SPH-P9000 – Samsung’s wonder child

November 8th, 2006

All in one! Windows XP, 1GHz Transmeta processor, 30GB hard drive, 5-inch screen, MP3, video on demand, QWERTY keyboard, WiMax, 1.3-megapixel camera, CDMA, Bluetooth, 5.6- by 3.7-inch and just over an inch thick case. I am now talking about the new SPH-P9000 from Samsung, this awsome mobile device was released at the Mobile WiMAX Summit 2006. For access to the Internet the device uses wireless and the CDMA EV-DO technology provides mobile phone connection. For screenshots click here.
This is my kind of device and I would talk more about it but the above specifications just speak for themselves, it’s one of those devices that makes you want to buy them no matter what.

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  1. Simon:

    looks good. shame they had go and ruin it by putting windoze on there. would be much better with linux.

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