Yahoo! maps vs. Google maps

November 24th, 2006
Yahoo! maps
Google maps
I wanted to write about this a while now and now I finally come to it. There are some interesting mapping services out there but Yahoo! maps and Google maps are certainly the most well known. Until now I liked Google maps best for it was one of the first services of this kind and at the time it was quite comprehensive. Well it seems that Yahoo! worked (really hard it seems) to mend that and now Yahoo! maps looks really good.

Google maps has a simple interface, with the Google search embedded it’s really easy to find locations you need. Another interesting fact about the interface is that there are no ads and i like that. The rest is standard issue now, Miles/Km scale, zoom, minimap, you can save locations, print, send link, etc. But the real problem is the level of detail that is useful only in the US and other major capitals, as far as I can see the rest is just barely sketched


Yahoo! maps
on the other hand has a quite appealing and modern looking, it has some functions like directions from point A to point B. The rest is quite the same, the basic functions are similar and there’s nothing more than you expect from a software like this, there’s this one interesting function, (but it’s not enough) that’s somehow interesting, It works in US as far as I noticed and it’s called “Real-Time Traffic” it shows how the traffic is on the route you choose, neat but it needs development. The really cool part is that Yahoo! maps offers a much higher level of detail for cities in Europe and other-than-US countries. Take a look for yourself, just click the pictures to enlarge. This last two pictures from Yahoo! maps and Google maps represent approximately the same are of Bucharest, see the difference.

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  1. conigs:

    One thing about Yahoo maps, though… it requires the flash plug-in. Whereas Google maps just uses javascript.

  2. Brayn:

    Right you are, thank you for the information! Really I didn’t noticed that. :)

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