Bang & Olufsen launch BeoVision 7

June 15th, 2007

Beovision 7

The clever guys at Bang & Olufsen this week launched the BeoVision 7, their latest home theatre centre with integrated DVD player, digital surround sound module plus a widescreen 40 inch LCD HDTV. We probably wouldn’t expect anything less from B&O but they insist we should expect more by providing us with a few extra whizzy features

  • When BeoVision 7 is switched on, the TV automatically adjusts the picture quality to match the current light conditions — and continues to do so until the television is switched off.
  • BeoVision 7 features a motorized floor stand and wall bracket, giving complete freedom to tilt and turn the screen from one’s viewing position with a simple touch on the remote control
  • The vertical BeoLab 7-4 loudspeaker provides incredible precision and acoustic clarity of the voice track of a film or television program. Utilizing the patented Acoustic Lens Technology, BeoLab 7-4 ensures a perfect sound dispersion from the treble at an even 180 degrees throughout the room.

On the downside it will have a price tag of US$13,250 with an extra $500 to $1000 for one of the stand options when it hits the US this summer. So it’s not something you’d be popping out to buy on a whim but I must admit it does look pretty sexy and as with B&O gear has a unique look to it.

Source: I4U

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