what i will look like when i am 30

  2. Scott Davies:

    I would like to know what i will look like when i’m 30

  3. Asa:

    I would like to look like I did when I was 30

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