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9 funny versions of Google’s front page

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Long live the Photoshop talented users. I have gathered from all over the internet 9 funny Google mock-ups I liked. I’ll say nothing more, and I’ll let you enjoy the images and their description. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

Google Despair – The search engine for the irretrievably lost. Search for your youth, innocence, brain cells or for general sanity. Any search is hopeless in despair. gdespair
Google Ex-Girlfriends – Hookup search engine. Google is not responsible for divorces, separations, unplanned children or murders that result from using the service ghookup
Google Media Finder – RIAA edition. Do you dare searching for copyrighted materials? Sue me now. gmedia


Gmail storage space stops growing

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007


As some of you might have noticed the storage space for Gmail stopped increasing since January 1st 2007. In April 2005 Google made the leap from 1G to 2G and the growth never stopped since then. As those who watch carefully stated the storage quota increased with about 0.33 MB a day ever since.

It’s said that the sudden stop occurred due to the omission of the code that increase the storage quota after 31 December 2006. This might be true for we know Google to be quite lavish with storage space but it remains to be seen how quick will the problem be solved and how much is the storage limit going to increase after all.