Useless gadgets you can’t help but want – part One.

November 27th, 2006


Did you ever find a product, may it be an electronic gadget or something else, and think that it’s totally pointless, then feel the need to play with it for a bit? Or did you ever find such an item, and immediately think “Wow, I wouldn’t spend a dime on this! But it would be cool to receive it as a present…”? I know I did. Here’s a list with some of these products.


The USB Hamster Wheel

This product is, as the name says, a small hamster spinning around in his wheel. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. But this hamster is a toy, connected to your USB port. Plug it in, put two AA batteries into it, turn it on then type. Yes, type. The hamster starts to run as soon as you start typing, and he goes faster and faster if you increase the speed with which you type. It definately stole a few laughs from me when I first saw it. On a technical side, it is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, and needs a CD installed in order to run (included in its pack). Also, the manufacturers don’t recommend it to children younger than 10 years old. If you missed the link, have a you can look at or buy one here.


Panic Button

A funny way to ‘pimp your keyboard’. It’s, litteraly, the Panic Button you need to press when you.. er.. panic! The cool thing about it is that you don’t need a keyboard to press it, and that’s because of the glue on the back. Thanks to it, you can stick the panic button anywhere from your desk to your car.


Armaggeddon USB Hub

Have you ever wanted to feel a little bit like the heroes (or the villains) in famous movies? You know what I’m talking about, the ones that can destroy the world in a flip of a switch, or the ones that stop the bad guys from doing it. Well, with the Armaggeddon USB Hub you can play ‘world desctruction’ in the comfort of your own desk. Okay, I’ll admit, it doesn’t destroy the world, it only makes a honking noise, but there are other advantages, like a four port USB hub. With it you can blow up the planet AND stick in other annoying gadgets!


Gold-Ingot USB Hub

While we’re still in the area of USB Hubs, this one will surely “bling” on your desk. Well, instead of the gold bars packed in safes all over the world, this one has 8 USB ports. You can even fool your friends, saying that it’s real, if you keep in mind its weight (2,4 kilograms).


Retro CellPhone Handset

This truly is a great competitor for the ‘world’s stupidest gadget’ ever. In the age of cell phones, hands free sets, 3G and loudspeakers, this takes us back to the 1950s and offers us a huge handset (a few times larger than the phone itself). Despite its stupidity, I can’t help but want one. Not for myself, but to pull a prank. It’s never to early to prepare for April Fools’ Day.

That’s it for now, but be sure I’ll return with more crazy and.. no, just crazy inventions. Did you find any that are more outlandish than these? Which are they?

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  1. kevin rose:


  2. kar schneider:

    I want the Armaggeddon USB Hub :)

  3. Baby Jebus:

    I need armageddon.

  4. BlackGrim:

    To Kevin Rose –
    I bet if any of these products had an Apple Logo on them you would be ecstatic! “LG KE850 doesn’t look like the iPhone>” Please.

  5. Susie:

    The phone handset will get immediate laughs and i think every family member will be receiving one this April Fools!

    this was a great idea..

  6. Wilkinz.:

    I have to admit that the retro cellphone is extremeley amsuing XD. The hamster wheel is a must have definitley. Plus the panic button, well i definitley think i want one of those on my keyboard.

  7. krishna e bera:

    the hamster wheel looks fun except for the batteries. why does it not get power from the usb? also, they should make one for a real hamster to feed power into the system!

  8. Prowll:

    The Retro handset has already been one-upped. There is a Bluetooth compatible version of it at

  9. cheyenne:

    this hamster thing is so awsome i want 1 soooooooooooooooooooo bad! i want to blow up a hamster from typing soooooo fast.

  10. Jack:


  11. Vanessa:

    I know a few people in my office who could really use the panic button. I’m tempted to order a few.

  12. Jackie:

    Oh man… the Armageddon USB hub is undoubtedly the coolest useless thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks for sharing!

  13. EasternInsomniac:

    I totally want the Retro Cellphone Handset


    Flat bastard will kill your neck >:|

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