The future of discs: 10TB CDs


A while ago, Etherfast presented the 300GB CDs. Among their disadvantages, I saw the enormous price (between $100 and $125 per CD, and $15,000 per unit), which makes the holographic CDs nothing but a dream, so far.

But today I found out about a Romanian inventor, who managed to create a CD which is capable of storing no less than 10,000GB, which is 10TB. Unfortunately, the CD is, although created, not produced on a large scale yet. Its developer, Eugen Pavel, has won many awards with it (worth mentioning are the Geneva exposition and the Eureka exposition in Bruxelles, where it has been acclaimed and where it has won gold medals), and he estimates that, at first, the CD will cost between $100 and $200, but when it will become available in large scales, the cost will probably drop to about $30 per CD. Its price is not high, considering the CDs and DVDs which exist today, and their prices.

So far, this technology has been brevetted in 21 countries (and counting), and the project is approaching its release. The only thing needed now is a serious investor.

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  1. Breveted, huh? I’d like to brevet some technology in various countries myself.

  2. Sharpshight says:

    Let’s hope that we get a straightforward data storage device like CD-R, and that greedy constipated media corporations don’t screw this technology with Digital Restrictions Mania, like their stillborn “successes” of Blue ray & HD DVD.

  3. Royans says:


    I thought this was done way back in 2000. What happened to Moore’s law ?

    Since there is no link from your article either I have to assume there is no truth to this news…

  4. En Breve says:

    Breveted means ‘patented’, I’m pretty sure.

  5. Mister Z says:

    It’s Brussels, not Bruxelles (at least in English).

  6. Pedant says:

    Acclaimed, not aclaimed.
    Sorry to be pedantic… but I’m a pedant!

  7. Oleg Kikin says:

    let’s hope it’s not vaporware

  8. Snappy! says:

    I think I prefer if someone improve the battery problem and give us 20hrs battery life for notebook. :D

    10TB … I’m pretty comfy with 80gb in my hdd … and I still have like more than half of that to spare!

  9. […] I remember reading a post somewhere asking the question, “what happens when you can fit every song ever created on one storage device?”  something like that anyway…the point is, this isn’t some distant scenario that the RIAA (or MPAA for that matter) will have time to ponder and work toward preventing. Current DRM solutions are obviously crap and there’s no quantum encryption that’ll precede the above scenario, so what happens with the music industry?  There are bigger questions pertaining to data containment and security, but music-wise at least, there is some major rethinking that needs to happen.  A total overhaul, or scrapping of, most conceivable models for the music industry. […]

  10. `Andu says:

    un cd de 10TB? asta da descoperire… vrea sa pot vb cu Etherfast…. poate ma ajuta el… intr.o prb! :)

  11. q. says:

    > It’s Brussels, not Bruxelles (at least in English).

    I’ll tell you something: out there there are a few cities which do not lie in the UK or the US.

  12. Mike Cole says:

    I love to brevet my stuff. I brevet in Galt CA where brevetting is currently legal but the city council is considering making it mandatory.

  13. Jim says:

    Did everyone go see that linked story at This seems to indicate that the above is a dead letter, having been introduced with as much fanfare 6 years ago. If no major company feels that this is worth developing, and no one else runs with it, it will never be manufactured.

  14. asdf says:

    The blog is in English; it’s not unreasonable to point out the correct English spelling of the city’s name.

  15. james braselton says:


  16. sam says:

    10TB on a CD? why, unless you own a server farm, a huge business or you are a crook. Where has this lust for space come from? its ridiculous on a 1TB drive you can get more information than the average person will ever use. All this computing power in the world and what is it used for? I despair at our species lack of ambition.

  17. dexter says:

    sam, you said that 10TB is too much and useless?
    if you’re against technological evolution then you should stick up with a 100MB HDD on a 386 CPU at 20MHZ and with MSDOS (not even Windows 3).

    Now really you sound pathetic! 10TB is not that big. One could fill out 10TB in NO TIME. Consider BlueRay Movies that have 50GB. How many movies will you store on a 10TB disc? Just 200 movies. Is this soooo big, so incredibly huge that “we don’t need it”?

    Speak for your self, you should better go back to your cave and leave the computers to us experts.

    Good work Eugen Pavel! I hope I will be able to buy a CD of 1PB soon. Although years have passed and i see no progress :(

  18. I might have 1/10th if you added up all the disk space I’m using throught the network in my house….

  19. It’s sad. We hear from those terabyte discs from time to time, but none makes it into consumer market. I got severe backup problems in my home net, recently upgraded the fileserver to about 1.5 TB. Just copy loads of high-res digicam images (1 GB a day) plus DV dumps (10 GB for mere 60 minutes video) plus sat tv recordings (1-3 GB per recorded show) and 10 TB are like nothin.

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