Crazy USB devices

November 30th, 2006

I have to admit that the idea for this post came from this article by kNox. I knew that there’s a really wide range of devices that can use USB but I wanted to find out just how crazy can they get, so here goes:

I know you’re going to hate me because this article is going to be all pictures and no text but you HAVE to see for yourself in order to believe. First we’ll talk about USB drives for they are the most common Usb device that people tend to enhance.

Take for example this ‘Barbie’, all you have to do is pop her head off and there you go, instant USB drive.


Or the iDuck from Solid Alliance:

A quite realistic thumb:

And my favourite, the fried shrimp, this combined with the Spaghetti dish makes a wonderful combination:


But USB drives are the lest of crazy USB devices, here you have the Hiper 1000 Mood lamp, that can play music via USB connection and also it changes some 10 color to match your mood.


Hand warmers to keep you warm when surfing:


Or if you are a fish lover, enjoy this instant USB aquarium.


If you’re into oral hygiene you can always use the USB toothbrush:


And finally the USB Christmas globe mouse:

In the end what one can say, human mind knows no boundaries!

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  1. Florin Cucirca:

    Great finding guys…
    Keep up the good work ;)

  2. John Qin:

    new USB christmas gift and USB electronic items

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